Why Shaker Wainscoting Is the Ultimate Wall Décor Solution

When you are looking for wall decoration ideas in conjunction to covering some drywall imperfections, lining wainscoting becomes the ultimate solution. And there are many traditional and modern wainscoting designs to choose from. So why on earth would anyone decide to use the simplest of all profiles to decorate the walls?

IMG 1Why choose a shaker wainscoting?

What is a shaker wainscoting anyway? It is a clean-cut panel with a four-piece frame, which lets the central board give an inset appearance. This is a flat panel style wainscoting and so quite different from its raised counterparts. The most distinctive feature of these profile is the lack of any ornaments and fancy edges. In other words, simplicity is what rules here.

The importance of simplicity in interior design 

Less is more might be the main principle of the minimal architecture but in a broader sense, the term is a main rule in the interior design world. Although each home must be decorated to bring out the personality of the homeowners, it must be simple and unique in its naked form. In other words, when the house is empty, it must be beautiful enough to provide the canvas for further decorations.

IMG 2How shaker installation comes to fill the gap?

With shaker wainscoting installation, you actually cover the walls. Although wainscots stand as decorative elements today, they are still structural elements too. After all, they come to change the looks of the wall. And they cover either the lower parts of the wall. So when you install a shaker on the wall, you already beautify an empty space and create the basis for added wall decorations. AlexMoulding.com offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

Where did the idea of shaker wainscots originate?

The shaker might be a very modern wainscoting style, but it originated from a religious sect which dates back to the 18th century in England. The Shakers are very religious people and believe in making everything in perfection. So they worked very hard and created their own furniture and architectural style.

According to their beliefs, all architectural elements should remain simple and austere. Although they later adopted some ornamental décor aspects inspired by the Victorian era, their simplicity and overall approach were absorbed by the wainscoting industry.

IMG 35 reasons why shaker wainscoting installation can make a difference

Modern shaker wainscoting doesn’t deviate from the original idea of having a strict lined board in the simplest form. Now, why is this a good thing for a modern home? Such flat wainscoting panels are much cheaper than other styles since they are straight forward, the wood panel is much thinner, and they don’t have any ornaments.

You can cover the lower part of the wall but also the full wall. You can also combine designs and cover the lower wall section with a typical shaker and place a beadboard above it or even shaker panels but just wider ones. In other words, you can make all sorts of combinations.

Although these boards are thin, you still cover damaged or unfinished wall. Since the inset panel is thin and discreet, you can lose it altogether and just use wall panel wainscoting giving the impression of a shaker. In other words, you can install the four-piece frame and use the existing drywall as the panel. Once you paint them the same color, it will be hard to notice the difference unless there are wall imperfections. This is actually an even more cost-effective solution.

IMG 4Perhaps the greatest advantage of such a wainscoting design is its simplicity. And that brings us back to the importance of simplicity in interior design. With a shaker, the empty room will already be beautiful and actually decorated. And all you will need to do is add the extra decors you want.

Speaking of room and wall décor ideas, shaker wainscots are extremely elegant and so they become a décor themselves. Since they are very simple, you can combine them with brick walls or fancy wallpapers to get the aesthetic results you want.

And don’t forget that although they are usually made of wood, you can also find them in most resistant materials for the bathroom. And you can install such panels to the kitchen cabinet doors too.

With shaker wainscoting, you bring elegance in one move – even if the room is empty. And you still have the opportunity to define the room with your style without having the wainscot overstuffing the space. It’s so simple, its beauty comes second to none.