A Look At Some Of The Things To Do In Samoa

Samoa is a popular tourist destination for those wanting an authentic Polynesian experience. To get there the Fagali’I Airport is the one usually used by tourists. It is owned and operated by the Samoan government through their state-owned airline, Samoa Airways (formerly named Polynesian Airlines). They have four airplanes they use for daily, daytime-only flights. The flights only go to Pago Pago Airport in American Samoa.

Due to the small size of Fagali’I Airport it offers a hassle-free experience, especially compared to big airports. Inside the airport there are just ticket booths, customs officers, and around 40 chairs for people to wait in for their flight. Outside of the airport in the parking lot there are hotel shuttle busses and taxis. As this airport is right beside Apia everything is just within a very easy driving distance of it.

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Once tourists have dropped off their bags at their hotel there are plenty of things to do in Apia. For those who want a guided tour there is a company called Samoa Scenic just down the road from Fagali’I Airport according to google.com. They offer a half-day tour which offers both sightseeing opportunities as well as a host who shares the history of the island. The tour costs $49.17 a person and there are two tours a day, one in the morning starting at 9:30 and another one in the afternoon starting at 1:30.

The famous Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last few years living in Samoa. About 3 miles from Fagali’I Airport his residence there has been turned into a museum. People who have visited this museum say it is well worth the time. One review said that the museum is on lovely grounds and they really liked the tour guide through the expansive home. The museum is spread through eight very large rooms and going to this museum is like going back in time 130 years according to dohop.com. The museum contains the actual furniture, decorations, and clothing used by Robert Louis Stevenson and his guests. There are also other artifacts in the rooms which have been collected from elsewhere in Samoa.

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