Kate Hudson’s Influence on Fabletics Takes it Top on the E-commerce

Fabletics is the fastest growing fashion activewear brand we have in the market today, but who would have seen this success in an industry where Amazon controls at least twenty percent market share? Leading the e-commerce fashion industry is no mean task; however, Kate Hudson is quite determined to succeed, and going by the business records, the prospects are good. Currently, in a period of three years, Kate has helped grow Fabletics to $250 million, and her biggest selling point has been the subscription strategy.


Historically, quality customer products are always determined by price; however, there has been a sudden shift in demands, and this factor does not hold water anymore. Instead of the price factor, customers are also looking at brand recognition, last-mile services, exclusive designs, customer experience and other gratification elements. With enough due diligence on their market, Fabletics is well informed about the needs of its customers and hence its strive to ensuring that it adequately addresses it. The subscription mechanism which has partly been one of the reasons for the growth of the company is quite simple, yet effective. The basis of this idea was to create a convenient shopping environment even for busy people.


The other strategy that has helped Fabletics take on their market is their different approach to physical stores. Traditionally, physical stores have “killed” many businesses since most shoppers’ window-shop from the store then go make their purchases elsewhere. However, through the “reverse showrooming” strategy, Fabletics has been able to curb this. The reverse showrooming works by adding those clothes that the customer showed interest into their online charts hence allowing them to make those purchases at a later date without physically coming to the store.


Fabletics has also been keen on the use of online data in their retail strategy. Through the use of these data, Fabletics has been able to stock its stores with the right types of wears that their customers need.


Lastly, Fabletics’ growth has been achieved by focusing on product accessibility, customers, and their culture. Product accessibility is a critical component in any business, and with Fabletics operating in a market that is largely dominated by Amazon, this is one factor it has to pay attention to, and it has done right so far. Through reverse showrooming and subscription membership, Fabletics has been able to target both its online and offline customers.


Kate Hudson is one of the co-founders of the giant active leisure brand and currently the CEO and face of the business. While the successes are a joint effort of every member of the team, Kate has played a huge role and still does. Her take on Fabletics is that this is a brand for everybody who is committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Kate Hudson of Fabletics Uses Customer Reviews to Expand Business

Most consumers would agree that other client’s decision when it comes to purchasing highly affects their decision. This is basically rooted from the customer reviews online. For business proprietors, nothing grows the image of a brand than a good and positive customer review. That is why most online business owners focus on client review before restocking physical stores. With that said, Fabletics is one business that has extensively grown through positive client reviews. Since the establishment of the business in 2013, Fabletics has carefully considered the reviews of its clients before making critical decisions on storing commodities.




With the rising demand of online business platforms to conduct business, Fabletics has taken it upon itself to indulge clients at different levels. For most of these clients, a friend’s or family’s decision to purchase a product has a direct influence on the client’s decision to purchase their products. Additionally, the customer reviews highlight the opinions of seasoned consumers, thereby illuminating a path of production for the manufacturing companies. In this case, Fabletics keeps in touch with most clients by taking their suggestions into consideration prior to stocking the stores. The products stored in these stores reflect the tastes, preferences, culture of clients. Through conducting extensive research, Fabletics stocks exactly what the clients have demanded.




The current consumers highly rely on the internet of things to make purchasing decisions. By using other client’s word of mouth, reviews as well as testimonials, clients can make concrete decisions based on their friends’ experiences. For Fabletics, the launch of internet marketing as a major platform for conducting business has contributed to the growth of business. Be it purchasing from the physical stores or online platforms, Fabletics has implemented the modern advertising methods with the aim of influencing client’s purchasing decisions.




To reiterate this point, statistics indicate that 50% of consumers highly rely on the reviews for decision making. Over the year, this number has increased by approximately 23%. Every month, surveys indicate that the number rises by at least 1%. Additionally, 60% of clients stated that negative client reviews influence their decision against purchasing a product. This is because their decision relies on the reputation of that product.


Kate’s Opinion on Leisure Brand


In a partnership with Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson highlighted key points pertaining to her active wear brand. According to the model and actress, even with no experience in business, she has managed to incorporate ideas into a successful brand. Currently worth millions, Fabletics serves more than 1000 clients across the nation. What started as a boutique is now a multimillion business coupled with several physical stores. What awaits Fabletics is a series of physical stores across different parts of the world.




Presently, all it takes to be part of the enjoyable fitness club is a monthly subscription. Kate explains that the brand has been doing well in terms of growth and in future, there will be more growth with an overall expansion of the business. From reviewing the budget of the company to making social media strategies geared towards excellence, Kate Hudson is dedicated to taking her brand to the next level.

Use Wen by Chaz To Style Your Hair Every Morning

Do you notice that your hair is falling out piece by piece each morning when in the shower? Do you notice that it is harder to style your hair because it has become so hard to manage that you simply pull it up into a pony tail each morning? If so, you most likely will need to change the products that you are using.

Have you sat and watched your favorite television show come on and during the commercials you notice Hollywood actresses all bragging about how healthy their hair is? Have you ever sat there and wished that your hair would look the same way? If so, you can. You can purchase Wen by Chaz Dean. His products will leave your hair looking like the actresses who all bragged about how healthy their hair is.

Chaz spent some time coming up with the idea of using all natural ingredients to wash your hair. He knew that there had to be some way for your hair to be clean all the while repairing the years of damage that has been done to it. It took some time for him to come up with the right solution but when he did, it was a big hit. The moment people started to use his product, they were bragging about how healthy their hair looked and felt. You can have that same experience if you switch to Wen by Chaz. Wen products are available online on Sephora.com and at the Wen.com website.

If you style your hair or spend time each morning in the bathroom making sure your hair looks good, you can still do all those same things to your hair but without causing any further damage to it. If you spend time each morning making your hair flat or straight, you can rest easy because you can still do that but with new products that will help your hair instead of damaging it.

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Fabletics, Making You Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Marie Claire Magazine recently published an article with a spotlight on Kate Hudson and her new line of ultra-comfortable dresses, called “Fabletics.” To add to the chic punning, Hudson describes the dresses as “athleisure” wear, allowing women to easily transition from a day to night look.

When Kate says the clothes are comfortable, she’s not lying. Although made out of performance materials similar to workout/fitness garb, some of the YouTube videos and outfits have bras built right in! As Kate says, this dress is the cozy, loose-fitting and casual cousin of the “Little Black Dress.”

At the same time, though, Kate’s designs for the breezy Fabletics dresses and swimsuits are inspired by high-fashion, couture, edgy styles. The bikinis and workout wear have cute designs like galaxy print, and sleek, thinning silhouettes. Bright colors in bold color-block are sure to liven up your wardrobe and highlight your best features, even if you’re on a run and not looking your hottest. Fabletics is all about making sure you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for utility.

However, as Kate just unveiled with Marie Claire this April, Fabletics isn’t just an activewear line anymore, either. “Athleisure” wear is versatile enough that you can sport the clothes on the town, too, not just in the gym.

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The Fabletics brand is expanding beyond just women, as well. Kate Hudson’s brother Olivier launched FL2, a men’s activewear brand, just this March. And Fabletics isn’t just an online market anymore, either — it opened up its first physical stores last September, in lofty locations like Woodland Hills.

Anyone who wants to subscribe to Fabletics and receive monthly clothing gifts can head over to fabletics.com and fill out a personalized survey about their own workout goals and habits. With this quiz, your activewear not only fits on your body, but fits your lifestyle as well.

It may have been William Shakespeare who said, “Clothes make the man,” but it’s Kate Hudson who’s saying, clothes make the girl, and the girl wants to be comfortable! Fabletics keeps things customized by sending you “Outfits” that fit the profile results of your quiz, sometimes with added accessories to boot.

In the interview with Marie Claire, Kate stresses the value of comfort, whether at work or on a date, and how “athleisure” clothing allows you to focus on your life, instead of on how cramped your clothing feels. You may have heard the saying, “Beauty is pain.” But with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
Source: https://www.internetretailer.com/2016/02/24/fabletics-aims-stretch-its-online-reach-more-stores

Fashion for the Curvy

Everyone has a right to be able to go through fashion in order to figure out their own style. Even larger women have a right to that. This is why JustFab has just opened up a plus sized line for women that are not necessarily small. An article released on The Curvy Fashionista talks about this event. JustFab has given the larger women a chance to experiment will unique and interesting looking fashion in order to find a style that they can be satisfied with. Women don’t have to be confined to less than satisfying looks because they are over a certain size number.

JustFab is a stylish fashion retail company that offers a lot of unique items for sale that could not be found elsewhere. They make sure that their line of clothing is not only unique, but also elegant so that people can find items that will help them feel better about themselves. JustFab are very stylish across all categories of clothing. They have even started a new type of style for athletic clothing which is called Athleisure. This line of clothing allows people to experiment with new styles that not only allow them to feel good while working out, but to also go for a night out with friends while wearing the same type of clothes.
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JustFab on Pinterest

Plus sized women are also getting the opportunity to experience great style. Not only will they feel good about what they are wearing, but they will also be able to impress their friends. If there is anything that a lot of people are impressed with, it is the ability to put together a nice looking outfit. One of the best ways to do that is to figure out not only the right color, but the right fit for one’s own body type. JustFab has clothes that fit many different sizes and body types.

Learn more about JustFab: