Securus Technologies Continues With Revolutionizing Inmate Communication Technologies

Securus Technologies, is a Texas-based company renowned for providing inmate communication solutions for civil, criminal justice, as well as law enforcement agencies. Recently, in a report by the company has released THREADS 3.1, and this came after it was formally introduced in December 2015. It is evident Securus technologist has appreciated THREADS3.1.

THREADS 3.1 greatly improve upon powerful THREADS software. The 3.1 upgrade make the system easy to use, more streamlined, and connected with the latest web-based technology. THREADS upgrade the system into HTML5 from traditional SilverLight architecture.

THREADS come with a wave of new features such as inmate phone call analysis, context-reporting services, customizable mapping and printing options, and ability to listen to call within the original THREADS. The software eliminates what is unnecessary in and leaves only what is required by users thus improving navigation function, search function, and record loading substantially.

It is evident, Securus engineers and technologist have to take the time to design one of the most highly actionable intelligence software tools that provide focused leads to investigators, and yet it requires very little training. Investigators will find their jobs significantly improved due to this upgrade.

Securus Technologies advanced technology does not only serve people in criminal justice and law enforcement but also serve citizens in need of inmate communication with loved ones who are incarcerated. The company offers Video visitation and phone capabilities that leverage the powerful technology upgrade.

Securus has revolutionized inmate communication through its edge cutting technology solutions. Currently, the company serves more than 1.2 million inmates across North America. Besides, it serves over 3,450 law enforcements, corrections, and public safety agencies.

The Company [see,] has demonstrated its commitments to its vision of making the world a safer place to live through providing unique technological solutions. Among key specialties of Securus, include inmate-self service, monitoring products, biometric analysis, investigation, emergency response, incident management, communication, and public information. Full story can also be read on the PR Newswire website.

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Which Kind of Beneful Dog Food is the Best for My Dog?

Beneful dog food is available in a number of different varieties, each of which is ideal for a certain time of your dog’s life or health goal. Each kind is generally labeled in a way that’s easy to understand. For example, the Healthy Growth for Puppies variety of Beneful dog food would, of course, not be appropriate for your adult dog. Let’s take a look at a few varieties of this well known dog food brand and examine what situations would make each ideal for your family pet.
Beneful’s Original Adult Formula

If you have an adult dog, Beneful’s Original Adult dog food formula is an Amazon best seller, it is a great, balanced choice. It’s been crafted from a blend of vegetables (includes spinach, peas, and carrots) and beef. The texture of this variety of Beneful dog food has both crunchy and soft bites, which provides more variety and a wider flavor profile for your pet.

Beneful Incredibites for Small Dogs

Beneful’s Incredibites variety has been specifically designed for smaller dogs. The bites are smaller and the nutritional content has been optimized for smaller bodies. This variety of Beneful dog food includes healthy ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. The protein content of this dog food is from real chicken.

Beneful Healthy Fiesta Dog Food

The Healthy Fiesta variety of Beneful dog food is for adult dogs and can help to promote the growth of strong muscles. This blend of dog food is carbohydrate rich, which is important for maintaining the energy levels of very active dog breeds. You’ll also find that this antioxidant-infused Beneful variety also has carrots and tomatoes as part of the ingredients, which can help older dogs with their eyesight and immune system.

Beneful Playful Life

Another variety of Beneful, Playful Life is intended for dogs with very active lifestyles. This extra-protein-rich blend of dog food has been made with beef, eggs, corn, and oatmeal. The corn and oatmeal provide additional carbohydrates to fuel the energy level of your pet, and the protein from the beef and egg content will help ensure his or her muscles remain strong. Beneful products are available on Wal-Mart.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Top Notch Plastic

You might be familiar with the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the top twenty four plastic surgeons in the United States and while she is well known for that one fact, she is so much more. She is an inspiration to business women and mothers everywhere, for finding success and balancing a beautiful family all at once. Dr. Walden’s journey has been a long one but with dedication and hard work, she proves its possible to have it all. Her journey began in Austin, Texas, her hometown. She attended the University of Texas, then proceeded to medical school where she graduated as salutatorian. She then attended UT Galveston once she decided on her concentration, which was to become a plastic surgeon. The intricate artistry intrigued her and the idea of helping women to gain a certain confidence in their appearance motivated her. After she completed medical school, she was chosen one out of two to go to a prestigious hospital in Manhattan for an exclusive fellowship program. She fell in love with Manhattan and decided it would be where she opens her first practice. Though she already had great success, she longed to experience motherhood in her thirties. Through in-vitro-fertilization, she gave birth to twin boys, Rex and Houston. She decided she would raise her family in her hometown of Austin, instead of the busy city. She proves that women can have successful careers and juggle a family at the same time. In her spare time, she is known to be a published author and a doctor who wins many awards. This intelligent woman is motivation for all women to be independent, to set goals and to achieve them. This powerful Doctor is proof that you can have it all: happiness, success, a family and a celeb status.


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Freedom Pop’s Fresh Service Plan

Recently, the mobile virtual network operator Freedompop has revealed a new plan to help it gain greater market share amongst mobile users. Freedompop is a company that offers sim cards that have phone service plans included with them in the price of purchase. Freedom pops great plan is to also give its users “zero-rated” access to the mobile app WhatsApp. What this will allow is for users to use WhatsApp completely free under all circumstances. Even if users have consumed their entirely monthly data allowance they will still be able to send and receive basic messages through WhatsApp. At this time, however, the zero-rated service will be pioneered in Spain and then rolled out to other countries in the future.

FreedomPop was founded in 2011 as a Los Angeles based company. Their strategy has been to give consumers exciting and low-cost mobile options centered around free talk, text, and data. Once customers are part of Freedompop’s ecosystem they upsell those who need additional data more expensive packages. The company began in the United States but it has ambitious plans to take over the world. It is now operating in the U.K. and is introducing its mobile offerings to Spain at this time as well. Freedompop recently received a $50 million round of funding from investors and is using those funds to fuel its expansion.

Freedompop has decided to give its user’s free access to WhatsApp because of its massive existing user base. There are more than 1 billion WhatsApp users around the globe and since WhatsApp is owned by facebook it will likely continue to expand successfully for the foreseeable future. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion which is a massive vote of confidence in its services.

Freedompop is offering its zero-rate WhatsApp services without any special partnership from either Facebook or WhatsApp. This makes FreedomPop the first mobile carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically. What’s even better is that FreedomPop offers its users 200 free minutes, 200 free MB of data, and 200 free texts. This is hooking many users and turning them into loyal customers of freedom pop.

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Boraie Takes Part in Developers Panel, Discusses What’s Working For Newark

The City of Newark has been experiencing a renaissance the past few years; boosting revenue in the form of residents, businesses, and opportunities. The Newark Commercial Real Estate Summit brought together key players in real estate, urban development, investment, and city planning for a panel discussion where participants conveyed their ideas and feelings about recent positive changes to the blueprint for the reboot of Newark. Development firms that can build the kind of attractions that will bring traffic to a city have long had a bigger vision for Newark; but only recently found themselves with a city administration that was on the same page. As detailed here:, contractors are excited to be able to make a difference and have waited for the opportunity to work on a number of projects. Waseem Boraie, whose company Boraie Development plays a prominent role in the ongoing makeover of Newark, is one developer who approves of the city’s new plan for growth. In the past it was believed that a single ambitious project was all that was needed to jump start renewed interest in Newark. In green-lighting five to ten large scale projects to be ongoing simultaneously; the city administration is trying a new plan that in Boraie’s estimation will ultimately mean success of the new and improved Newark.

Other panelists concur with Boraie: allowing that the diversification of ongoing projects, and the increase in the number of large scale developments, will prove attractive to prospective residents, businesses, and capital from private investors. Richard Tucker of Tucker Development Corp. affirmed that his company’s successes, including the Courtyard by Marriott that opened in 2012, and the upcoming Springfield Avenue Marketplace, were enabled not by a single source but from a variety of investors and subsidies. Jose Cruz, a managing director with HFF Brokerage, sees the scope of projects finally in the works in Newark attracting capital from the kinds of investors who previously would never have strayed too far from Manhattan.

As vice president of Boraie Development LLC, Wasseem Boraie is no stranger to successfully revitalizing New Jersey cities. The oldest of company founder Omar Boraie’s three children watched father bring new life to New Brunswick starting in the 1970’s. From past experience Wasseem knows what’s necessary to build a city to its full potential, and the overall tone of the panel discussion falls in agreement.

Fashion for the Curvy

Everyone has a right to be able to go through fashion in order to figure out their own style. Even larger women have a right to that. This is why JustFab has just opened up a plus sized line for women that are not necessarily small. An article released on The Curvy Fashionista talks about this event. JustFab has given the larger women a chance to experiment will unique and interesting looking fashion in order to find a style that they can be satisfied with. Women don’t have to be confined to less than satisfying looks because they are over a certain size number.

JustFab is a stylish fashion retail company that offers a lot of unique items for sale that could not be found elsewhere. They make sure that their line of clothing is not only unique, but also elegant so that people can find items that will help them feel better about themselves. JustFab are very stylish across all categories of clothing. They have even started a new type of style for athletic clothing which is called Athleisure. This line of clothing allows people to experiment with new styles that not only allow them to feel good while working out, but to also go for a night out with friends while wearing the same type of clothes.
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Plus sized women are also getting the opportunity to experience great style. Not only will they feel good about what they are wearing, but they will also be able to impress their friends. If there is anything that a lot of people are impressed with, it is the ability to put together a nice looking outfit. One of the best ways to do that is to figure out not only the right color, but the right fit for one’s own body type. JustFab has clothes that fit many different sizes and body types.

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Members of Venezuela Military Caught Stealing Goats

In a recent article, CNBC reported that six soldiers from the Venezuelan military were caught stealing goats. The soldiers freely confessed to the crime and noted that there are not enough resources in the barracks for them to eat on a regular basis. While this incident is alarming, it is simply one of the most recent occurrences to hit headlines as a result of the collapsing economy in Venezuela.
The country is currently experiencing massive power shortages as a result of a drought, which according to expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez has crippled the ability to produce hydro-power from the country’s main dam. With crude oil prices at a serious low and the country having to cut back on all sorts of production due to the lack of power, Venezuela is facing a serious crisis. As a result, its citizens are struggling to feed themselves and their families. Unemployment rates are also projected to continue to rise in coming months. There seems to be little strategy or response from the national government in confronting these issues other than cutting back on production and trying to ration out resources more stringently.

Experts are hoping that these headlines on Facebook are a wake up call to the rest of the world to start paying attention to the crisis in Venezuela. It remains to be seen which forms, if any, of international aid will be offered to the country to try to keep it from absolute collapse.


Allure Interviews Marlena Stell and Learns More About Makeup Underdogs

An interview between Allure and Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek offered some insight as to why beauty products that appear on Instagram are seemingly more popular than big makeup corporations. The founder of the unique makeup line discussed some key points for those attempting to promote their beauty products, and even why she believes that their success is radiating as much as their flawless foundations and color palettes. The beauty blogger turned makeup industry guru is an advocate for quality products that will never break your budget.

When asked why these underdogs are taking the top spots in the popularity contest, Marlena responded with the fact that they have a stronger online presence. Describing how taking to social media allows you to sell directly to customers on a global market, Makeup Geek’s founder also discussed how big name companies sell to other big name companies, rather than prospective consumers. Stell also discussed how big companies do not follow trends, and only rely on the basis that earned them their success. Essentially saying that famous makeup corporations become torpid.

Stell was also asked what sets these underdog products apart from drugstore makeup. Her answer being that, though drugstores have stepped their beauty games up, products shown on popular social media are of higher quality. She also stated how they offer more than the generic colors found in the drugstore. By lacking vibrancy, you lose an entire audience of people, which can truly be detrimental to a company. While this interview offered some stellar insight into the makeup industry, it also allowed readers to validate their reasons for relying on top makeup bloggers for their beauty advice.

Wengie is an Australian blogger who transforms the makeup-impaired each day. Her unique approaches to makeup application and caring for your complexion educate global audiences on how to be the most beautiful versions of themselves. Blogging about the current fads, Wengie is a fashion icon that does not need a runway.

Though Chinese, the blogger grew up in Australia. The combining of two drastically different cultures undoubtedly allows Wengie to promote beauty from two perspectives. The twenty-nine-year-old cat enthusiast regularly discusses her love for the beach, napping, and watching movies. Her passion for blogging is just an added bonus to her love of anime, Vampire Diaries, and Dexter binges. Offering the public an insight into her daily beauty rituals, favorite products, dieting secrets, and general lifestyle, the beauty blogger will only continue to grow in global popularity.


Philanthropist Sanjay Shah Gives Interview On Business And Charity

Solo Capital’s founder Sanjay Shah recently spoke on radio about his company an d about his philanthropy. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, a charity organization dedicated to solving the mystery of Autism. Autism is a neurological disorder that afflicted Sanjay’s son Nikhil. The interview was hosted by, and in it he covered the bases of his breakthrough company and the charity he started.

His love of music went together with his love for his son in creating Autism Rocks. With it, he partners with the music industry to present celebrations that also serve as a funding stream for research into this heartbreaking disorder.

Before his son became ill, however, he had successfully launched Solo Capital. The company is a boutique financial services firm located in London, and is fully licensed and regulated to operate there. It focuses in proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments.

The company is only one of many companies Shah owns, that do business as far away as the Cayman Islands. In terms of business advice, Sanjay said in the interview that one should “never underestimate” the amount of money one will need to start. He also added that one should not “assume that you can actually do all of the work yourself.” This counsel is backed by a track record of successes, that would indicate that Shah is worth listening to.

It is ironic that Sanjay wound up as a major philanthropist for a medical condition, as he had originally studied medicine. He later took up accounting and business. Autism Rocks stemmed naturally from his love of music, when he was able to connect with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. In putting together concerts that raise awareness and money, Shah has been able to make a difference in research. He has also contributed significant amounts of his own capital. For more about Autism Rocks, you can read the Friday magazine article that came out in April, 2016.

It is clear from the interview and his charity that Mr. Shah is truly a remarkable man. To get more information about him, take a look at some of the information available on the web.

No Power For Hours

Venezuela has hit an all-time low when it comes to its economic and energy crisis. While the country can’t control the amount of rain that it receives, which leads to the water that it needs to provide electricity, it can determine the amount of power that residents have. In recent days as per slideshare report, the country has decided to ration the amount of electricity that residents use through the week. This is from one of the richest countries in oil supplies in the world. Households won’t have access to power for at least four hours each day. Residents who like to drink could also have to give up beer as one of the largest breweries goes without power as well. This is a decision that many people like David expected, but it still came as a surprise when officials made the announcement. There is no indication as to how long the restrictions will last.