Securus Technologies Seeks Out and Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is proud to announce their reception of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which is recognized nationally for working with trustworthy and respectable businesses. In addition to their accreditation, Securus Technologies also received the highest rating from the BBB, an outstanding A+. In a PR Newswire article, Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos said that Securus Technologies had been working with the BBB for a while to ensure the reception of their highest rating as well as their accreditation. In fact, Securus Technologies brought it upon themselves to undergo the necessary changes and improvements to be able to receive the A+ rating and BBB accreditation. The whole process was voluntary and required that Securus meet a list of certain criteria.


The required standards set forth by the BBB all revolve around honesty, transparency, integrity and an overall just conducting of business affairs. More specifically, Securus had to be able to establish a track record of honesty both in operations and in advertising. Additionally, they were required to reveal several aspects of their business such as procedures, guarantees, and ownership in order to maintain transparency. Securus was also required by the BBB to make extra efforts to accommodate their customers by ensuring all data that they collected was protected and also by maintaining adequate response times.


One of the major changes that Securus underwent during this process was the implementation of a customer service call center. With 220 seats operating in this call center, Securus is now better able to accommodate the 25 million family members and friends that they serve. Trained with the esteemed BBB standards in mind, Securus customer service agents are now better equipped to handle the average of 2.5 million monthly calls they receive. The customer satisfaction rating for this call center is an impressive 4.3 out of 5. Chief Executive Officer of the company shared with PR Newswire that he is happy that Securus Technologies was able to solidify and prove their honest business practices by working with the BBB and receiving their due accreditation.



Securus Technologies Releases Louisiana PSC Report On Global Tel-Link’s Misdeeds

Securus Technologies is a company which provides vital communications services for people in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. It has earned a reputation for offering the highest quality, most effective solutions to the common problems these agencies face. When they need investigations, biometric analysis, monitoring, communications, incident management, and emergency response tools, almost 3,500 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies in North America depend on Securus Technologies.

Trust and integrity are vital when dealing with corrections, law enforcement, and public safety. The Dallas, Texas based Securus Technologies understands that. That’s why when they recently became aware of the reprehensible behavior of another company in their industry, Global Tel-Link, they felt compelled to make the public aware of it. In a report prepared by the Louisiana Public Service Commission detailing GTL’s actions when they provided communications services in Louisiana, the Louisiana PSC said Global Tel-Link overcharged its customers, often poor families, a total of $1,243,000.

The report states Global Tel-Link was unethical in its dealings in the Louisiana corrections system. According to the Louisiana PSC report, Global Tel-Link shameful and unauthorized actions included double billing, artificially inflating prices, programming phones to charge higher rates than was permitted, and billing customers for time they did not receive during their phone calls.

When placed in a position of trust and authority in Louisiana, Global Tel-Link took advantage of the families and loved ones of people in the Louisiana corrections system, the report states. By doing so GTL bilked Louisiana taxpayers out of over one million dollars. Out of concern for the public Securus Technologies will make the rest of this report available through a series of press releases over the next 6 months.