About Skout And Their Random Acts Of Kindness

Witnessing Kindness First Hand

How often are you kind to strangers? Have you ever seen a random act of kindness take place? Pay close attention to the world around you because you will likely see a random act of kindness take place when you pay close attention to the words and actions of other people. If you don’t see enough kindness, then maybe you should be the one to step up and be kind to others. Showing kindness to other people is like sharing your heart with other people. It can feel nice to do, and it completely changes the attitudes of other people.

There was recently a survey that was taken by Skout to understand how people feel about random acts of kindness. The results show that our society still really values random acts of kindness. In fact, of the 2,700 people that were surveyed for the project, most of the people were college students, and they still admitted to having done a random act of kindness for a stranger.

The survey had the users rank which acts of kindness were most meaningful. The most meaningful act on the survey results was to pay it forward to a stranger by buying them a cup of coffee or paying for their food when you visit a drive thru line. These simple acts can brighten a person’s day, and it sends messages of positivity to everyone who witnesses the act.

More About Skout

Have you heard of Skout yet? They were founded in 2007 in San Fransisco. The employees of Skout even got involved in the Random Acts Of Kindness Week by donating their time and energy to help facilitate a food drive for a local food bank in the San Fransisco area.

Skout is a great way to make new friends online. It provides us with a safe way to meet people online, and there is no rush to meet people offline, but it is pretty easy to set up if you find someone that you want to meet with offline. The Skout application has a messenger that allows you to talk with a person that you want to converse with for as long as you would like. Some people stay friends on Skout, and other people take their relationships offline. It’s up to you to decide. Check out the original article from Uloop here.

Dating Around The World

The creation of the internet alone could be seen as a revolution in itself, even though now a days we assume the internet will be available everywhere we go. From smartphones to tablets, wi-fi has become a staple in places like McDonald’s or Best Buy. Not only did the internet change the way we shop, communicate, and share social media, it created a whole new way to find and connect with new people. The limits of your social circle are all but obsolete and your ability to speak with people across the globe is readily available at your fingertips.

Skout, an social media app, understands that travel is a part of life and has created a network to help connect you with locals and other travelers in your area. Skout was originally created to help expand your social circle by connecting you with other Skout users in your area. However since their travel app launched in 2014 nearly 10 million people have begun to use the app to take virtual tours with users across the globe. Many young adults and college students have turned these virtual tours into real vacations, most visiting the friends they made via Skout.

The initial use of the travel app for Skout was so that people who where traveling somewhere without contacts could make some before arriving as well as people who just wanted relationships with other users in certain areas. Think of it as a modern pen-pal system, you find other people with similar interests and develop a strong bond over time. Skout users can make friends with people in the city next to them or in a country halfway across the world. The travel app decimates borders and opens the door for people around the world to connect and share their lives with each other.

Whether you’re looking for someone to help you find a hostel or just someone to travel with, Skout allows you to search profiles, send messages and send pictures to other users who are interested in a relationship. Meeting people through online apps has become a normal part of human interaction and with Skout’s travel app, the problem of distance is null.