Members of Venezuela Military Caught Stealing Goats

In a recent article, CNBC reported that six soldiers from the Venezuelan military were caught stealing goats. The soldiers freely confessed to the crime and noted that there are not enough resources in the barracks for them to eat on a regular basis. While this incident is alarming, it is simply one of the most recent occurrences to hit headlines as a result of the collapsing economy in Venezuela.
The country is currently experiencing massive power shortages as a result of a drought, which according to expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez has crippled the ability to produce hydro-power from the country’s main dam. With crude oil prices at a serious low and the country having to cut back on all sorts of production due to the lack of power, Venezuela is facing a serious crisis. As a result, its citizens are struggling to feed themselves and their families. Unemployment rates are also projected to continue to rise in coming months. There seems to be little strategy or response from the national government in confronting these issues other than cutting back on production and trying to ration out resources more stringently.

Experts are hoping that these headlines on Facebook are a wake up call to the rest of the world to start paying attention to the crisis in Venezuela. It remains to be seen which forms, if any, of international aid will be offered to the country to try to keep it from absolute collapse.