Shoes Companies That Are Eliminating The Middle Man And Bringing Quality At Affordable Prices

The new type of men’s leather shoes company is eliminating the middle man and taking care of all of the details in house to bring not only quality but affordability to the customer. The new start-up companies are using a fresh approach to the way they design and make their products. This creates more of a profitable and efficient company. They type of shoe they make typically costs hundreds less than it’s counterparts.

One such company is Paul Evans. They use quality materials and incorporate excellent craftsmanship. The shoes are handcrafted in Naples, Italy and are just as quality as the higher priced competitors. The owners had decided that they were tired of customers paying high prices to cover the cost of the middleman. They moved to Italy to oversee the design and creation of these affordable and creative masterpieces. The concept is simple. You order the shoe. They ship it directly to you with no fuss. No space to occupy in a brick and mortar store. No utilities to worry with so they can pass the saving on to you the customer. You can have the quality of a thousand dollar pair of shoes for a fraction of the cost.

They can provide what the customer needs for a fraction of the cost without skimping on quality and style. There is no doubt the Paul Evans is becoming an industry giant with their unique concept and dedication to workmanship and customer satisfaction.