White Shark Media company was established in 2011 by Gary Garth who is the Chief executive officer and Alexander Nygart who is the chief sales officer and also Andrew Lolk the chief marketing officer. The three entrepreneurs have experience in both online and offline marketing industry. Their objective was to overcome the growing small and medium-sized business market both in the United States as well as in Latin America by providing an extraordinary service.The company is located in the United States and Denmark as well as Central America.


 It is a Digital Marketing Agency which offers online advertising solutions. The company is dedicated to providing not only Bing Ads management and AdWords Search Management but also AdWords Display Network Management as well as AdWords Remarketing Management and Google Mobile Ads Management. It also provides Triton™ Websites services and Local Search engine optimization services. The services are offered particularly to medium-sized business and small enterprises who do not have resources or time to market their business. White Shark Media provides this services so that the firm proprietors can concentrate more on running their business.


The company has hired experienced employees who ensure customers satisfaction by providing a fast response to phone calls and e-mails. The company main goal is to follow and give a solution to their client’s advertising efforts through their creative search engine advertising approaches. White Shark Media Company uses Google Analytics and calls tracking as well as proprietary reporting software to offer quality services to their customers. They also use online marketing strategies as well as a set of proprietary advertising tools to accomplish their objectives. The company ensures that their clients have reached their business goals by helping them market their business through a team of expertise. The organization primary focus is where their customers earn money.


The enterprise delivers Product Listing Adverts for all the e-commerce clients in management policies and Google Analytics implementation and conversion tracking on all Shopify platforms. White Shark Media fully control their customers AdWords operation continually from the beginning till they reach their set goals every month. They also give their clients a free assessment of an existing AdWords approach for their website as well as find solution on how to advance a productive AdWords campaign. White Shark Media delivers a cost-effective marketing solutions services. The company has no contracts with the customer. But the firm has administrative access to the clients’ Google AdWords account.

Wengie Mimics Intense Characters with These DIY Halloween Costumes

October has arrived, which means that Halloween is right around the corner! This year has been fairly zany in terms of social media filters, new apps, and movies, so there is no denying that the list of potential costume ideas has grown immensely. What better person to not only provide her viewers with the unique ideas but show them how to make them than YouTube personality, Wengie? The beauty blogger used her whacky creativity to craft some epic costumes for the 2016 holiday, most of which can have you get your squad involved.


Harley Quinn


Basically, everybody is going to be Harley Quinn this year, but they will be spending quite a few dollars to make their costume look authentic. Wengie is all about saving money, so she did a DIY tutorial that showed the perfect way to make your own Suicide Squad costume. By simply spray painting jean shorts to mimic Harley’s, airbrushing her iconic logo onto an old t-shirt, doing her eye makeup as messy as the crazy character’s, and adding a few key accessories, beautiful Wengie became insane Harley and the only thing better than the overall look was the fact that it was virtually free.




Another iconic character is Katana and her costume is incredibly simple to mimic. The blogger took a plain white mask, cut it in half from the below the nose, and elongated the eye slots to mimic a cat’s eyes. She used some bold black makeup to sit underneath the mask, tossed on a short black wig, and got her katana ready to use. Aside from the paint and perhaps the plastic sword, Wengie’s costume probably cost her under ten dollars.




After using cardboard to make her crescent moon, the next steps for the blogger surrounded applying bold black makeup, messing up a long black wig, applying some charcoal to her teeth, and perfecting her scream. Using a black outfit that she already had, Wengie invested in the iconic necklace worn by the character and matched it with rows of black beads to complete this spooky look.

Geoffrey Cone’s Response To The Recent Feature On Foreign Trusts

There has been recent media coverage in New Zealand about foreign trust which portrays it like some exotic story. However, anyone who knows better understands that there is nothing exotic or exciting about taxes and New Zealand happens to be known for not being a tax haven. For countries that have tax havens, they impose little to no taxes and also have some sort of tax transparency in their governments. New Zealand does not follow this tax transparency procedure. Some believe that New Zealand has some large and secret banking industry. However, they do not.

One way in which New Zealand has proven that they are a leader in tax transparency is in the way that they handle their foreign trusts and the requirements that they place on the trustees of these trusts. All of this is used in assisting foreign governments who might need to request such information. The new rules on these requirements ask that a trustee in New Zealand of any foreign trust has to submit a disclosure form as required by the IRD. The foreign trust holders will also be required to keep detailed financial records for the purpose of taxes as well. These records will need to include details of settlements and distributions, trust liabilities, the trust deed and any assets or money that the trustee receives and spends.

In a majority of countries, the person who settles a trust is required to report the settlement of the funds to their own government for tax purposes. New Zealand has a total of 39 double tax agreements which are used to help reduce the tax implications for cross-border trade and investments. On top of the double tax agreements, New Zealand also has more than 20 additional exchange agreements for tax laws concerning other countries. These are used to help keep tax avoidance and tax evasion cases low. None of these are typical characteristics of tax havens.

New Zealand does not compete with tax havens. Alternately, they interact with other countries’ jurisdictions. Some of these countries include Britain, Singapore and the United States. All of these governments have a more transparent form of tax system and apply similar tax principles for foreign trusts like New Zealand does. Some admit concern over the rules of foreign trusts. However, the concern would be much better directed towards the regulations involving the trusts and making sure the companies of the trusts all follow the same high form of standards.

Geoff Cone is a leading partner for the Cone Marshall law firm. The firm is known for working closely with global advisers and families. Mr. Cone has practiced in the area of commercial litigation law and tax and trust advisory work. He has made appearances in every level of court as leading counsel. The Cone Marshall law firm is the only one in New Zealand to exclusively work in the field of international tax and trust planning. Additionally, they provide their clients with trustee services and trust management through their other affiliated companies.

Norka Luque’s Career is Varied

From the beginning, Norka Luque knew that she wanted to do something great. She wasn’t sure what that was but, at the beginning, she thought that it would have something to do with the business world. Because of this, she started her career off by going to business school. Norka Luque came from Venezuela and attended a school in France to kick off her career. This gave her a chance to experience a different culture and to truly learn the different aspects of business. After she completed her degree and was fully graduated, she found that the business world wasn’t all she had hoped for. She wanted something more.
She found something more in culinary school. This gave her an opportunity to truly find out more about her creative side and to learn more about what she was able to do in the kitchen. She learned important skills from some of the best chefs in the world located right in France. This was something that gave her a great deal of confidence. She learned all about cooking and what she was able to do. This was a chance for her to truly learn what it was like to rely on her own creativity to make a career.

Even then, she wasn’t satisfied with her career. She thought that maybe a career in fashion would be the right path for her. She enrolled in fashion school and kicked off yet another career choice. While there were many aspects of the fashion world that both intrigued her and fascinated her, she soon learned that this was also not something that she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She began to look for different options to find out what she could do that would allow her to be creative for a career.

At this time, a band who was searching for a female singer happened upon Norka Luque. The band enjoyed her singing and wanted her to be a part of them. She knew that this was the opportunity she had been hoping for throughout her life. She had never considered singing as a career before because of the way that she thought it would be hard to break into the industry. She learned that it really wasn’t that hard and has continued to see success in the industry since that time. She uses her experiences and expertise to ensure that her singing is the best that it can be.

Malini Saba’s Investments And Generosity

If we went to a new country with nothing more than $200, most of us would struggle to find some footing. It would be difficult to adjust to a whole new culture, along with the fact we would need to make some money. This was the position that Malini Saba was in when she moved from Australia at the age of nineteen to the United States. Malini Saba came to America with her former husband who had just started attending Standford. This allowed her the opportunity to go to classes at Standford, which is where she learned the backbone of the knowledge she uses today. While at Standford, she started to attend classes that were about finance and investments. With this knowledge, she started to hunt down parties where investment bankers would be and picked their brains on what they thought about her investment plans. By doing this she was able to gain enough information to be able to make some great investments in the telecommunications, commodities, and real estate markets. With her enjoyment in the investment sector of life, she continued to place further investments to make the wealth that she enjoys today. This talent has also allowed her to start her own investment company called Saban as well. The company’s success under her control as Chairman has made it possible for it to attain successful asset investments worldwide. The diversified investments include technology companies in the United States, oil and gas properties in China, and real estate ventures in Australia and India.


Her investment talents have made her one of the top investors in the world, but all this wealth and success has also made her a very successful philanthropist. Malini Saba feels it is important to help those that are in need and has proved this value through her philanthropic works. For example, in 2001 she started her own non-profit called Stree: Global Investments in Women. The non-profit’s goal is to help low-income women get on their feet and find their place in society so they can be strong and independent. Along with this successful organization, she has also donated $1 million to kickstart a Heart Research Center for South Asian people in El Camino Hospital, which will be the first of its kind. She even pledged $10 million to help the tsunami victims in India and Siri, demonstrating her great generosity for those in need.


Jose Gonzalez’s Venezuelan Dream

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan businessman and a representative from Guarico state. He was once the chair of the Chamber of Commerce in the Venezuelan Federation. He was appointed following his success in business and entrepreneurship. Jose has significant concerns over food shortages and the country’s economy.

In his opinion, poor leadership in the government is the root of most problems in his country. His outspoken nature has made him popular among the citizens of Venezuela. The citizenry looks up to him for a better future in the country. He is saddened by the suffering of the people in his country considering their hardworking nature and the many resources they have. This does not help them considering the corruption and misappropriation of funds by government officials.

Gonzalez maintains that his advice to the government in the national assembly and Federation of the chamber of commerce was ignored. He said that the malpractices in the agricultural sector were the cause of food shortage in the country. This incompetence has caused Venezuela to be a food importing country. Farming in the country cannot sustain the farmers thus reducing the motivation of production. The few who produce prefer to sell to other countries such as the neighboring Columbia where the market price is fair.

The government should be accountable. Changes in government cannot be realized unless the people in the government leave. Public participation should also be incorporated in the government. This is to ensure that the decisions made by the government official are to benefit the citizens. He knows that with his influence and expertise, he can manage the government’s budget. With these results proving that he can be a good leader, he looks forward to his deeds convincing the government of his abilities.

He advocates for freedom justice and private property rights. He believes that they will boost economic growth. Warning against the populist movements seeking to increase the minimum wage by up to 50%, he said that such a move would destroy companies and increase unemployment. Jose Manuel Gonzales also blamed the government for the increased cases of kidnapping and extortion due to its laxity in dealing with such.

Why is My Hair Dry?

The number one women’s hair issue is dryness. But don’t worry; it is a problem that can be treated. With continuous and regular care, your hair will be back in its glorious form – soft, shiny and smooth.

Here are the reasons why your hair is dry:

Effects of Environment
Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun dehydrates the hair. Swimming and repeated use of products with alcohol will also cause the hair to get dry. The wind can also be blamed for stripping the natural oil from the hair.

Use of Harsh Shampoo
Shampoo is made differently. Using just any shampoo to clean your hair may damage your hair follicles and leave behind other chemicals that are not good for your scalp.

Frequent Heat Styling
Using the blow dryer or the flat iron strips the hair of its oil. Using it frequently will cause the loss of natural oil, which will result in dry hair.

Recurrent smoothing treatments
Smoothing treatments are really effective, in that they really increase the protein content of the hair to make it lusciously soft and smooth. But if they are done too frequently, they will cause a buildup of protein, which will make the hair brittle and delicate.

Brushing Wet Hair
Hair is more delicate when wet. Brushing wet hair will cause breakage not only at the ends, but also in the whole strand.

Hormone changes
Hormone changes in women are caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause and others, which result in the dryness and brittleness of the hair.

Washing your hair without the bubbles from the shampoo? Wen® is the new cleansing conditioner that thoroughly cleanses and conditions the hair even without the lather!

Regular users attest that after using for 3 weeks, their hair was more moisturized and shiny, and became more manageable! More women are now switching to WEN® cleansing conditioner that helps protect their hair from dryness and leaves their hair soft and smooth with no extra effort or undergoing expensive processes! WEN products are available on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora and online on Amazon. Check out http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html for more info.


The New Lovaganza Announcement Has People Excited

Lovaganza is set to be an event like none other in history. It’s been in the works for at least three years, probably much more than that. Originally, Lovaganza was set to debut worldwide in 2015, but as technology developed in accordance with Lovaganza planners, it was discovered that better implementation techniques were available, and it would take time to get those into play. But the scope behind Lovaganza’s global ideal is astonishing, and portends a universal reach that is truly groundbreaking. Nowhere in recorded history has an event of the kind Lovaganza boasts ever been seen; but with the technology of today, it’s eminently possible. Especially given a leadership savvy enough to refrain from unveiling their product until the most cutting edge technology has been properly applied. The new date for launch is 2020, and between now and then there will be a traveling convoy bringing the Lovaganza experience to the world.

To get an idea of Lovaganza, imagine the World’s Fairs of yesteryear combined with the CINEMASCOPE innovation which was also popular at the time. Lovaganza will bring a bevy of new, exciting technological breakthroughs to the public through events that are live, interactive, and entertaining. The centerpiece of achievement with this new entertainment production company is IMMERSCOPE, which provides viewers a 3D experience with no need for glasses. This is accomplished through a screen that is 180 degrees. It will be astonishing to see this technology played out in real life–imagine: a film with all the magic of Hollywood and all the intimacy of a live Shakespearean play. There’s a reason CINEMASCOPE is the primary jewel of Lovaganza’s crown.

The event will take place in eight strategic locations across the globe that are located in Africa, The Middle East, America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The event will last for four months on euroweeklynews.com, and is designed to influence as many people as possible.

There are nine films currently planned for Lovaganza. Three of them are currently being filmed, and by 2017, these films should be on the convoy touring the world and giving the public a taste of the Lovaganza experience to come. The films will be released sequentially in the years following. They will be re-released at the Lovaganza main event, and should it prove successful, subsequent events will feature the subsequent trilogies.

Should Lovaganza work out, it will be a historically unprecedented event: the whole world together for one purpose.

Keith Mann is a Businessman, Entrepreneur and Academic Supporter

Keith Mann is a New York based businessman and entrepreneur. Keith Mann is the co-founder, and Managing Director, of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). The company specializes in executive search services and alternative staffing needs for major equity firms. DSP opened their doors in 2001, and have filled more than 2,000 client requests. DSP also maintains one of the largest investment databases in the executive search industry.

Mr. Mann began his business career with Dynamic Associates as the Alternative Investment Division Manager. Through hard work and an understanding of the executive search services and alternative staffing industry, Mann worked his way from the bottom of the ladder up to Vice President of the company.

Through Mann’s guidance, DSP became one of the largest staffing agencies in the hedge fund industry. They formed strong relationships with some of the major equity firms building confidence with clients by creating unique solutions for each client and bringing them the best talent in the industry.

In addition to sourcing talent for the alternative investment Keith Mann and the DSP crew established a partnership with Uncommon Schools of New York. Uncommon Schools work to prepare low-income students to attend and graduate from college. The first meeting between the two parties was a day of resume building with members of the senior class.

The DSP team held two sessions and met with the students collectively and individually to review and edit resumes, as well as offer advice. The resumes were suitable for inclusion with college applications, as well as seeking employment opportunities and training programs after high school.

The initial partnership proved to be very successful and the goal was to continue and develop an ongoing platform for DSP to help students learn practical and tactical skills to achieve success in college and in life beyond college. DSP was very inspired by the student’s excitement about attending college and establishing goals for life. The students regarded the partnership as an important aspect of their high school curriculum.

Helane Morrison Brings Businesses To a More Ethical State

I am definitely big on ethics. It scares me when I hear about businesses acting outside of ethics. Among the businesses that are throwing ethics out of the window are financial institutions. There have been a lot of crooked actions in the financial industry. During the economic crash of 2008, a lot of underhanded tactics were revealed. This has resulted in people losing trust in the financial industry. A lot of people have began to take responsibility of their own finances instead of relying on financial institutions to help with that. Compliance officers have begun to crack down on how financial institutions are dealing with their clients.

Among the compliance officers that are handling the affairs with the financial institution is Helane Morrison. Helane is someone who is very passionate about ethical handling business between the institution and the person. Helane has studied really hares as a compliance officer who believes in a cause. She has fought hard to bring forth honesty and integrity in financial institutions so that people can trust them again. She is often faced with adversity. However, she has proven that she is very tough and thick skinned. No kinds of threats will discourage her from carrying out her objective.

Helane has learned from plenty of people. Among the mentors she has studied under is Harry A Blackmun. Harry is someone who has shown her how crazy the industry could be. He has received a lot of threats as he stood up for the rights of women. He has taught Helane Morrison that she is going to have to deal with similar attitudes. One thing I admire about Helanie Morrison is that she has the confidence to pursue what she believes in. She is especially courageous in tackling the issue. Helane has shown herself to be effective in getting the industry back onto a trustworthy level.