Securus Technologies Seeks Out and Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is proud to announce their reception of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which is recognized nationally for working with trustworthy and respectable businesses. In addition to their accreditation, Securus Technologies also received the highest rating from the BBB, an outstanding A+. In a PR Newswire article, Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos said that Securus Technologies had been working with the BBB for a while to ensure the reception of their highest rating as well as their accreditation. In fact, Securus Technologies brought it upon themselves to undergo the necessary changes and improvements to be able to receive the A+ rating and BBB accreditation. The whole process was voluntary and required that Securus meet a list of certain criteria.


The required standards set forth by the BBB all revolve around honesty, transparency, integrity and an overall just conducting of business affairs. More specifically, Securus had to be able to establish a track record of honesty both in operations and in advertising. Additionally, they were required to reveal several aspects of their business such as procedures, guarantees, and ownership in order to maintain transparency. Securus was also required by the BBB to make extra efforts to accommodate their customers by ensuring all data that they collected was protected and also by maintaining adequate response times.


One of the major changes that Securus underwent during this process was the implementation of a customer service call center. With 220 seats operating in this call center, Securus is now better able to accommodate the 25 million family members and friends that they serve. Trained with the esteemed BBB standards in mind, Securus customer service agents are now better equipped to handle the average of 2.5 million monthly calls they receive. The customer satisfaction rating for this call center is an impressive 4.3 out of 5. Chief Executive Officer of the company shared with PR Newswire that he is happy that Securus Technologies was able to solidify and prove their honest business practices by working with the BBB and receiving their due accreditation.



Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Since he was in college, Raj Fernando has been working in the business industry. He worked with the Market Exchange when he was in college and he used that experience to be able to start his own businesses and to be successful at them. The experience that he has in business has led to him being one of the best businessmen in Chicago.

Fernando has had several trading companies that he started. He worked with several people to get his first trading company opened and sold it for a great profit after he had brought it to the point that he wanted it at. He then opened another business and, again, sold it. This is the way that he makes the majority of his money. He creates startups, allows them to get very successful and then sells them for a higher profit so that he can make money off of them.

Not only is Raj Fernando an excellent business person, he is also a philanthropist. He is on the board and works with several charities in the Chicago area. He is able to help people out with the money that he has made in his business career. He also helps animals out by being a major part of an animal shelter in Chicago. This allows him the chance to make a difference despite the success that he has had in his career and despite being able to do many different things with the money that he has made.

There are many ways that Raj Fernando plans to improve his career. While he has been very successful, he is still young. The success that Raj Fernando is planning on is much bigger than anything that he has ever done before. He wants to make sure that he is able to make a lot of money, make a big difference for other people and leave a legacy as a direct result of the success that he has seen. He wants to make the world a better place and leave it in a different condition than what it once was when he first began his career.

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Dictators Targeted By Thor Halvorssen

The name Thor Halvorssen is well known to people in many different countries who take even a fleeting interest in the human rights activism community; however, the name of Halvorssen is becoming better known among members of the public after the Venezuelan born activist made a number of appearances in print and on TV to publicize human rights problems in many areas of the world.

Halvorssen is often seen as taking a different road to his fellow activists, largely because of his commitment to developing his own Human Rights Foundation and the increasingly popular Oslo Freedom Forum.

The majority of human rights activists have little to no personal experience in the area they are working, but Thor Halvorssen has first hand experience of how the loss of human rights can affect an individual and those around them.

Born into a well known family with a political history in both Venezuela and Norway the University of Pennsylvania alum has seen both his parents robbed of their human rights as they fought what they saw as injustice from the socialist government of Venezuela.

The problems seen in his own family have pushed Thor Halvorssen to raise awareness of human rights issues in countries with socialist and left leaning governments, which he feels are generally ignored by his fellow activists.

Despite his opposition for the left leaning government of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a classical liberal who has reflected his own political beliefs in his ownership of a socialist newspaper in Norway; Thor Halvorssen also praised the popular uprising in Hungary of the 1950s in an award-winning documentary produced with a number of popular Hollywood celebrities.

Biz Journal, Thor Halvorssen believes he has much to offer the world in terms of his skills as a film producer and his love of the movies.

Halvorssen also looks to develop his love of human rights activism through the Moving Picture Institute, which he created to fund films of all kinds looking to push the message of human rights awareness for the public to enjoy.

White Shark shows that AdWord Campaigns Are Essential For Business Growth

From 2010, White Shark Media Company has been ranked by the Inc. Magazine as amongst the fastest growing company in United States. This is because of the quality online marketing services provided by the firm to small and medium business enterprises.

Due to their quality of services, the company was honored to be among Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners. The partners are selected from service providers who exhibit noticeable results while providing Adword campaign services.

For years, White Shark Media has worked with numerous companies. In return, the companies have marked a growth in market share that has translated into rising sales. Some of the companies they have served include cleaning services, real estate agents, and medical services providers. Major businesses that have contracted with white sharks include, iMarine Inc., and Platinum Pro Painters based in Canada. From their clients’ growth, White Shark Media has been able to display the importance of a prudent Adwords campaign for a business.

White Shark Media‚Äôs accomplishments are due to a visionary leadership of its top executives who are Gary Garth, its Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Lock, its chief marketing officer, and Tony Soares, the firm’s Director of SEO and web.


The primary services provided by White Shark Media review include;

  1. Pay-Per-Click Management

Clients will get a free Ad Words evaluation. Besides, the experts will help the company to design a website at a lower price. Other pay-per-click management services that White Shark media provides include Display AdWords management, Bing ads management, and ECommerceAdWords management.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

White shark media experts will evaluate their clients’ SEO ranking factors and design a better SEO management plan to increase web traffic.

  1. Web Development

White Shark Media professional help clients build a conversion optimized the website with the clients’ logo and regular security and privacy checks.

The majority of White Shark Media employees have a strong career background of more than four years in online marketing. Due to their expertise in creating reliable marketing strategies, they have attracted clients from Business enterprises, nonprofit organizations, startups, and government agencies.

White Shark Media Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has other regional offices in Central America and Denmark.


Devco Has The Right Plans For New Jersey Cities And New Hotels

DEVCO has been helping people in New Jersey have a new life, and they are creating these new lives with help from cities that are trying to get ahead. Every city that wants to improve needs to find a way to get the money to build, and that is what Devco does. The Press of Atlantic City has talked about this before, and they are showing that Devco has made a major commitment to the people of New Jersey. Jobs are created, places to live get better and tax dollars can be used to make the communities nicer.

A loan that comes from Devco that works for a city in New Jersey, and there are several ways to use this money. According to Atty. Chris Paladino, the money will make the schools better, and it will help people to make progress in their own lives. They have made decisions that will alter how they think about their lives, and they will be certain that they can use that money to pay their loans back. There are just too many things to do in these communities, and that is why Devco has to be called on all these loans. They offer more money and more options for everyone.

Devco also wants to help people who are considering trying to build a hotel or casino. There are many hotels ans casinos in the area that will create a lot of revenue, and there are loans that can be processed by the people at Devco every day. It is simple for someone to change their life when they are living in an area that was developed by Devco, and they will instantly see the change when the hotel or casino is built. The city will make a lot of money in taxes, and the people in the city will have better jobs.


Magnises: The Private Membership Club That Has Changed How VIPs Are Defined

These days there is no shortage of VIP cards, membership perks and exclusive deals. However, most of us never care to enjoy a majority of these benefits because they do not offer a value that we have always cared for. For instance, an exclusive discount at a hotel is mostly a marketing gimmick on because most hotels provide the best rate guarantee on their own website. Similarly, a shopping discount using a VIP card is not a true discounted price because it is based on the actual retail value. Those who are avid shoppers understand that a 50 percent discount at most stores is similar to a typical price found at Amazon for the same item. However, McFarland, a young entrepreneur has changed the dynamics of VIP cards by providing members a true value for their money. In fact, many experiences offered by the Magnises card cannot be bought with the money.

What is Magnises?

Magnises, is a private club, which offers unique benefits and VIP access to its members using the black-colored Magnises card. The card targets the young elite between 20 years and 35 years, who want to enjoy something out of the ordinary. Therefore, the black card provides these Millennials, or anyone who desires, exclusive discounts and insider access to places and events. Benefits include VIP membership in such varied categories as culture, nightclubs, travel, sports, entertainment, business, shopping and networking.

Member Benefits

Unlike other VIP memberships, Magnises is unique because each member can select a specific category or multiple categories. In addition, the price of the membership is a steal. For instance, if business professionals use a co-working space on a regular basis, they can get the Magnises membership for only $99 a month to access a working space in co-working facilities like Alley, where the same space rents out for nearly $500 a month. Similarly, those who love traveling, they can activate a Hotel Pass to stay at one of the many destinations of Dream Hotels for only $79 a night, which is significantly less than the average rates at these hotels, which starts from $250. Likewise, only $65 a month for a Club Pass on crunchbase provides exclusive access to one of the most exclusive nightclubs in American cities where a single entry ticket is several hundreds dollars.

For those who think that they can afford the cost without getting the Magnises black card, they need to think again because the card provides experiences that can’t be bought with the money. For example, if you love entertainment, the company frequently posts offers to sold-out seats at popular sports events and concerts. For others, numerous upgrades ensure that they can get the best seats in the stadium. Likewise, Magnises offers regular opportunities for its members to meet celebrities. In fact, members also get first entry or behind-the-scene access to premium places.

Overall, the Magnises is truly a world-class membership club that differs from the traditional run-of-the-mill, so-called, VIP memberships. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, go get the Magnises card.

Doe Deere Leads Lime Crime Beyond Success

Lime Crime is the newest hot cosmetics company in fashion today. Teenaged girls and modern young women are using the firm’s vibrant lipstick colors and listening to the makeup tips coming from the company owner, Doe Deere. Lime Crime began its life on eBay, an Internet staple, which thrust Doe Deere, the owner, and Lime Crime into the fashion spotlight.

Doe Deere had gained promotional experience when she was a member of a struggling rock band in New York City. As she learned the ropes of public relations and promotion, she must have felt perfectly at home in her new role. Today, Doe Deere is a personable, amiable, attractive woman whose fashion sense or nonsense, depending on your sensibilities, has attracted a large following called unicorns. Obviously, she has the “right stuff” required to turn Lime Crime from a successful company into a prominent and powerful brand.

She arrived on the fashion scene as “grunge” was dying out and women and girls had a desire to express themselves more fully, paying no attention to the dictates of established fashion. Doe Deere has been a leader of this newest fashion craze, a reaction phase opposed to the ideals of perfect beauty. Lime Crime’s color choices were not the myriad collections of subtle shades from Revlon and Estee Lauder but colors that shouted out, “Here I am, look at me!” Doe Deere is an attractive woman, and she is not rendered unattractive by her overstated fashion sense. The only question we might want to ask is this, what would she look like in more conventional makeup?

Lime Crime as a viable brand is here to stay, it has helped Doe Deere to establish a fashion style, and unless the world turns completely away from makeup, it will remain a prominent brand.

Whistleblowers Get the Help they Need

The SEC whistleblowers are the ones who are able to bring information forward about things that are going on with the SEC and with their supervisors. The SEC rewards these people because they want to make sure that they continue to provide information because it is imperative to the continued success of the operation. They also guarantee that the person will be protected from any retaliation that could come from them bringing information forward because, most of the time, it is their supervisors who are participating in the corruption within the commission.

When it comes to the SEC and the way that the whistleblower program works, there are still some wrinkles that need to be ironed out. People do not always get their rewards on time and they may actually be subject to more money than what the SEC hands out. For this reason, it is important that the people who do this are aware of all of the rules that come along with the SEC whistleblower program and with everything that goes on in the SEC. They must make sure that they are doing the right thing and that they are doing it in a way that makes the most sense.

Because of this, it is important that they get someone who knows a lot about the program and who knows the legalese that the SEC speaks. The perfect person for this is an attorney, but not just any attorney will be able to navigate the program that was set up by the SEC because of everything that goes into it. This is something that requires a professional of the SEC and the people who work with it. The lawyers who are a part of the Labaton Sucharow program know what they are doing when it comes to the SEC.

As professional SEC whistleblower lawyers, Labaton Sucharow promises that they will help the whistleblowers work their way through the process. While they cannot make a promise to how much money they will receive or how much they will be able to get the people, they can make a promise that shows that they will do their best. This is one of the many ways that they can get what they want from the program and that they can prove that they are able to help people who have information about the SEC and what is going on with it.


Uncommon Schools And Keith Mann Come Together To Help Graduating Seniors

Uncommon Schools, which is an organization that provides quality education for students ranging from K-12 in a three state area. The states include Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. The organization maintains and manages a network of charter schools. While the primary role of Uncommon Schools is to provide quality K-12 education for its students, the organization also works hard to help graduating seniors from one of its high schools attend college and earn a college degree.


Charter schools have become very popular for various reasons. As a provider and manager of charter schools, Uncommon Schools has helped many children. However, with many schools, money is an important aspect regarding the success of the schools. Uncommon Schools has been successful and continues to be successful because people in the communities where the schools are located provide financial support such as scholarships.


One of the people who has reached out to Uncommon Schools to help with financial support is Keith Mann. Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be provided for one graduating senior per year. The scholarship winner can use the money towards college expenses.


Keith Mann is the CEO and founder of (DSP) Dynamics Search Partners. The firm is an executive search firm that provides assistance in a specialized industry concerning the recruitment of individuals for available executive positions within companies. Along with being the CEO and founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann handles the daily business operations for the firm.


Keith Mann has a lot of experience in the executive search industry. He is a proven professional in the industry who has helped many companies find executives to fill key positions within the companies. Keith Mann has made a name for himself in the business world but he has also made a name for himself in the community by helping people attend college and earn a degree through scholarships that he has established.


At Uncommon High Schools in Brooklyn, graduating seniors will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship established by Keith Mann to further their education. The dream of attending college and earning a degree maybe realized by some students because of Keith Mann.

Healthy and Soft Lips Can Be Had With A Good Lip Balm

There are many people out there who turn to lip balms when they are experiencing dry or chapped lips, or even worse, cracked and peeling lips. The healing and nourishing aspects of lip balms cannot be overstated as to how beneficial they are to use to take care of the lips. Evolution of Smooth is a company that sells personal care products, such as lip balms, and has made a big reputation over the years. Inside of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are antioxidants and vitamins that help repair the skin and keep it looking young and healthy. A good lip balm can be used daily and only needs to be applied once or twice a day. Check out the company profile on Linked In.

Evolution of Smooth also has a good selection of flavors and scents to choose form in their lip balms. Not only this, but they have different kinds of smooth spheres, including organic, active, shimmer, and soft. All designed for different purposes, like SPF protection that is in the active smooth spheres. This lip balm provides SPF 30 and is capable of keeping the lips safe throughout the day while an individual is running around in the sun. The company has even released a few specialty lip balms, as well as lip balm sticks aside their spheres.

They have many flavors and scents for customers to choose from to meet the varying tastes. They have plain and basic no taste balms, mint flavored balms, fruity flavors, and more to choose from. The lip balms and other personal care products that are offered by Evolution of Smooth are available for cheap and can be purchased nearly anywhere, including online at merchants like Ulta and Amazon. Regardless of the customer or what problem they are facing with their skin or lips, EOS has a product satisfy everyone’s needs.