Laidlaw & Company

Wall Street Journal recently pblished a story about Laidlaw & Company, and its 170 year legacy in securities brokerage and independent investment banking, servicing clients both within the domestic market as well as clients world wide. They also service corporate entrepreneurs, international companies as well as institutions and private clientele.

Laidlaw & Company has offices within the United States of America as well as the far reaches of Europe and employ a total of 150 employees. These employees are certified to operate under both BrokerCheck FINRA registration and FCA authorization. This gives the company the ability to take up new business, develop meaningful relationships as well as service these new relationships on a global scale.

The company prides itself as having a very relationship driven culture within the work force. This leads to a very strong work ethic and a “think outside the box” mentality which a very rare trait within the investment banking sector. This approach is taken with all the services provided by the company, these include gathering assets, distribution of financial solutions through their sales offices.

The team of senior professionals at Laidlaw combines years of hands on experience with industry knowledge to provide its clients with a healthcare focused investment banking service as well as providing comprehensive solutions and transaction management.

Those companies starting out fresh can rely on Laidlaw & Company to raise capital very easily and with great speed through the use of their extremely strong retail sales force. this allows the clients of the firm the financial flexibility to grow tremendously. The chief executive officer of the firm is Matthew D. Eitner as well as James P. Ahern who is the Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets. The Chief Compliance Officer as well as Chief Financial Officer is John W. Coolong. Laidlaw & Company pride themselves within the industry.