Fashion Week as Told by Academy of Art University

At the 21st New York Fashion week, the School of Fashion fashion show at the Academy of Arts University happened. This is a time where new talent is discovered, and many famous names make appearances. On September 9 at the Skylight Clarkson Square ten recent graduate debuted five womenswear and two menswear. Students put in many late nights and last minute final touches for a total of 15 minutes on the runway to show off their creations. There was a wide range of diversity between the graduates; which created a diverse range of outfits that were created. Inspirations for runway outfits were: their daily observations and photos they took, outwear, “life and love” for denim, the emotions felt from their aunt passing, landscape photos they have taken, their ancestors story, armor of Japanese samurai, expression of light, and a sense of peace and joy.


Academy of Arts University is located in San Fransisco, California. If you are looking to learn more about the arts this is the school for you. AAC believes in community support, ethics in art, no-barrier admissions, learning from professionals and being an urban citizen. It has been the same family that has been running this University for the past three generations, and each generation perfects upon what was handed off to them.


The Academy currently has over 18,000 students attending.They are the largest accredited private art and design university. Their facilities are also state of the art and allow many of their graduates hands on experience. They have some of their graduates get hired at world wide known companies such as Pixar, Apple, Nike, Zynga, EA and many others.


Academy of Arts University offers the following programs: Art Education, Acting, Web Design and Media, Photography, Writing for film, television and digital media, Visual Development, Fashion, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Landscape Architecture, Jewelry and Metal Arts, Motion Picture and Television, Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media, Industrial Design, Game Development, Communications & Media Technologies, Art History, Advertising, and Animation & Visual Effects. The school also has multiple sports programs. If you would prefer, you can take these programs online to get a degree.


The Finest EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The finest EOS lip balm flavors are those that help the user feel as though they are using the proper product. Kids are interested in EOS lip balm because it offers them a flavor and package that is unlike any other. This article explains why the lip balm is the perfect product for those who wish to care for their lips. Kids will enjoy the flavor, and adults will enjoy trying something new.

#1: Coconut

The coconut flavor is one of the most universally-accepted as calming. Anyone who wishes to try the coconut flavor will find it appealing when they need something to soothe them, and it will work on dry and cracked lips that seem to be too far gone.

#2: Strawberry Sorbet

Traditional strawberry is a flavor that anyone will enjoy because it reminds them of their childhood. It is a lovely flavor that will sift through the air when someone is using the product, and they will enjoy the packaging that has the soft pink/red color of the fruit. Anyone who loves lip balm must try strawberry to get away from the flavors found in other brands. Product link:

#3: Vanilla Mint

The Vanilla Mint is one that anyone will quite enjoy, and it is a perfect flavor for someone who needs a bit of the tingle of mint while getting the softness of the vanilla. The flavor will smell good under the nose, and it will help anyone who needs a bit of comfort help their lips recover.

The most-popular flavors from EOS are those that kids love to try. The brand has appealed to the young crowd, and they have done quite a good job of marketing their product. They offer something that is known as the evolution of smooth, and they will ensure that everyone who is trying the lip balm feels the difference. There a variety of other flavors available. They can be found online as well as in many different retail locations which includes Ulta and Target.


Why is My Hair Dry?

The number one women’s hair issue is dryness. But don’t worry; it is a problem that can be treated. With continuous and regular care, your hair will be back in its glorious form – soft, shiny and smooth.

Here are the reasons why your hair is dry:

Effects of Environment
Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun dehydrates the hair. Swimming and repeated use of products with alcohol will also cause the hair to get dry. The wind can also be blamed for stripping the natural oil from the hair.

Use of Harsh Shampoo
Shampoo is made differently. Using just any shampoo to clean your hair may damage your hair follicles and leave behind other chemicals that are not good for your scalp.

Frequent Heat Styling
Using the blow dryer or the flat iron strips the hair of its oil. Using it frequently will cause the loss of natural oil, which will result in dry hair.

Recurrent smoothing treatments
Smoothing treatments are really effective, in that they really increase the protein content of the hair to make it lusciously soft and smooth. But if they are done too frequently, they will cause a buildup of protein, which will make the hair brittle and delicate.

Brushing Wet Hair
Hair is more delicate when wet. Brushing wet hair will cause breakage not only at the ends, but also in the whole strand.

Hormone changes
Hormone changes in women are caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause and others, which result in the dryness and brittleness of the hair.

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Regular users attest that after using for 3 weeks, their hair was more moisturized and shiny, and became more manageable! More women are now switching to WEN® cleansing conditioner that helps protect their hair from dryness and leaves their hair soft and smooth with no extra effort or undergoing expensive processes! WEN products are available on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora and online on Amazon. Check out for more info.


Allure Interviews Marlena Stell and Learns More About Makeup Underdogs

The founder of the unique makeup line discussed some key points for those attempting to promote their beauty products, and even why she believes that their success is radiating as much as their flawless foundations and color palettes. The beauty blogger turned makeup industry guru is an advocate for quality products that will never break your budget.

When asked why these underdogs are taking the top spots in the popularity contest, Marlena responded with the fact that they have a stronger online presence. Describing how taking to social media allows you to sell directly to customers on a global market, Makeup Geek’s founder also discussed how big name companies sell to other big name companies, rather than prospective consumers. Stell also discussed how big companies do not follow trends, and only rely on the basis that earned them their success. Essentially saying that famous makeup corporations become torpid.

Stell was also asked what sets these underdog products apart from drugstore makeup. Her answer being that, though drugstores have stepped their beauty games up, products shown on popular social media are of higher quality. She also stated how they offer more than the generic colors found in the drugstore. By lacking vibrancy, you lose an entire audience of people, which can truly be detrimental to a company. While this interview offered some stellar insight into the makeup industry, it also allowed readers to validate their reasons for relying on top makeup bloggers for their beauty advice.

Wengie is an Australian blogger who transforms the makeup-impaired each day. Her unique approaches to makeup application and caring for your complexion educate global audiences on how to be the most beautiful versions of themselves. Blogging about the current fads, Wengie is a fashion icon that does not need a runway.

Though Chinese, the blogger grew up in Australia. The combining of two drastically different cultures undoubtedly allows Wengie to promote beauty from two perspectives. The twenty-nine-year-old cat enthusiast regularly discusses her love for the beach, napping, and watching movies. Her passion for blogging is just an added bonus to her love of anime, Vampire Diaries, and Dexter binges. Offering the public an insight into her daily beauty rituals, favorite products, dieting secrets, and general lifestyle, the beauty blogger will only continue to grow in global popularity.