White Shark Media company was established in 2011 by Gary Garth who is the Chief executive officer and Alexander Nygart who is the chief sales officer and also Andrew Lolk the chief marketing officer. The three entrepreneurs have experience in both online and offline marketing industry. Their objective was to overcome the growing small and medium-sized business market both in the United States as well as in Latin America by providing an extraordinary service.The company is located in the United States and Denmark as well as Central America.


 It is a Digital Marketing Agency which offers online advertising solutions. The company is dedicated to providing not only Bing Ads management and AdWords Search Management but also AdWords Display Network Management as well as AdWords Remarketing Management and Google Mobile Ads Management. It also provides Triton™ Websites services and Local Search engine optimization services. The services are offered particularly to medium-sized business and small enterprises who do not have resources or time to market their business. White Shark Media provides this services so that the firm proprietors can concentrate more on running their business.


The company has hired experienced employees who ensure customers satisfaction by providing a fast response to phone calls and e-mails. The company main goal is to follow and give a solution to their client’s advertising efforts through their creative search engine advertising approaches. White Shark Media Company uses Google Analytics and calls tracking as well as proprietary reporting software to offer quality services to their customers. They also use online marketing strategies as well as a set of proprietary advertising tools to accomplish their objectives. The company ensures that their clients have reached their business goals by helping them market their business through a team of expertise. The organization primary focus is where their customers earn money.


The enterprise delivers Product Listing Adverts for all the e-commerce clients in management policies and Google Analytics implementation and conversion tracking on all Shopify platforms. White Shark Media fully control their customers AdWords operation continually from the beginning till they reach their set goals every month. They also give their clients a free assessment of an existing AdWords approach for their website as well as find solution on how to advance a productive AdWords campaign. White Shark Media delivers a cost-effective marketing solutions services. The company has no contracts with the customer. But the firm has administrative access to the clients’ Google AdWords account.

Wikipedia for your Business: Not for Amateurs

In today’s world, one of businesses and individuals most difficult challenges is building and maintaining a positive online reputation. There are thousands of websites across the internet where business can have profiles on and their reputation can easily be tarnished with just a few nasty comments. One of the most trusted sites that consumers use to start forming their opinions about a business or an individual is Wikipedia. For this reason it is extremely important for businesses to make a Wikipedia page that promotes their business and or services in a positive light.

While contributors of Wikipedia have to follow certain strict guidelines, anyone can contribute on any page. Many people assume that since anyone can contribute to Wikipedia that a business should just create their own pages and not pay a 3rd party. However it is not as simple as going online and writing about your business. Wikipedia has many systems and check and balances in place to make sure the content is accurate and can be trusted by the general public. This is why a company should consider an expert such as Get Your Wiki to create, monitor and update a Wikipedia page for their business.

One of the main challenges of businesses creating their own Wiki content is that Wiki actually does not allow self-promotional content so it is a difficult line to walk. Professional companies such as get your wiki are well versed in the guidelines so they can easily provide you with a list of information you should gather about your company so that they can start building content. They know exactly what type of content to include on the page so that your business is not flagged or deleted for removal. One might think they are capable of submitting subjective information about the nature of this company but experience shows that it is very challenging to write bias free content about your own firm.

Another important reason to hire a Wikipedia editor is if you want the business to have international pages. Each wiki country if you will has its own guidelines to follow. A professional Wikipedia writing service can translate your page for you as well as adjust the content of the page to be compliant with the particular locations customs.

Finally due to the nature of the open source of Wikipedia, it is important for businesses to be monitoring the page for changes that could potentially be derogatory in nature and can hurt your online presence. A professional company will monitor any changes to your page and react to any negative changes quickly giving you time to focus on your business.

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Creating A Successful Business

Darius Fisher is both president and co-founder of Status Labs. This is a PR and digital marketing firm that specializes in managing online reputations. He is a Scandal-style “fixer” of sorts. Much like Olivia Pope & Associates, he can even help you change the search results for when your name is googled.

Fisher started his career venture by obtaining a degree from Vanderbilt University and working as a political consultant and copywriter. He created the vision of his company, built partnerships and recruited to make the company it is today. They have gone international, servicing over 1500 clients in 35+ countries. The sky is the limit for where the company will go next.

Fisher has specific ideas about creating a successful business.  Fisher outlines four major ways to do this in his Forbes article and a few alternatives as well.

1. Create incentives for goals. This keeps employees active and happy.
2. Recognize hard work. Whether big or small, acknowledging accomplishments can be beneficial.
3. Keep all of your employees informed. Employees need to feel in the know and part of a team.
4. When an employee, deserves a raise, give it. When regular and sufficient raises are given, it serves as a motivator and proves that you see their value.

Other alternatives are listed below:
– Recognize birthdays with at least a card.
– Organize fun company activities.
– Implement “Free Lunch Fridays”.
– Create an environment that fosters creativity.

Fisher’s knowledge and expertise about creating a successful business are evident. He has the experience necessary to give the appropriate advice. He has made a name for himself, and Status Labs is definitely on the upward track.