ClassDojo is a Real With Parents and Teachers

ClassDojo is an app that was developed by two educators, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. It is used to open up communications between the parents of students and their teachers. It is currently being used in over 90 percent of American classrooms and in over 180 countries around the world in 35 different languages.

ClassDojo is a platform built for sharing different classroom projects and activities. If a parent has a question, they can write a note to the teacher or the teacher can do the same with the parent if something of importance needs to be said in regard to a student.

Photos, videos, and ongoing projects can be uploaded so students can share with their parent’s ongoing lessons and activities. It might be a math exercise or a play that several students are involved in. The mission statement concerning the app states its purpose is to foster the building of community between the teachers, families and school leaders.

A teacher can set up a “class” for a student that can be shared with parents, for example. Say it is a math exercise and it can be shared with the parents very easily. If parents are able to be of help when the student brings the exercise home, the parent already knows what is going on. Step by step instructions can be left for students in an individual way so a student can follow a definite pattern of learning.

The relationships that are created between teacher, parent, and student are very powerful and are very durable because everyone is on the same page. A good deal of trust is created and that is when good things really begin to happen. Teachers have a great deal of flexibility in what they place on the ClassDojo platform and how it fits into regular classwork. They have found that learning takes place much more rapidly and effectively with the parents more involved in the process.

Teachers can reward students in real time as lessons are created and completed. Students tend to put forth greater effort especially when they know their parents are involved in the process.