Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leading by Example in WebMD Joint Cancer Education Method

Cancer Treatment Centers of America put a lot of effort into their broad cancer education programs. This dedicated cancer research and top cancer care provider is involved in an exciting new joint educational venture with long respected WebMD. This site allows greater access to informed choices in the wide variety of cancer treatment programs. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always sought to lead by example. This exciting venture is making headlines in many cancer care networks across the United States. CTCA also provides valuable educational materials to those living in other countries across the seas.

This joint effort to advance educational information is setup to be accessed from workplaces, schools, public facilities and from home environments. Cancer patients are often flabbergasted by the sheer volume of highly technical information that they receive from their healthcare providers. Websites like this one at WebMD gets credible healthcare educational materials, resource information and treatment details to those patients desiring a way to decipher the complex medical language. They can now simply look up wanted information on their lab results, medication changes, new treatments, support directly related to cancer survival and more. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is investing a lot of funds and time into this goal of bringing better cancer care education in an environment where patients feel secure.

Those cancer patients with Internet access are overjoyed when they discover how easy and beneficial gaining information in this user-friendly manner is. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses many methods for spreading their finds on cancer care to communities that need more information. WebMD is a phenomenal wealth of interesting information that is relevant to patients, friends, professional healthcare employees and the ordinary individual just wanting to learn about cancer. CTCA is hoping to provide even more articles on cancer via WebMD.

“Mikhail Blagosklonny: Forging Ahead Breakthrough Discoveries In Health & Well-Being!”

Oncotarget is a well-known peer reviewed remedial journal that is used by thousands of people both in the medical and secular sectors. It publishes research findings and statistics on all matters related to oncology, autophagy, gerotarget aging, cellular functions, immunology, microbiology and chromosome behavior. Mikhail Blagosklonny, the chief editor and operator of Oncotarget, has made access to the journal without cost to the public. Mikhail is a specialist of oncology and considered to be extremely knowledgeable in his field and well-respected by his peers. His scientific discovery and contribution of the pharmaceutical Rapamycin, has taken the medical and health industries by storm! Not only does the drug suppress cancer laden cells, but it also has been scientifically proven to be effective in cellular rejuvenation.Rapamycin is FDA cleared to act as an immunosuppressant and cancer remedy.It has also been especially useful at preventing the body from rejecting new organs after organ transplant surgeries.

Studies have determined that through the controlled administration of the drug, cellular division can be heightened or decreased. This is significant in regard to its benefits and effectiveness to treating cancer successfully, due to the fact that higher doses stop the cancer cells from dividing. Rapamycin by-products are also being used to treat kidney, breast and lung cancers. The most promising and downright thrilling research to date has shown, when tested on mice, the lifespans were increased by a whopping fifteen percent in females. In males, the lifespan increased by nine percent. Dr. Blagosklonny is also an oncology professor at the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He specializes in the field of biometrics including Hyper Function Therapy, Signal Transduction, Apoptosis, Free Radical Function and Drug Resistance.On Oncotargets website there is an incredible amount of data collected to help both doctors and patients ascertain the most relevant findings on the market. One such contribution is on the “Breakthroughs and Discoveries” tab.

One of the latest breakthroughs in science that is noted on Oncotarget is that United Kingdom oncology experts have now formulated a compound that prevents the body from becoming drug resistant and has the potential to reverse infections.This includes the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria. This kind of bacteria has proven to be especially resistant to antibiotics, so it tends to spread throughout the body much quicker than Staph infections. MRSA has been prevalent in hospitals and now there is hope to eliminate it altogether through the recent findings published at Oncotarget. Oncotarget releases two new medical research papers per week and has a lengthy library archive with a vast amount of scientific findings and research.Mikhail Blagosklonny has seen many remarkable scientific discoveries that are little known outside of the medical establishments and communities. Through Oncotargets determination to make these findings available, he has impacted and fostered many lives through the successful treatment of different maladies. He is nonetheless a pioneer who continues to forge ahead the cure for cancer and fight free radical cell degradation that initiates aging and causes breakdown in the body.

Sergio Cortes Labors to Address Threat of New Zika Virus

With the new Zika virus threat in South America, and especially in Brazil, comes harm to unborn babies when their mothers contract the virus. A pregnant woman can survive the virus, but often there are complications from the virus that causes brain damaging microcephaly. Babies born with microcephaly have smaller heads, are uneasy, hard to calm, and easily upset. The accompanying brain damage causes many mental and physical problems that are completely debilitating. Typically, these babies will only live until about 10 years old, though a few have lived as long as 30 years.

One of these cases of newborn microcephaly is the son of a woman named Marilla Lima, who lives in an upscale area of Natal, in Brazil. She is somewhat traumatized by the situation with her son, who requires special full time care around the clock. Like so many microcephaly cases, her son cannot feel at ease, is easily upset and cannot nurse to feed normally.

Specifically, she believes much more could have been done to limit the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the carrier of the Zika virus as well as two others: the chikungunya and dengue viruses. There are more than 3,500 other babies born the same way, after their mothers were pregnant with them and contracted Zika.

The first step in combating this dangerous virus is to understand on what its unique symptoms are. That is why the country’s Health Minister, Dr. Sergio Cortes, is teaching all his the healthcare people in the field to detect small differences in victims’ symptoms that can help correctly identify which virus is present. The baseline symptoms are the same or 3 different viruses, all carried by the same mosquito: zika, dengue, and chikungunya. The common symptoms are aches in the muscles, high fever, eye pains, and skin covered in red sores.

To learn to differentiate between these 3 diseases, Dr. Cortes points out the following. The zika virus produces red eyes and deep itching in the eye cup. The chikungunya virus produces very pronounced pain in all the joints. Finally, the dengue virus produces very sharp pain behind the eyes and in the muscles. He said he is watching to see the results of a study to determine whether the same patient can possibly get all three viruses simultaneously.

Medical researchers have studied zika since it first emerged in Brazil in May of 2015. Although they admit they have not yet produced any hard science that proves zika produces microcephaly in embryos, there is strong anecdotal evidence that it does. Read more where this information was originally published here: Zika Affected Her Baby and here: Dr. Sergio Cortes Ensina Como Diferenciar Dengue y Zika.