Some Extra Bread A Bottle of Wine and Traveling Vineyard

How would like to earn money staying at home sipping wine? Traveling Vineyard offers anyone looking for extra money or wanting to leave the rat-race the opportunity to do just that. O.K. there is some selling involved.

As a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard, you can earn money hanging with friends and drinking wine. Traveling Vineyard’s is a direct sales company that depends its Wine Guides hosting in home parties to sell their product.

Even though their Wine Guides are independent contractors Traveling Vineyard stands behind them with a multi-tiered support system. That is just one advantage they offer.

Anyone who travels to and from work could rid themselves of the stress and expense of the daily commute. Tired of work interfering with your family and private life? Being able to set your own work schedule would cure that.

Tired of the inherent pitfalls of the workplace environment? As a Wine Guide, you can free yourself from workplace politics. You can also bid farewell to management that either doesn’t recognize or appreciate your talents and devotion.

If the benefits of Traveling Vineyard appeal to you the next and most important thing you need to consider is whether or not you are a self-starter. If being a Wine Guide is right for you here is how you get started.

First, you purchase a Sales Success Kit for $99.00. The kit includes brochures marketing materials and order forms. Decanters wine glasses and attractive bags for transporting the wine are also included.

Before you can fully begin your journey as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide you will have to make one more investment of $150.00. That price covers the cost of tasting sets for your first two parties. If any party should yield three sales and sale proceeds reach $150.00 you will be given a $75.00 credit towards your next testing set. This means that the testing sets could essentially pay for themselves.

A $50.00 rebate is awarded for making $1,400.00 in sales in the first eight weeks. These numbers pare down to an initial and possibly one-time only expenditure of $125.00 on your hosting supplies.

Commission rates range between 15% and 35% of your total monthly sales. An added perk is a 20% discount on Traveling Vineyard’s Products. The discount can be applied to the purchase of 21 varieties of wine, chillers, decanters, openers, and glasses.

As a Wine Guide, you will be provided with a personal website. During the first three months of your association with Traveling Vineyard, the website is free. After that, you pay a monthly maintenance fee of $15.95. The site enables friends and guests to order merchandise and includes for your benefit training videos and accounting software.