The Aggregate Report provides information on the Fourth Quarter

The Aggregate report has been released by Town Residential and the quarterly report contains essential information on the New York real estate market.

Included in this fourth quarter report were early signs that the market is increasingly turning towards a buyers market, despite strong rising prices. One of the earliest signs that the market is shifting towards the buyers is that the median days a unit is in the market has increased. This shows that buyers are picky and are taking their time to decipher what homes they are looking for. Price is now playing a bigger role when deciding and the market is increasingly being broken down into segments including higher end units over $10 million in price, and lower end units ranging from less than $2 million right up to the luxury ceiling.

The market is still strong in terms of price with one to three bedrooms having a median price of about $1 million to $4 million, with a million added for each bedroom. As such, buyers seem to be stretched which is leading to slower sales and increased time on the market for NYC apartments for rent.

Town Residential is the leading luxury real estate firm in New York and their The Aggregate report has been a source of information for real investment professionals and participants for quite some time. Town Residential was first created in 2010 and has quickly risen to the forefront of the luxury market with high quality analysis and the support of over 600 professionals working for them and their customers in the challenging New York real estate market.

The Trail Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, a leading athlete in South Africa, was charged and tried for the murder of his lover Reeva Steenkamp. The trail commenced on 3rd March 2014 at the South African High Court. The trail proceeded for a period of over six months, when the presiding judge delivered his verdict that Oscar was culpable for homicide and not murder as earlier charged. He was sentenced in October 2014 for a five year jail term for manslaughter and three year suspended sentence for using his firearm recklessly.


His girlfriend, Steenkamp was a model died on 14th February 2013, after Pistorius mistook her for an intruder. The prosecutor in this case told the court that Oscar shot Steenkamp intentionally through the door, but the accused said he thought his girlfriend was asleep during the incidence. In November 2015, the appeal against his verdict commenced at Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa. In early December, the court overturned the sentence, and upgrading the verdict to murder according to the prosecutor’s charges. The trail is expected to proceed on 18th April 2016, when Oscar will be back in court although he is still out on bond.


Career Life of Brenda Wardle


Brenda Wardle is one of the legal experts who have been following closely the trail of Oscar Pistorius. Brenda is a legal analyst from South Africa who is recognize across the globe for providing legal services locally and abroad. She has handled many high profile cases, and was a regular guest during the trial of Oscar in South Africa and also abroad. She has three law degrees starting with Intermediary, Bachelors and Masters. Currently, Brenda is pursuing her PhD in law at the University of South Africa. She has penned several articles that relates to legal issues that are being published in journals and other print media.


She has been interviewed by several media houses including local and international stations (both radio and television). She has been interviewed by Jeremy Thompson of Sky News, Karin and Andrew of BBC, and E News Africa among others. She has published a book relating to Pistorius trail and it is expected to offer an excitement to the reader.

There’s a New Health Food Trend That’s Heading for Pet Bowls

The Daily Herald recently reported about one of the biggest trends in health food. That in itself should come as no surprise. The past few decades have seen people more and more interested in eating fresher, cleaner, and more nutritionally. A reporter seeing a company CEO happily sampling his company’s organic food and remarking that it tastes like Thanksgiving should come as no surprise. What might come as a surprise is the fact that the company in question makes dog food. The recent health trend is high quality dog food which uses ingredients so fresh that even humans would love it. The Daily Herald went on to report that this is hardly an isolated instance. They mentioned that many larger companies have started investigating the benefits of healthier foods for dogs. And additionally many companies with an established record are finding increased praise for their longstanding work in that area. One of the most significant is Beneful. The company has long prided itself in using fresh and natural ingredients that are based on a dog’s instinctual preferences and biological needs. This also means that there’s some surprising aspects to this high quality dog food brand. People don’t expect to see fresh vegetables when they open up dog food containers. But one of the things that Beneful contacts has long held to is that one needs to find the real nutritional needs of man’s furry friend. An emphasis on nutrition means some vegetables. But as The Daily Herald noted, there’s a lot of wolf to be found in the average dog’s tastes. While they’ve evolved to handle and even need some vegetables, they’ll always fall in love with any kind of meat placed before them. But at the same time Beneful noticed that dogs have a similar need for variety that humans do. Even with the best ingredients a dog no more wants to eat the same thing every meal than a human would. As a result they’ve created a large line of different tastes, each powered by a different type of fresh and nutritious meat.

Why New York Real Estate Companies have Continued to Progress

The development of the NYC Apartments for ren real estate industry across the world has led to increased market structures and living standards of people. This is because many people are in a position to acquire a good residential house. Many institutions and people have benefited from the diverse nature of services offered by the real estate companies. These companies have also contributed a lot of resources towards structural development in many countries in the world. As such, many governments have also provided an enabling environment for the real estate industry to grow and prosper. Due to the nature of the business, the industry has invested a lot of resources in acquiring and developing land into both residential and commercial areas. The companies are limited due to the high cost accompanied by building and running of the firms. In the recent years, New York City has experienced influx of real estate companies that have contributed in the development of the state into a modern commercial and residential hub. For instance in November, the number of people renting residential houses in Manhattan reduced significantly compared to other years. This is according to Brown Harris Stevens which is one of the real estate companies in New York. Halstead Property development marketing has recorded an increase in the sales of their residential houses and has 550 apartments remaining.

Olshan Realty has however recorded an increase in its income through signing the Manhattan contract of the apartment costing 4 million dollars. Other companies have benefited from the commercial sale of the real estate properties. The Aerial Property Advisory received a lot of profit through the sale of over 1.7 billion dollars. The commercial space has also led to leasing of over 22million square feet of office space. This has led to increased income as recorded by the company in the first quarter. This was originally reported on the Real Deal.

The success of the real estate companies in the city has received a lot of boost from the Town Residential. Here, the companies have been provided with the specific guidelines to compete favorably in the market.

The Town Residential is mandated with leasing and marketing of the family owned assets in the state. It provides the best framework of repossessing the assets through caring out research on the best development platform in the city.

Dating Around The World

The creation of the internet alone could be seen as a revolution in itself, even though now a days we assume the internet will be available everywhere we go. From smartphones to tablets, wi-fi has become a staple in places like McDonald’s or Best Buy. Not only did the internet change the way we shop, communicate, and share social media, it created a whole new way to find and connect with new people. The limits of your social circle are all but obsolete and your ability to speak with people across the globe is readily available at your fingertips.

Skout, an social media app, understands that travel is a part of life and has created a network to help connect you with locals and other travelers in your area. Skout was originally created to help expand your social circle by connecting you with other Skout users in your area. However since their travel app launched in 2014 nearly 10 million people have begun to use the app to take virtual tours with users across the globe. Many young adults and college students have turned these virtual tours into real vacations, most visiting the friends they made via Skout.

The initial use of the travel app for Skout was so that people who where traveling somewhere without contacts could make some before arriving as well as people who just wanted relationships with other users in certain areas. Think of it as a modern pen-pal system, you find other people with similar interests and develop a strong bond over time. Skout users can make friends with people in the city next to them or in a country halfway across the world. The travel app decimates borders and opens the door for people around the world to connect and share their lives with each other.

Whether you’re looking for someone to help you find a hostel or just someone to travel with, Skout allows you to search profiles, send messages and send pictures to other users who are interested in a relationship. Meeting people through online apps has become a normal part of human interaction and with Skout’s travel app, the problem of distance is null.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime. The Story Behind The Mysterious Enterprise

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, a makeup brand that has amassed a successful following internationally solely through the internet. Doe Deere is a Russia native who came to New York with big dreams of fashion and an entrepreneurial mindset.

From early childhood it became apparent that the rather reserved, yet ambitious spirited Doe Deere was a diamond in the rough. Thus the now known “Queen of Unicorns” was not always the epitome of bold, nor a master of makeup.

When Doe Deere began to really hon her skills as a makeup artist in her early 20’s, she endured some rough patches as a late bloomer. Nevertheless, every artist must take time to develop their signature formula, and Doe was no exception. Doe’s awkward phase of experimenting with makeup eventually led to a revolutionary period that inspired her to become a makeup artist; and later the founder of her very own makeup line.

Her journey all began with the launching of her first Ebay store which she entitled “Lime Crime” in the year 2004. Though the inspiration behind this name originally was for the use of a fashion line, the eccentric name stuck, and proved to be a marketable niche for the representation of her colorful and daring cosmetic line.

The official cosmetic line for Lime Crime was then launched in the year 2008, but instead of being on Ebay, Doe developed her own professional website and began venturing into promotional campaigns. Although the internet served as the major platform for Lime Crime, Doe didn’t let internet limit her. She did much of her promotion through online magazines and social media, yet also hosted events which provided samples of her makeup in order to get her brand’s name out.

Doe Deere managed to create a makeup brand which contained various pieces of her child-like essences and imagination, her flair for fashion, and vivid, daring colors! Lime Crime was a beautiful outward manifestation of Doe Deere’s transformation of a Caterpillar who had bloomed into a butterfly, and the entire world wanted a piece of that special magic….

Deere’s enterprising instincts, paired with her ability to take risks in business proves that she is a born business-woman. Doe has an amazing ability to to merge her creative fantasy persona with her branding in a way that is intriguing, yet professional. What began as a small-time company of one, later flourished into a respectable small team of individuals who work with Doe Deere to keep Lime Crime a success. Although Doe Deere is independent and likes to be hand on, the idea of Doe running such a increasingly big business is unrealistic. To attend promotional events and keep up with all of Lime Crime’s orders and demands would not keep Lime Crime at the high quality caliber of customer service that it consistently maintains.

Doe manages Lime Crime herself, with the assistance of her husband Mark, who has been a reliable support system throughout the years. Doe Deere and her small team of experts who assist with her social media promotions and other Lime Crime needs are now based in Los Angeles California.

Till today, Doe Deere’s creative edge still refuses to die out, which can be validated through her consistent altering and evolving, in both her cosmetic creations and self. Doe Deere’s makeup line is synonymous with her outgoing personality and pride as an individual; both of which are qualities that are just as infectious as her fanciful color formulas!

Today Doe Deere stands the proud owner of her own cosmetic company, and has achieved a great deal of independence financially at a young age.

Having not come from the most opulent financial background, yet rising to notoriety, proves that people everywhere, particularly women, can learn a great deal about the power of networking, consistency, and staying true to your dream.

Dealing With Real Estate Company: What Possible Benefits Can You Get?

One of the calmest environs in the west zone, the Itanhanga, announced on Twitter it is planning to obtain a new residential condominium called Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. The Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is intended to serve the entire family, merging the serenity of nature with the comfort of a full club, an area of more than 5000 meter square of leisure.

The area has not been receiving real estate growth since 2012, according to the ADEMI, and it has returned to draw the attention of builders, mainly due to the construction of line 4 of the passageway. The residents of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos will as well benefit from this development on metropolitan movement.

The real estate market is obviously becoming more competitive each and every day. There are varieties of homes placed on an advertisement for sale and the prices significantly differ in consideration of the features and location of the asset. Working with a real estate firm is one of the most effective means by which individuals purchasing a home will get numerous advantages towards the realization of home ownership.

Real estate agents

A real estate company hires agents who have a specialization in what they do. For a real estate firm to be reputable, they are hiring agents who do not only own professional credentials in the field. They as well create a team composed of experts who have double qualifications. Some are also asset managers, financing professional, home stagers and internal decorators. It is the same as a one-stop shop filled with specialists in a range of home purchasing and home selling associated procedures.

Finding professional and new friends

Firms in real estate market teach their agents to be experts on high standards and decorum. You are not only working with experts and professional, but you are also in reality creating a relationship with your new friends. The agents will treat you as a friend ahead of even taking you as a client.

Information about a house

For you to purchase a home that suits not only your financial plan but also your needs and first choice too, you need to deal with truthful individuals. Inside a real estate firm, you will come across individuals that are straightforward and truthful.  You will be presented with both the weakness and strengths of the asset and assist you in gauging them to your benefits.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Helps With Economic Development in New Jersey

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation helps organize the development of the community of Newark. They want to to help businesses grow. Here is some great information about Newark Community Development Corporation.

This company helps bring in new businesses to the area. They also help to attract them to the area and keep them there. This company partners with Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development to find activities that will entice people to move to the area and open a business.

This company thinks that small, family owned businesses are just as important to the area then big businesses. This is why they make every effort to help these businesses as well. They also think that minority run businesses are important and they help them.

Newark provides a lot of different services. One thing that they help with is real estate. They help businesses in the area select the site they want to build on. They also help businesses get permits and the financing to build.

Another service they provide is helping small businesses develop. They are available for these businesses if they have any questions. They assist these businesses with a ton of different tasks.

Developing neighborhoods is another service that Newark provides. They make sure that the neighborhoods that are built are profitable. They also help with managing these projects and planning the builds.

They also help industries. These include the manufacturing, health services, higher education and research, arts and entertainment, and information technology industries. They make sure that these businesses provide great wages for the people living in Newark. They make sure that they are in a good financial state so that residents will get paid and the businesses stay stable.

Newark provides small business loans to individuals that qualify. They provide individuals with loans that are under twenty thousand dollars. In order to qualify for this loan individuals must have experience in the business they are trying to open. They must also have filed all their tax returns.

The CFO for Newark is Kevin Seawright. He is very qualified for the position since he has several different degrees. He went to the Almeda University and got his Masters in Accounting. He then went back to school in 2015 to get his Executive Leadership Certification at Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

Seawright has been a financial leader for over thirteen years. He provides lots of financial services for Newark. He helps with payroll as well as finances that are received. He also oversees the paying of the bills for the company.  He can be found on Twitter and even on Mashable, where he frequently discusses the business news of the day.

Brad Reifler: The Benevolent Banker

When most of us think of investment banking, words like “1%”, “Wall Street”, and “wealthy” spring to mind. We picture investment bankers as fat cats that cater to the people at the very top of the economic food chain. We imagine people who are making millions of dollars every year and further distancing an already distant middle class. However, this certainly does not seem the case with Brad Reifler. He has devised a means that allows the financilly stable middle class to begin closing that gap.

Brad Reifler began Forefront Capital, the company he is now most widely known for, in 2009. Before that, this serial entrepreneur began his own company in 1982 called Reifler Trading company that was sold to Refco, a company Reifler was an excellent trader for, in 2000. He has been involved in a great many financial projects and investment companies and seems to have an unquestionable passion for all things investment related.

The resume of Brad Reifler is quite impressive. He co-founded and served as chairman and CEO of a company called Pali Capital. Pali Capital is a firm that provides a large number of global financial services. Aside from being involved with the creation and operation of Pali Capital, Reifler served as director for companies such as Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. The director position he currently holds is for a company called Sino Mercury Company.

Though he may be an incredible financial mind overall, his most impressive work has been in allowing the American middle-class an opportunity to close the ever-growing financial gap through modest investments. Reuters has even covered the advice that he gives to new investors. He admits that he spent a great deal of his early financial career on the wealthy and eventually realized that he could do more good by focusing on non-accredited investors.

Forefront Capital is an investment firm that is tailored to be realistic and beneficial to those in the economic middle. Reasonable investment amounts and access to financially sound, low-risk investments allows for portfolio diversification without the need for high risk investments. Eventually, as this part of the population becomes more familiar with the financial market and process of investing they are able to reap financial gains that they otherwise never would have had the access to.

Highland Capital Wins Prestigious Hedge Fund Award

The Dallas-based management firm Highland Capital Management, L.P., more commonly referred to as simply Highland, is the proud winner of the 40 ACT fund-equity category of the prestigious Hedge Fund Management United States Hedge Fund Performance Award. Judges with years of experience in the industry consider a number of qualitative and quantitative factors into consideration before arriving at their final decision. Of particular importance are the performance of the fund over the last five years, along with the reputation of the fund’s manager and investor’s reputation.

Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management James Dondero says that winning this prestigious award is a testament to the experience of the team of 11 dedicated individuals that Highland has been able to assemble under the leadership of Michael Gregory. Together the team has over 130 years of experience.

There is no doubt that one factor that judges were very impressed by was Jim Dondero’s vast 30-year experience in managing profitable hedge funds and other investment opportunities. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia before obtaining additional training at J.P. Morgan. He is a well-respected industry leader who donates many hours of his time each year to serve as the Chairman for Cornerstone Health Group.

Jim Dondero has always known that the strength of his company is in hiring the right people. That is why he is particularly proud to announce that Terry Jones has joined Highland as President of Institutional Products. Mr. Jones brings over 25 years of experience to his new position, although he has had a successful career at Highland for a few years.

The future certainly looks bright for Highland Capital Management L.P. so you will want to take a closer look at this company. Interested readers can learn more about the company earning the prestigious award here.