An Encounter with Jim Toner: A Real Estate Investment Guru

Jim Toner has a vast career expertise as a radio show host, real estate investor, consultant, and speaker. In his profession line, Jim has given speeches in many countries regarding the value of intelligence in real estate investing. He has also been seen with Frank McKinney, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Sharon Lechter, and Bill Bartmann among others. Jim’s expertise in making the real estate investment a friendly platform for the public has made him more popular and demanded by many. Many individuals spare their time and money to get his services from all over the countries. He runs real estate investment programs. Jim Toner is a proudly accomplished entrepreneur who has traversed the real estate investment world for more than 25 years. He has passed wisdom and knowledge to many generations through teaching on financial freedom through his custom 12 Little House Plan. Apart from his career success, Jim is a passionate philanthropist who is nationally recognized for his intensive work with homeless and veterans. He is an active member of Frank & Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation and an advisory board chair for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Salvation Army Branch. Jim is currently working with Private Client Group limited. He also coaches various groups and other times accepts new coaching clients in the private sector on investment planning in real estate and other business issues.

Through a book he has authored called “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate“, he exposes the myths in the market and reveals the deep truth on how to profit in the market today using the history as a great wealth builder. In the book, he reveals that many people have achieved many dreams in lives and attained financial freedom through the application of his systems. Regarding finding perfect opportunities, he begins by saying that the market is gradually changing together with new rules being put in place. Jim says that apart from all that change, the fundamentals remain constant and opportunities are many. He is able and willing to show individuals the opportunities, how to avoid the downfalls, how to know the existing lies, and avoid being robbed of hard-earned money. More is discussed in the book and his message is relevant to all individuals no matter if one is new to real estate investment or already established. It analyses true stories and detailed information as a guideline to the right systems to use. It does not give one theory but a real-world encounter with people who have followed the right systems and emerged successfully.

Jim Toner is real estate investor with incredible knowledge in entrepreneurship, real estate investing, and business matters. He willingly teaches thousands of people across many countries to achieve their investment dreams and success.

Ideas Kamil Idris Says Would Make the Digital Era a Better World for All

Any international development has certain rules that guide it but much would not be achieved if globalization doesn’t change some of these rules. It is clear that technology has become the playing field between the developing and the developed world. The globalized economy is becoming relevant by day, and this requires all the countries across the world to embrace innovation. Without globalization, development would not be spurred. One more important thing that globalization does is ensuring that idea ownership receives new positive challenges. In this digital age of information, intellectual property laws play a vital role in ensuring that power is properly harnessed without diluting creative capacity. There are different fields where intellectual property rights focus on. Such include the food, science, economics, trade, health, literature, and art fields.

Kamil Idris is one person who knows how globalization can affect intellectual property laws and rights. He says that without these rights, the creators would not be able to take their great ideas to the level of industrial invention. Kamil served as the director general of a great organization that dealt with intellectual property rights. This was WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which is currently based in Geneva. According to Kamil, the rate at which the patents submitted globally, and export markets have skyrocketed is amazing. He notes that the regulations of the Intellectual Property Rights have been hazy in this twentieth century. Kamil further says that most of the challenges that the IP laws face in this digital age are due to piracy and counterfeiting.

Kamil has noted that some countries have continued to fall behind because they don’t have adequate training and resources on the intellectual property. He says that it is disturbing that some countries still lag behind even after the technology has become a great equalizer. Having been born in Sudan, Kamil believes that WIPO has the services that these counties, especially those in Africa, need to make remarkable changes. He believes that the WIPO services are affordable and efficient to make the markets navigable by the developing countries. Kamil says intellectual property laws would ensure the local people benefit from the foreign companies even as these companies get their profits from the local skills.


NGP VAN convenience in progressive and democratic campaigns

NGP VAN is a firm that provides software that can be used to reach out to the voters by the campaign workers easily. This company firm was started after realizing the amount of time and resources that are wasted during door to door canvassing to persuade the potential voters to come out in large numbers to cast out their votes. Some campaign workers knock from door to door trying to change the mind of the potential voters to vote for a given candidate. This was a waste of time to some extent since it is hard to change the mind of a voter who has already set his account on a particular path. Other candidates invest a vast amount of money to impress the voters in the hope that they would turn up to vote for him or her in large numbers. The thing is, the voters have different ways of closing the candidate to whom they are impressed with. Therefore, the candidate can either succeed or fail even after investing a significant amount of money in the campaigns.

As a result, NGP VAN improvises ways in which they can make canvassing effective. They do this by finding the voters details to be specific on the group of voters that the campaign workers should focus on instead of focusing on a large number of voters even the ones who should not be their target thus leading to much dedication of time, money and skills in vain.

NGP VAN also provides software called MinVAN which is an app for android mobile phones. This software offers all the information and the details that the campaigns’ workers need to reach out to their target voters. This information includes details such as the contacts for the voters, a map to direct them to their geographical locations and more information.

During canvassing, the software immediately uploads the voters’ details and information on the campaign’s database thus making work easier and saving time.

As a result, less money is used to make too much paperwork which is used for making posters and other campaigning materials and also the money and the labor force that is used to reach even to the wrong target of voters.

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A Look At Some Of The Things To Do In Samoa

Samoa is a popular tourist destination for those wanting an authentic Polynesian experience. To get there the Fagali’I Airport is the one usually used by tourists. It is owned and operated by the Samoan government through their state-owned airline, Samoa Airways (formerly named Polynesian Airlines). They have four airplanes they use for daily, daytime-only flights. The flights only go to Pago Pago Airport in American Samoa.

Due to the small size of Fagali’I Airport it offers a hassle-free experience, especially compared to big airports. Inside the airport there are just ticket booths, customs officers, and around 40 chairs for people to wait in for their flight. Outside of the airport in the parking lot there are hotel shuttle busses and taxis. As this airport is right beside Apia everything is just within a very easy driving distance of it.


Once tourists have dropped off their bags at their hotel there are plenty of things to do in Apia. For those who want a guided tour there is a company called Samoa Scenic just down the road from Fagali’I Airport according to They offer a half-day tour which offers both sightseeing opportunities as well as a host who shares the history of the island. The tour costs $49.17 a person and there are two tours a day, one in the morning starting at 9:30 and another one in the afternoon starting at 1:30.

The famous Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last few years living in Samoa. About 3 miles from Fagali’I Airport his residence there has been turned into a museum. People who have visited this museum say it is well worth the time. One review said that the museum is on lovely grounds and they really liked the tour guide through the expansive home. The museum is spread through eight very large rooms and going to this museum is like going back in time 130 years according to The museum contains the actual furniture, decorations, and clothing used by Robert Louis Stevenson and his guests. There are also other artifacts in the rooms which have been collected from elsewhere in Samoa.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Talks to the “Sandwich Generation”

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that works with clients to develop personalized financial strategies. The firm seeks to help people meet their financial goals, which can be an involved process. For those caught in the “sandwich generation,” HCR Wealth Advisors offers some guidance that could prove helpful.

The “sandwich generation” refers to those adults who are in the process of financially caring for both their elderly parents and also their own children. They are “sandwiched” between the economic concerns of both sets of dependents. Of course, the members of the “sandwich generation” must also look after their own financial situation as well. Otherwise, a fiscal tragedy could ensue.

So, don’t overlook the importance of putting money away for many years—or not-so-many years—down the road. Your children will reach college age someday. Will there be enough money to pay for their education? Answering such a question requires addressing those concerns now.

You must also take your own future into consideration. Someday, you will be retired just as your parents may be. Not saving enough money to cover your own golden years could also create a disastrous situation. You may be forced to work well into your 70’s. Life also may be exceptionally frugal when it lacks the funds to cover expenses.

That’s one reason why you should examine your parents’ expenditures. The Los Angeles-based HCR Wealth Advisors educates clients on investment strategies. The firm can help you address your own financial anxiety, check out @HCRwealth for more information.

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Barbara Stokes is a Mover and Shaker in the Construction Industry

Ms. Stokes and her team specialize in Disaster Relief Construction and offers technology that is state of the art and environmentally friendly homes that require less time to build, utilizes a minimal workforce and better budget accuracy. The homes also offer lower energy and maintenance costs, as well as insurance premiums. The homes are built in sections and transported to the site where the units are erected in minimal time. The structures are hurricane rated for winds up to 130 miles per hour. They are also mold and mildew and pest resistant. The homes are customizable and can be designed as one or two or multiple bedroom family homes.

Barbara Stokes is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Green Structure Homes, Inc (GSH). She is a 2001 graduate of Mercer University where she studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She also studies Thermodynamics, Structure and Properties of Materials, Technical Communication and Manufacturing and Management. Ms. Stokes brings a variety of experience to the table including employment opportunities with Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She accrued a vast array of knowledge in Government Contracting. Stokes is also very active in her community volunteering her time and talent to community organizations. Read this article at

The interior of the homes can be revised to meet customer’s requirements. The erection process has minimal impact on the environment and the site. The homes utilize local products and the homes use R-19 value insulation throughout and the steel roofs reflect the effects of the sun helping to keep the interior of the home cooler. The manufacturing and installation process follows a very strict system of quality assurance that are adhered to, as well as enforced.


In addition to design and building, GHS offers a variety of support services such as structural and civil engineering design, land planning, utility and foundation services and on-site coordination of utilities. They also offer architectural design utilizing AutoCAD and 3D renderings, meetings regarding permitting and other federally or state mandated issues and production management supervisors.

Ms. Stokes and her team of design and construction specialists include a variety of deliverables with the product including site feasibility studies, engineering analysis, third party inspections of the final structures, property entitlement services and engineered drawings. GSH has a strong working relationship with American Homestar Corporation (AHC) and the collaborative has applied to a DHS (Department of Homeland Security) program to enhance long term capabilities od GSH to continue to serve US Government opportunities. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The Oxford Club Educates Members with Investment U

The Oxford Club a global membership of wealthy investors from various industries creates powerful educational material and resources through its Investment U educational websites and platforms. The Investment U educational resources provide insightful concepts and techniques that provide investors with knowledge and experience from some of the worlds leading investment experts from around the globe. The educational material is very user-friendly and easy to follow and provides opportunities for the casual investor or the more experienced investor to gain valuable knowledge and understanding of various asset categories and how to leverage their investment portfolios to gain tremendous returns on investment on those assets. The education provided in Investment U is delivered through various videos, conferences, courses, and other e-letter resources that provide powerful educational information for its members.


The Oxford Club membership has grown over the years to well over 100,000 members from over 131 countries around the globe. With the connections and data sharing opportunities available from its many members in The Oxford Club, leverage of their expertise and knowledge of the investment world and various assets categories from around the world are established. The publications and other resources are powerful instruments that enable its members to have an advantage over the general population through information gathering. The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 and originally was called The Passport Club and after the acquisition of Florida based research and investment publication, The Oxford Club, the name was changed the company began operations under the acquired companies trademark name The Oxford Club.


The Oxford Club provides opportunities for the elite wealthy investors within its organization to continue to expand their wealth and live a lavish lifestyle that only the truly rich and knowledgeable individuals can obtain. The Oxford Club was founded by Bill Bonner the owner of The Agora companies a billion-dollar conglomerate that operates on a global scale and provides tremendous returns on investment for Bill Bonner and his other investors. The Investment U was created by The Oxford Club to empower its members with valuable educational resources that increase intellectual analysis and evaluation skill sets to continue to build their fortune and protected it against economic risk.

World Class Surgeon Dr. David Samadi Delivers Health and Social Media Followers Health Tips

Chairman of Urology, Chief of Robotic Surgery, fellowship in proctology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center is only a sample of Dr. David Samadi resume. Currently employed at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, NY, Dr. Samadi has performed thousands minimally invasive procedures and invented his own techniques to prostate removal through robotic surgical advancements. He truly is a surgeon in a class of his own.

Being a world class urologist, Dr. Samadi was able to personally create the SMART method for prostate removal. The Samadi Modified Advance Robotic Technique is a specially designed procedure created to drastically decrease the post surgical side effects men disdain. It is very common for men, without using the SMART method, to lose sexual function in their genitalia. Incontinence and impotence create a barrier for men desiring the surgery. SMART allows for the prostate to be removed with minimal damage done to the surrounding nerves. The robotic advancement allows for more precise work and more men are seeking this method.

He is skilled in identifying cancer in the prostate, kidney, and bladder. He is more than capable in his ability to perform laparoscopic radical prostatectomy or the same procedure of the robotic nature. He believes in the advancement of technology in better the health outcomes of his patients. He also believes in the influence of social media and televisions ability out pour data into nearly countless individuals.

With the intent of spreading the knowledge and health awareness he and other colleagues had to make the world aware of unknown medical knowledge. Meanwhile providing communities with information they otherwise would never receive. Dr. Samadi has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Settling for just the day to day in the trenches grunt work is honorable, but not enough. His practice has been taken worldwide with the implementation of Dr. Samadi TV. He pools the medical knowledge of several guest physicians to share their views and clinical expertise on different subject matters to empower through education our world. Some people avoid doctors offices in fear of the news they may receive. However, Dr. Samadi TV brings the information packaged in a way anyone can digest, and desire more information or possible intervention in their lives.

He truly is a trusted surgeon, Mitt Romney whom had been diagnosed with prostate cancer had a clean prognosis recently. Dr. Samadi helped with his surgery and state he is doing well. Our world leaders trust Dr. Samadi, magazines call him Best Doctor, and patients have awarded him the Patient’s Choice Award. Truly Dr. Samadi desires the best for humanity.

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A New Time for The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, originally formed back in 2012. However, their breakthrough song wasn’t until 2015 with “Roses”, which hit the top 10 on the US Billboard’s Hot 100. After this The Chainsmokers released songs nearly every month with various collaborations with artist such as Daya, Halsey, and Coldplay. Releasing top charting songs for weeks and quickly The Chainsmokers became a renowned band with a significant fan base. The music style of The Chainsmokers has been, in the past years, up-to-date with the current styles being released. But after a nine month break The Chainsmokers have came back, January 2018, with a much deeper and darker side of music releasing “Sick Boy”.

In a recent interview Alex Pall and Drew Taggart explain this new darker side their lyrics and music. Stating that not only have they grown up as people, but as artists as well and they as a band know what they want to talk about lyrically through their music. Although, their music is still a reflection of today’s generation with lyrics like “how many likes is my life worth” referring to the idea of how this generation communicates using social media, such as twitter, Instagram, etc. “Sick Boy” is stated to be “one installment of this new chapter” to be released by The Chainsmokers and other unknown collaborations and producers.

The darkness of this new music has come from some anger in which social media can cause. For instance, people relating to you for someone you’re not or people degrading you for someone you’re not. There are both good and bad to social media and as stated by Taggart sometimes you just need to let it out. That is what they are doing for this chapter in their career as a successful band. They are not setting themselves up for failure by “knowing” this is going to be a hit album. They just want the fans to follow this new chapter and listen to how they feel not only as a band, but also how others or yourself might feel with this new darker side.

Are You Ready for Taxes? US Money Reserve Provides Tax Tips

Why does it seem like the date April 15th arrives so quickly? Are you ready for taxes? US Money Reserve provides some much needed tax tips.

Saving Tax Records

Another year, another dollar. Tax season can catch up to you quickly. It always seems like there is so much to keep track of, which is why some trust in tax preparation professionals. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

The good news for IRA contributions is that your deadline is actually April 17th. That means you don’t have to compete with that long line at the post office. The US Money Reserve can help you “reduce your tax liability” using your Self-Directed IRA. How does it work?

You can place money in multiple retirement accounts to maximize your benefits. Your contribution is also age dependent. For those under 50, the most they can contribute to their IRAs is $5,500 and for those over 50, the most they can contribute is $6,500. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Specify Tax Year

To reduce your tax liability, make sure you specify the tax year for which you want your contribution to be applied. You can also consider an IRA for your wife. You should also look into the “Saver’s Credit.” You might be eligible.

Many people are very creative with their tax refunds. Instead of wasting it on a vacation, why don’t you contribute it to your IRA? This also might allow you to claim the aforementioned “Saver’s Credit.”

Strong Gold IRA

If you want to develop a long-term plan to grow your IRA wealth, then you might want to consider US Money Reserve (USMR) gold and silver. Why USMR? Gold and silver can be used to diversify your financial portfolio.

Gold and silver have been valuable assets throughout history. These are commodities, whose prices go up at the same time as inflation. Therefore, they are used as inflation hedges. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

When wealthy investors are uncertain of the future path of the stock market, they can add other assets to their IRA. A gold backed IRA is perfectly legal and perfectly useful.

You can find valuable gold and silver coins and bars at the US Reserve. US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl was the 35th Director of the US Mint. He has access to the best gold and silver products.

So, don’t worry about taxes. Simply prepare ahead of time and consider a gold backed IRA. Gold can provide a bridge over troubled waters.