Event Planning & Design 23 Layers

Twenty Three Layers is a event planning and design company from New York City. The company is owned by two women, Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman. The CEO Jessica Boskoff like’s to use her favorite colors to do some events. Jessica’s favorite colors to use are mint, aqua, and blush. They plan event for weddings, birthdays, showers, charitable functions, corporate events and many more. Twenty Three Layers does all the planning for your event that you could possible name, from lighting and sound to even providing event insurance.

Twenty Three Layers recently planned a party for a little guy name Teddy for his first birthday. Teddy’s first birthday party took place in Long Island, New York. His first birthday party was farm themed. The farm themed party is great to have for a boy or girl, so gender neutral. The event had such food as a barnyard cake, apple cookies and pie, candy apples, cherries, fresh strawberries and apples. The kid’s could drink apple cider or chocolate milk. Everything was so well designed and coordinated, there are red and white plaid table cloths, and little wooden wagons with hay in it. The kid’s had one big square table to share and in the center of it was 3 baskets full of apples, sitting on top of fake grass.
Farm Table
Teddy and his parents went as far as dressing in farm themed clothing. Teddy’s highchair was wooden and decorate with a red bandana, a sign that said one and streamers. The kids had cute little plastic mason jar cups to drink from with a red and white straw. Each place setting also had a tiny basket with a apple shaped cookie in it and a Big Red Barn book laying beside it. Each child that attended the party took home a goody box that had crayons, socks and a rubber duck in it. The goody boxes was placed on top of hay bales with each child’s name on the front wrote in chalk. Little Teddy I’m sure was so comfortable and happy at his first party, that he didn’t wear shoes to it.