Why You Should Strive to Work for a Professional Organization

The two places where you will learn the basics that you need to know about your career is school and the training that you get on the job. What most people who are trying to climb the career ladder do not realize is that work and learning are a continuous process and there is always something new to learn. In a country that has more than 90,000 trade and professional associations, it would only make sense to join a trade association which is affiliated with your career. Among the top benefits of joining these organizations is the fact that you get a chance to advance your education, networking opportunities and building credibility when you assume leadership roles. Visit architectmagazine.com to know more about Robert Ivy.

These trade associations are a resource that everyone joining the workforce needs. They have data and information which helps people in different fields understand what they need to about their field of study, without necessarily feeling like they are reinventing the wheel. They disseminate this information through webinars, websites, workshops and other events that they host. The aim of hosting these events is to bring together people in the same field and have them share ideas which will expand their capabilities.

The other great benefit which comes from being part of these organizations is that they assist people who have graduated but do not have jobs with the network which they need to get a job opportunity somewhere. Most of the professional organizations will host a conference and also attach a job fair to it where professionals can meet people that need certain positions filled in their companies. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, one of the most prominent professional organizations in the country. He started his journey in 1996 when he joined the Architectural Record, he helped the journal to grow and become the most read journal in architecture all over the world. Robert Ivy is also a senior fellow at the Design Futures Council. The National Architecture Fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi named Ivy the ‘Master Architect’ for the efforts he has made in communicating the value of design. Robert Ivy is an excellent example of how professional bodies shape the careers of young professionals and help them succeed.

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Robert Ivy Makes History as the first Architect to be awarded the Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architect (AIA) where he is the Chief Executive officer is the recipient of the esteemed Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is a badge of honour and is awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The award is recognition to outstanding artists or friends of art who hail from Mississippi and have dedicated their lives and careers to leave the world of their professions better than they found it. Robert Ivy marks the first architect ever from the region to be honoured in the history of the Polk Award. He joins an exclusive list of other distinguished artists who are honourees of the Lifetime Award. Previous honourees of the award include the famed actor, Morgan Freeman who was awarded in 2007 and talented singer Leontyne Price who was the recipient in 2000 and to know more


Architecture contributions in Mississippi

Nancy Laforge who is the president of MIAL lauded Robert Ivy efforts in ensuring architecture in Mississippi is human-friendly and handy for the common person. Nancy says that the award could not have been better timed or better awarded. According to Laforge, Ivy is an outstanding architect who compounds architecture writing and commentary in his work. The award affirms Ivy’s work and puts him in Mississippi’s hall of fame, a status which honours Robert’s lifetime work as an architect. Echoing the sentiments, AIA President Carl Elefante says that Robert has dedicated his time, career and resources since 2011 as the CEO at AIA and also as an active architect. According to Elefante, Ivy is the perfect candidate to represent the profession both as a Mississippi native and architect.

Other Contributions

Robert Ivy’s work as an architect goes way far beyond Mississippi and AIA. He previously worked at McGraw- Hill’s Architectural Record where he served as the Editor-in-Chief. He is remembered for steering the Architectural Record to International standards including spearheading the first version of the Architectural Record in Mandarin. His efforts saw McGraw-Hill’s recognized with the National Magazine Award for General Excellence and the MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year in 2008. Under Ivy AIA has made major trends and increased their global command and influence. Today the institute has the most number of members since it was established a hundred and sixty years ago. This is courtesy of the excellent leadership and exemplary performance of Robert as the CEO of AIA.

More about Robert Ivy

Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi and attended school at Sewanee: The University of the South where he earned his Bachelors of Arts in English. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Robert has also received other awards including the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. He is among the few prime architects to be named Master Architect a designation he shares with renowned architects, Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe.