Reaching For Latino Voters: George Soros And Liberal Donors

The presidential race is heating up and democrats are seeing that they will need to step up their game. The New York Times recently reported on a plan by George Soros and others to get more votes for the democrats. The article explained that many democrats were shocked at the low voter turn out for the democratic primary elections. It was especially upsetting when compared to the turnout that was seen for the republican primary elections. The republicans can to vote en masse. And the majority of the masses supported Trump. This is incredibly worrisome news, according to George Soros. Soros discussed how this would be disastrous news if Trump was elected and acted on his promises to ban muslims and deport all of the illegal immigrants. Soros even went so far as to say that if these things came to fruition, the principles that the United States was formed around would crumble.

In order to curb this dilemma, Soros has teamed up with other big democrat donors and raised 15 million dollars to go towards swaying the Latino and immigrant vote. They are particularly interested in three states, Nevada, Florida and Colorado. These states have the fastest growing number of immigrants and they have a mixed voting record. If Soros and the other donors could sway more voters to vote democrat, that could bring in millions of crucial votes for democrats.

The article explained that many immigrants were split with their voting because the republicans had made such enormous efforts in the past to reach out to them. Historically, the republican donors have always given significantly more than the liberal donors, and there are more of them. Many Latinos were skeptical about voting for democrats because organizations that reach out to Latino voters are vastly underfunded so they do not feel that the candidates care about their vote. Another reason that many immigrants are split is because Obama has not followed through on his promise to reconstruct the immigration system and process. Many families are split up and many people are denied because of a poorly structured system. If Obama could not fix it, what would make voters believe that another democrat could.

This is a tough attitude to confront and change but the liberal donors are doing their best. They will be sending out hundreds of thousands of mailings to people in their key states and they will also be sending volunteers to go door to door. Their goal is to identify likely voters and stay connected with them through November and the elections. If their plan works, it could provide quite a change in the government.