Jose Gonzalez’s Venezuelan Dream

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan businessman and a representative from Guarico state. He was once the chair of the Chamber of Commerce in the Venezuelan Federation. He was appointed following his success in business and entrepreneurship. Jose has significant concerns over food shortages and the country’s economy.

In his opinion, poor leadership in the government is the root of most problems in his country. His outspoken nature has made him popular among the citizens of Venezuela. The citizenry looks up to him for a better future in the country. He is saddened by the suffering of the people in his country considering their hardworking nature and the many resources they have. This does not help them considering the corruption and misappropriation of funds by government officials.

Gonzalez maintains that his advice to the government in the national assembly and Federation of the chamber of commerce was ignored. He said that the malpractices in the agricultural sector were the cause of food shortage in the country. This incompetence has caused Venezuela to be a food importing country. Farming in the country cannot sustain the farmers thus reducing the motivation of production. The few who produce prefer to sell to other countries such as the neighboring Columbia where the market price is fair.

The government should be accountable. Changes in government cannot be realized unless the people in the government leave. Public participation should also be incorporated in the government. This is to ensure that the decisions made by the government official are to benefit the citizens. He knows that with his influence and expertise, he can manage the government’s budget. With these results proving that he can be a good leader, he looks forward to his deeds convincing the government of his abilities.

He advocates for freedom justice and private property rights. He believes that they will boost economic growth. Warning against the populist movements seeking to increase the minimum wage by up to 50%, he said that such a move would destroy companies and increase unemployment. Jose Manuel Gonzales also blamed the government for the increased cases of kidnapping and extortion due to its laxity in dealing with such.