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If you have some type of construction project in the near future, you might be wondering who you can hire to get the job done. If you’re currently living in Illinois, one of the most reputable and popular companies is known as Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been in the business of remodeling and construction for over a decade, and they are a family-run business. This means that you’ll get the attention that you need and your home will look its best once they have left after getting the work done for you.

What sets Aloha Construction apart from so many other companies out there is that they are able to work with both families and larger businesses. They offer a range of services, ranging from roofing to siding and so much more. They can also work with you on a budget you’ll find to be affordable and easy for the family. This simply means that you can quickly get work done without it costing you a small fortune. This is why so many people in the Illinois area are choosing Aloha Construction compared to some of the other companies that might be available.

Also, Aloha Construction has two separate companies available in Illinois. This makes it convenient for you to hire the experts and have them come out to your home or business without a long travel being added to the price of the project. Along with so many other services they are able to do, Aloha Construction is able to do free home estimates so that you can be sure your house is as safe as it can possibly be. While there are lots of companies out there, many people are choosing this one because of its reputation and ability to be flexible with just about any project that you have to throw at them. They have a large team of experts who are all there to assist you with the work needing to be done, so you can get it finished quickly and without much of a wait or having to continually call to have it completed.

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Who Is Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a Wisconsin based roofing and siding group with over 50+ years of experience in the industry. They represent their clients as a family owned corporation with licensed and trained technicians. Their goal is being there for their clients after inclement weather or when they need maintenance to their home. Aloha has the right tools and specialists at hand to get the job right the first time. Their team of professionals are there to help you file your insurance claim and perform the work under a licensed and insured home improvement group.

Inclement weather can be a disaster on your home and is not your ordinary do-it-yourself project when it comes to your roofing and siding. A professional can give you a free consultation and help you upgrade the appearance of your home, if you’re interested in selling your home. However, they would encourage homeowners to upgrade the appearance of the home because it increases the value, even if, they’re not interested in selling. Their in-house financing options allow low-income homeowners to get the necessary home repairs they need without the worry of how their going to pay. Aloha Construction knows exactly what your home needs with their 10 year craftsmanship warranty on all of their work.


Your siding can make all the difference in the appearance of your home and the flow of your monthly bill is determined. Faulty siding allows the elements to get into your home and causes your heating and cooling to have to pull harder. An Aloha professional can help you get the job done right the first time with quality siding materials like durable aluminum.


Your roof is no easy task after a snow storm and should be maintained by a professional. They offer eco-friendly tile materials which include ceder lake and asphalt. Their professionals can spot your leaks and prevent an entry way for pests and rodents. Aloha Construction would like to invite you to speak to one of their friendly professionals to schedule of free consultation of your home today.