Despite Crushing Victory For Sanders, Clinton Gets More Delegates

Bernie Sanders, the anti-establishment self-proclaimed democratic socialist insurgent, won the Democratic New Hampshire primary by a landslide — 60% to Clinton’s 38%. The 22-point margin is a crushing defeat for the Democratic establishment.

But despite the fact that Bernie Sanders and his all-inclusive message won over voters, Jon Urbana thinks that Hillary Clinton may walk away from New Hampshire with more delegates because of something called super delegates. A super delegate is a person appointed by the DNC, not voted for by the people. These appointees are allowed to choose any candidate that they like.

Delegates are like points going into the Democratic National Convention, where the eventual Democratic nominee for President will be chosen. Each candidate — Sanders and Clinton — rack up these points during each state’s primary or caucus and, for the most part, these delegates are assigned according to the vote. But not super delegates.

Super delegates are usually established politicians, like governors, congressmen and senators, that can choose a side even before the primary season kicks off. Clinton, benefiting fro years as a stalwart of the establishment, has already accumulated hundreds of super delegates across the country. Sanders has collected only a handful. Despite the majority of Americans voting for the Vermont Senator through the first two contests, Clinton is ahead in the score.