Kyle Bass: By the Company He Keeps

The onetime-wunderkind has a special spot in Argentine ruler Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s kitchen cabinet. Bass doesn’t miss a chance to stand up for Kirchner’s most ill-advised actions. After defaulting on foreign debt a second time in only thirteen years, Bass would hear no criticism of the economic skills of the Argentine despot. What’s in it for him?

What was in it for Bass when he stood up for his favored buy-and-hold play General Motors during their recall controversy, insisting victims were somehow to blame for non-deploying airbags, faulty ignition switches and failed power steering units?

One could answer this by simply saying “money,” but that wouldn’t tell the whole story. Kyle Bass was right once – at one point in time. He called the sub-prime mortgage bubble for what it was. He gets credit for seeing the upcoming disaster. But that one insight set Kyle up with a reputation as a mastermind he’s fought hard to justify in the time since.

One way to seem like you have a rare talent for prognostication: Make things happen that ordinarily wouldn’t. Bass has shown he’s not above shorting pharmaceutical companies, then suing them. Win or lose in court, he still profits. He knows to the minute when those stocks are going to tank. He and his parter Erich Spangenberg have the legal paperwork ready to go through a front organization called – ironically – the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. There’s nothing about patent trolling that makes drugs more affordable for anyone.

But Bass gets to say he called top on those pharma stocks. Wunderkind is right again.

Judge Bass by his actions, but know him by the company he keeps: People like Kirchner and Spangenberg in particular.

CEO Bob Reina Continues to Develop New Philanthropic Opportunities


Changing the world and making it a better place for all is something that many people dream of accomplishing. One CEO is doing more than dreaming about change, but is using his own corporation to assist non-profit organizations around the world. Talk Fusion is a marketing company that helps their customers to improve their sales through professional video marketing campaigns and video communication services. Led by founder Bob Reina, the company has become one of the leading marketing services in the world since it opened its doors in 2007.

However, it is not just profit that Reina strives for in his career. The philanthropist has given generously to numerous causes including the Tampa Bay Humane Society and an Indonesian orphanage, among others. To help encourage greater giving he has now launched a program at his business to raise funds for other groups. Through this new program every associate at Talk Fusion is able to donate a free account to a charity they choose. The accounts allow the chosen non-profits to design professional branding and create their own free marketing campaign.

By providing this opportunity, Bob Reina and his numerous associates are able to help non-profit organizations draw more attention to their cause without using the money in their own limited budgets. Talk Fusions associates are not only able to actively participate in this philanthropic gesture, but are also encouraged to contribute their time and efforts to assisting others around the world. Some offer financial donations and many others participate in fundraising drives and in volunteer roles serving people in need.

Reina has spent over 20 years in the marketing industry and has used his unique and creative ideas to help others develop methods of advertising and selling their brand. He uses this same innovation and creativity to find ways to go beyond basic donations or volunteering in an effort to aid as many people as possible. Even his method of operating his business is an example of encouraging others to do well and reap the rewards. Associates are given training to enable them to build their own customer base and are rewarded with compensation plans, commissions and extras like luxury gifts and vacations.


One Woman’s Week Trial of Cleansing Conditioner from Wen by Chaz

In an article published originally on Bustle, one hair fanatic took us through a day-by-day week trial of the hair care product WEN Cleansing Conditioner from Wen by Chaz Dean. Many individuals have probably seen this product on a late-night infomercial or may have heard of someone who has tried it. For Emily McClure, it was a love-hate relationship throughout the week as she tried this product that she had heard so much about. Through her seven-day trial, she noted that this product brought a lot of volume to her otherwise fine and stringy hair. Emily also noted that her hair was generally more shiny than usual when using this product. Her overall recommendation after using the product for seven days was that it would be a great one for anyone who has fine hair and regularly showers before styling their hair in the morning. She recommends using the product in the morning rather than at night for the best results.
Wen by Chaz Dean is a unique healthy hair care system that includes products for cleansing, boosting, treating, and styling your hair. Their products include the WEN Cleansing Conditioner, the WEN Nourishing Mousse, the WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Cream and the WEN Moist Intensive Hair Treatment to name a few. All of the Wen by Chaz hair care products contain natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, sweet almond oil, botanical extracts and shea butter. Wen by Chaz Hair Care System come on the sephora beauty products market in a variety of different kits. The kit recommended by Chaz is the WEN Hair Care Deluxe Kit. This kit contains the cleansing conditioner, anti-frizz styling cream, nourishing mousse, straightening smoothing gloss and the replenishing treatment mist. There is also a travel kit for those who are on the go.

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US Money Reserve

There are a lot of podcasts for people to get information from in the market today. US Money Reserve is podcast designed to inform people about different events in the economy.

Over the past couple of yeas, the economy has started to rebound from the recession. However, there are still plenty of people who are hurting financially. On the latest podcast, Philip Diehl talked about the various economic factors affecting the economy.

As President of US Money Reserve, he has a lot of financial knowledge that is great to learn. There are many people who listen to what he has to say based on his track record of being right.

Philip Diehl

Few people are able to start and grow a podcast and website from the ground up. However, Philip Diehl has done just that in his time in business. He is passionate about bringing content to people who otherwise could not afford it. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Philip Diehl knows what it takes to succeed at a high level in business. Over the past few years, he has made a lot of smart investment choices for his business. This has led to a lot of financial success for him and his family.

Latest News and Advice

Philip Diehl has different views on the economy than many other people. During his time in business, he learned a lot of different ways to succeed in growing his customer base.

When he first started his business, the economy was not growing at a fast rate. This is something that forced Philip Diehl to be innovative, and he uses that creativity in his business to this day.

Philip Diehl is one of the most interesting people in the world of business today, and his content on his podcast is one of the reasons why. Anyone who wants to learn more about finance overall should listen to the podcast.

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US Money Reserve | LinkedIn
US Money Reserve | CrunchBase


ClassDojo has the Power to Change Education at the Grassroots Level

A fifth grade student at Philips Elementary School in Napa suffers from Selective Mutism, a condition characterized by inability to speak in social situations. However, when the student took part in a class discussion, a classmate of his intervened saying that his classmate should be given Dojo points for that as he was brave to speak out.
This student was referring to the popular ClassDojo platform, a mobile app and a web platform that their teachers uses to track, communicate with their parents about their mindset and behaviors in classroom. The application is a twenty five-person San Francisco start up that have gone viral among education institutions.
According to its co-founder and CEO, Sam Chaudhary, the platform is a free tool aimed at giving kids, teachers and parents the power to change the power of education at the proletarian level. The company has hit the tipping point in being mainstream at a great deals schools, most of which have multiple classrooms. Currently, the platform is being used by millions of teachers at approximately 85,000 schools in United States, two thirds of which are k-12 category schools.
After unveiling another of its products for school principals last month, the platform has already gathered 30,000 school administrators, representing approximately a quarter of United States schools. Their tactic is actually being adopted by other prolific companies including Dropbox, Yammer and Slack.
Even with its grassroots background, ClassDojo is winning respect from observers and educators. The platform is earning huge praise particularly with middle and elementary schools, where it is perceived as a way of engaging students resulting to better classroom instructions.
Teachers often uses the app to award Dojo points as well as makes note when kids are on track, show teamwork, obtain a correct answer in a test as well learn more mysterious skills. Teachers are excited about the platform with some finding it exciting to manage more than 12 classroom at the palm of their hands.
Each student is symbolized by a monster-like or avatar symbol which is a reflection of their personal traits. This is what is depicted on the app. There is a Class Story feature on the site allowing teachers to send updates in form of pictures and videos to parents of each students. Just like a private social media platform, the platform display the views and likes of entry posted onto the site.


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Event Planning & Design 23 Layers

Twenty Three Layers is a event planning and design company from New York City. The company is owned by two women, Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman. The CEO Jessica Boskoff like’s to use her favorite colors to do some events. Jessica’s favorite colors to use are mint, aqua, and blush. They plan event for weddings, birthdays, showers, charitable functions, corporate events and many more. Twenty Three Layers does all the planning for your event that you could possible name, from lighting and sound to even providing event insurance.

Twenty Three Layers recently planned a party for a little guy name Teddy for his first birthday. Teddy’s first birthday party took place in Long Island, New York. His first birthday party was farm themed. The farm themed party is great to have for a boy or girl, so gender neutral. The event had such food as a barnyard cake, apple cookies and pie, candy apples, cherries, fresh strawberries and apples. The kid’s could drink apple cider or chocolate milk. Everything was so well designed and coordinated, there are red and white plaid table cloths, and little wooden wagons with hay in it. The kid’s had one big square table to share and in the center of it was 3 baskets full of apples, sitting on top of fake grass.
Farm Table
Teddy and his parents went as far as dressing in farm themed clothing. Teddy’s highchair was wooden and decorate with a red bandana, a sign that said one and streamers. The kids had cute little plastic mason jar cups to drink from with a red and white straw. Each place setting also had a tiny basket with a apple shaped cookie in it and a Big Red Barn book laying beside it. Each child that attended the party took home a goody box that had crayons, socks and a rubber duck in it. The goody boxes was placed on top of hay bales with each child’s name on the front wrote in chalk. Little Teddy I’m sure was so comfortable and happy at his first party, that he didn’t wear shoes to it.

Securus Technologies Continues With Revolutionizing Inmate Communication Technologies

Securus Technologies, is a Texas-based company renowned for providing inmate communication solutions for civil, criminal justice, as well as law enforcement agencies. Recently, in a report by the company has released THREADS 3.1, and this came after it was formally introduced in December 2015. It is evident Securus technologist has appreciated THREADS3.1.

THREADS 3.1 greatly improve upon powerful THREADS software. The 3.1 upgrade make the system easy to use, more streamlined, and connected with the latest web-based technology. THREADS upgrade the system into HTML5 from traditional SilverLight architecture.

THREADS come with a wave of new features such as inmate phone call analysis, context-reporting services, customizable mapping and printing options, and ability to listen to call within the original THREADS. The software eliminates what is unnecessary in and leaves only what is required by users thus improving navigation function, search function, and record loading substantially.

It is evident, Securus engineers and technologist have to take the time to design one of the most highly actionable intelligence software tools that provide focused leads to investigators, and yet it requires very little training. Investigators will find their jobs significantly improved due to this upgrade.

Securus Technologies advanced technology does not only serve people in criminal justice and law enforcement but also serve citizens in need of inmate communication with loved ones who are incarcerated. The company offers Video visitation and phone capabilities that leverage the powerful technology upgrade.

Securus has revolutionized inmate communication through its edge cutting technology solutions. Currently, the company serves more than 1.2 million inmates across North America. Besides, it serves over 3,450 law enforcements, corrections, and public safety agencies.

The Company [see,] has demonstrated its commitments to its vision of making the world a safer place to live through providing unique technological solutions. Among key specialties of Securus, include inmate-self service, monitoring products, biometric analysis, investigation, emergency response, incident management, communication, and public information. Full story can also be read on the PR Newswire website.

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Which Kind of Beneful Dog Food is the Best for My Dog?

Beneful dog food is available in a number of different varieties, each of which is ideal for a certain time of your dog’s life or health goal. Each kind is generally labeled in a way that’s easy to understand. For example, the Healthy Growth for Puppies variety of Beneful dog food would, of course, not be appropriate for your adult dog. Let’s take a look at a few varieties of this well known dog food brand and examine what situations would make each ideal for your family pet.
Beneful’s Original Adult Formula

If you have an adult dog, Beneful’s Original Adult dog food formula is an Amazon best seller, it is a great, balanced choice. It’s been crafted from a blend of vegetables (includes spinach, peas, and carrots) and beef. The texture of this variety of Beneful dog food has both crunchy and soft bites, which provides more variety and a wider flavor profile for your pet.

Beneful Incredibites for Small Dogs

Beneful’s Incredibites variety has been specifically designed for smaller dogs. The bites are smaller and the nutritional content has been optimized for smaller bodies. This variety of Beneful dog food includes healthy ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. The protein content of this dog food is from real chicken.

Beneful Healthy Fiesta Dog Food

The Healthy Fiesta variety of Beneful dog food is for adult dogs and can help to promote the growth of strong muscles. This blend of dog food is carbohydrate rich, which is important for maintaining the energy levels of very active dog breeds. You’ll also find that this antioxidant-infused Beneful variety also has carrots and tomatoes as part of the ingredients, which can help older dogs with their eyesight and immune system.

Beneful Playful Life

Another variety of Beneful, Playful Life is intended for dogs with very active lifestyles. This extra-protein-rich blend of dog food has been made with beef, eggs, corn, and oatmeal. The corn and oatmeal provide additional carbohydrates to fuel the energy level of your pet, and the protein from the beef and egg content will help ensure his or her muscles remain strong. Beneful products are available on Wal-Mart.

Visit, the official Beneful Channel.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Top Notch Plastic

You might be familiar with the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the top twenty four plastic surgeons in the United States and while she is well known for that one fact, she is so much more. She is an inspiration to business women and mothers everywhere, for finding success and balancing a beautiful family all at once. Dr. Walden’s journey has been a long one but with dedication and hard work, she proves its possible to have it all. Her journey began in Austin, Texas, her hometown. She attended the University of Texas, then proceeded to medical school where she graduated as salutatorian. She then attended UT Galveston once she decided on her concentration, which was to become a plastic surgeon. The intricate artistry intrigued her and the idea of helping women to gain a certain confidence in their appearance motivated her. After she completed medical school, she was chosen one out of two to go to a prestigious hospital in Manhattan for an exclusive fellowship program. She fell in love with Manhattan and decided it would be where she opens her first practice. Though she already had great success, she longed to experience motherhood in her thirties. Through in-vitro-fertilization, she gave birth to twin boys, Rex and Houston. She decided she would raise her family in her hometown of Austin, instead of the busy city. She proves that women can have successful careers and juggle a family at the same time. In her spare time, she is known to be a published author and a doctor who wins many awards. This intelligent woman is motivation for all women to be independent, to set goals and to achieve them. This powerful Doctor is proof that you can have it all: happiness, success, a family and a celeb status.


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Freedom Pop’s Fresh Service Plan

Recently, the mobile virtual network operator Freedompop has revealed a new plan to help it gain greater market share amongst mobile users. Freedompop is a company that offers sim cards that have phone service plans included with them in the price of purchase. Freedom pops great plan is to also give its users “zero-rated” access to the mobile app WhatsApp. What this will allow is for users to use WhatsApp completely free under all circumstances. Even if users have consumed their entirely monthly data allowance they will still be able to send and receive basic messages through WhatsApp. At this time, however, the zero-rated service will be pioneered in Spain and then rolled out to other countries in the future.

FreedomPop was founded in 2011 as a Los Angeles based company. Their strategy has been to give consumers exciting and low-cost mobile options centered around free talk, text, and data. Once customers are part of Freedompop’s ecosystem they upsell those who need additional data more expensive packages. The company began in the United States but it has ambitious plans to take over the world. It is now operating in the U.K. and is introducing its mobile offerings to Spain at this time as well. Freedompop recently received a $50 million round of funding from investors and is using those funds to fuel its expansion.

Freedompop has decided to give its user’s free access to WhatsApp because of its massive existing user base. There are more than 1 billion WhatsApp users around the globe and since WhatsApp is owned by facebook it will likely continue to expand successfully for the foreseeable future. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion which is a massive vote of confidence in its services.

Freedompop is offering its zero-rate WhatsApp services without any special partnership from either Facebook or WhatsApp. This makes FreedomPop the first mobile carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically. What’s even better is that FreedomPop offers its users 200 free minutes, 200 free MB of data, and 200 free texts. This is hooking many users and turning them into loyal customers of freedom pop.

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