The Ancient Weapon Employed In The Middle Age Period- Trabuco

The Trabuco is a war machine that was used in battles during the middle age period. The war device was founded by the Chinese in the 400 BC where they used the sling mechanism to develop it. Its mechanism worked by hurling stones to the enemy, with an intention to cause massive destruction to the walls of the enemy. Further, the Chinese engineers operating the Trabuco had to have accurate calculations to hit the target otherwise it would backfire. Again, aside from using stones as projectiles, the armies would also fire missiles in the form of human skulls, animal carcasses, and infected corpses.

The Usage and Working Mechanism of the Trabuco

The Trabuco worked by converting potential energy into kinetic energy to launch projectiles. Also, the velocity of the load was directly proportional to the counterweight employed. However, some of the power used dissipated during the launch through gravity and friction. Further, the Trabuco war machines were constructed in different sizes where the larger were more efficient and caused more destruction. For instance, the large ones would hurl loads weighing up to 140 pounds while the distance would be to the extent of 800 meters away.

Moreover, the Trabuco machine underwent many transformations since its establishment. The first war machine was known as the balancing Trabuco while the modified one was known as the traction Trabuco. The balancing Trabuco required the use of human strength as its counterweight to launch missiles, a factor that made it very cumbersome in its operations. What’s more, some of the large Trabuco machines would require more than 250 people which were the main reason for its modification according to The traction Trabuco was designed with the use of counterweight load to launch missiles instead of people hence making it easier to operate.

The Europeans adopted the weapon in the 600 AD according to It was widely used in battles with their enemies before the invention of modern weapons. Furthermore, the war device was also used during the warfare between the Christian and Muslims at the Mediterranean surroundings. The Trabuco was however deserted when the gunpowder was introduced.