PSI-Pay: Making Contactless Payment a Reality

With alternate payment solutions increasingly becoming a popular concept in today’s modern world, PSI-Pay is coming up with measures to enable clients embrace alternate payment solutions. The online-banking firm, which specializes in providing credit card and debit card services, has entered in strategic partnership with reputable firms such as Kerv Wearables and Fintech to provide its global clients with contactless payment ring, which is truly in a class of its own.

With this convenient payment solution, clients will never have to possess cash in order to make a purchase. Actually, with the introduction of contactless payment ring, there is absolutely no need for a wallet or plastic money. Again, clients will not have to validate or authenticate there transactions via a PIN, or by signing to authorize their payments. Better still; clients will not be required to provide merchants with their banking information.

The move to provide contactless payments will increasingly make contactless payment the payment method of the future. There are several things that will make contactless payment a great payment option in future. For instance, the payment mode will eliminate the security concerns associated with swiping cards when making transactions. Moreover, with PSI Pay contactless and cashless payment option, PSI-Pay has significantly reduced the risk of identity theft, since there will be no exchange of credit card information and hence there is absolutely no risk of identity theft. Most importantly, contactless payment will save clients from painful checkouts. This comes at a time when clients have so much to do in their day and thus lining up for long checkout processes can be truly painful.

Just to make contactless payment a reality for the global market, PSI-Pay will be join hands with Kerv Wearables to release their contactless payment ring, the first in the world. The UK firm is regulated by Fintech companies, and it has been offering payment card facilities and digital account to the global market. Kerv Wearables is a leading innovator in alternative payments industry. The new contactless payment ring with utilize MasterCard license, enabling clients to make payments in up to 38 million destinations worldwide. Clients will load their accounts via bank transfers, PayPal, credit card, manual load or debit card. The new contactless payment ring will not just facilitate contactless payment, it will also offer an innovative option for clients to transact globally, conveniently and in real-time.


PSI-Pay is clearly making contactless payment a reality for the global client. With their new contactless payment ring, swiping cards and carrying cash will be no longer necessary.