Betsy DeVos the Humanitarian Reformer

Betsy DeVos, a proven political and corporate leader, is a philanthropist, an advocate, a disruptor and an innovator. Her political interest dates back to the days when she was a student at Calvin College in Michigan. Albeit she took Bachelor of Arts and not a political course in campus, she vied for many political posts in the campus and students elected her as their leader. Most of her former schoolmates describe her as a focused and charismatic leader. Most of Betsy DeVos’ activities are related to business reform, political, and education reform. Betsy DeVos also takes on battles that are meant to remove barriers and create environments that allow individuals to thrive. On her personal life, she is married to Dick DeVos and together they have four kids. Betsy and Dick DeVos are also graced with five grandchildren.

Betsy’s name is most times mentioned in educational reform politics in America. She and her husband Dick DeVos claim that the old education system is not advanced enough to allow kids to enjoy the best future. The limited resources and choices in the public schools make the learning environments unsafe for the students. For the last 35 years, Betsy has taken an active part in leading many political campaigns in the U.S. Case in point; she has been in several political action committees as well as political parties’ organizational committees where she has also given generously. Betsy was elected the President of the Michigan Republican Party four consecutive terms, making her the longest serving president in the forum. However, today her interests have moved to education reform related politics. With these, she aspires to change the current educational choices available to students. Consequently, Betsy and Dick DeVos give to charter and voucher schools, as these are friendlier to the development of successful futures for the kids.

Betsy DeVos also shows high dedication in business, where she is known as an innovator. The WindQuest group, which she co-founded with Dick DeVos, is the place where she shows most innovation as she is the current president. WindQuest invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology related courses. Betsy also tries to bring reform by playing an active part in non-profit organizations such as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which focuses on giving donations to individuals and firms. Additionally, Betsy also leads many local and national boards such as Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, and Mars Hill Bible Church. Betsy also chairs the Alliance for School Choice and is also head of the American Federation for Children.In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos said that she is very interested in further educational reform. In her observation, she said that the private choice programs have expanded greatly in the different States, meaning that parents had noticed that they were more beneficial to their kids.

Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Since he was in college, Raj Fernando has been working in the business industry. He worked with the Market Exchange when he was in college and he used that experience to be able to start his own businesses and to be successful at them. The experience that he has in business has led to him being one of the best businessmen in Chicago.

Fernando has had several trading companies that he started. He worked with several people to get his first trading company opened and sold it for a great profit after he had brought it to the point that he wanted it at. He then opened another business and, again, sold it. This is the way that he makes the majority of his money. He creates startups, allows them to get very successful and then sells them for a higher profit so that he can make money off of them.

Not only is Raj Fernando an excellent business person, he is also a philanthropist. He is on the board and works with several charities in the Chicago area. He is able to help people out with the money that he has made in his business career. He also helps animals out by being a major part of an animal shelter in Chicago. This allows him the chance to make a difference despite the success that he has had in his career and despite being able to do many different things with the money that he has made.

There are many ways that Raj Fernando plans to improve his career. While he has been very successful, he is still young. The success that Raj Fernando is planning on is much bigger than anything that he has ever done before. He wants to make sure that he is able to make a lot of money, make a big difference for other people and leave a legacy as a direct result of the success that he has seen. He wants to make the world a better place and leave it in a different condition than what it once was when he first began his career.

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