Trying to Find the Answers: Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is much more than a teacher and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and CEO of a company named Tempus. Tempus is a company that takes patient data and uses it to help try to find patterns in diseases like cancer and the like. Tempus uses its own system in order to look at the data and help figure out the genomic sequences used in how cancer spreads through the body. By using such data doctors can create therapies for each individual patient depending on the type of cancer that they have. In an article for the Alive newspaper, Eric Lefkofsky why using data is so important when it comes to battling cancer.

How does the CEO of Tempus go about figuring out the complexities of cancer? Eric Lefkofsky’s answer is a simple and direct one. the answer for him is information. Bey combining forces Eric Lefofksy’s Tempus and other healthcare companies can use the information at hand to figure out what makes cancer tick and how to create a personal treatment for each individual. By using the information from patients and the latest analysis of molecular data, doctors can learn about treatments that have worked for patients and help break through the cancer barrier. Lefkofsky hopes that by sharing data with other companies a more effective approach can be taken when it comes to cancer treatment and care.

Eric Lefkofsky doesn’t want to stop at just cancer. He wants to give the doctors of the future a leg up when it comes to treatment and personalized medicine. He hopes in the coming years that the data and analysis methods used in cancer research can be used for other diseases as well. With the help of current gene therapies as well as patient information can help with neurological problems and not just cancer care.

Eric Lefkofsky is well on his way with his team at Tepus to tackling the problem of cancer in today’s society. He believes that information is the key to unlocking the mystery of cancer. He will keep pressing forward until the right answer is found.

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