Whitney Wolfe Strives for Perfection

Whitney Wolfe is all the rave in the dating app world. Everyone likes to flock when it comes to new apps, and Bumble is still one of the newest hottest apps around for millennials. This has become one of the most exciting themes in the app world because it brings about a whole new way to look at the concept of dating.

Whitney Wolfe has definitely been creating excitement because she did what many people may have failed to ever think of doing. She created a dating app with an interactive setting. She has been able to do this by giving people access to an actual Bumble interactive room. This is a concept that she is starting in New York, and there is a possibility that she may expand with this if the ideal is received well. This is just one of the types of innovative methods that someone like Whitney Wolfe is bringing to the table.

Whitney Wolfe definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to the dating app industry. She has been around for a very long time even though she is only in her twenties. She has created several companies and she co-founded one dating app company before Bumble. This means that she already has experience in this area. She can definitely be linked to the growth of dating apps where the swipe option is utilized. This is what she does with her Bumble app, but she has made it possible for people to see a different process because women are in charge. Women have the ball in their court when it comes to Bumble, and this is what makes this dating app invigorating to young singles that may have given up on dating altogether.

Whitney Wolfe is passionate about dating apps, and she wants to make bumble the best of all the dating apps that are out there. It definitely seems like the title of the top dating app is in her grasp because she continues to be innovative. She never stop tweaking her app because she strives for perfection.

Dating Around The World

The creation of the internet alone could be seen as a revolution in itself, even though now a days we assume the internet will be available everywhere we go. From smartphones to tablets, wi-fi has become a staple in places like McDonald’s or Best Buy. Not only did the internet change the way we shop, communicate, and share social media, it created a whole new way to find and connect with new people. The limits of your social circle are all but obsolete and your ability to speak with people across the globe is readily available at your fingertips.

Skout, an social media app, understands that travel is a part of life and has created a network to help connect you with locals and other travelers in your area. Skout was originally created to help expand your social circle by connecting you with other Skout users in your area. However since their travel app launched in 2014 nearly 10 million people have begun to use the app to take virtual tours with users across the globe. Many young adults and college students have turned these virtual tours into real vacations, most visiting the friends they made via Skout.

The initial use of the travel app for Skout was so that people who where traveling somewhere without contacts could make some before arriving as well as people who just wanted relationships with other users in certain areas. Think of it as a modern pen-pal system, you find other people with similar interests and develop a strong bond over time. Skout users can make friends with people in the city next to them or in a country halfway across the world. The travel app decimates borders and opens the door for people around the world to connect and share their lives with each other.

Whether you’re looking for someone to help you find a hostel or just someone to travel with, Skout allows you to search profiles, send messages and send pictures to other users who are interested in a relationship. Meeting people through online apps has become a normal part of human interaction and with Skout’s travel app, the problem of distance is null.