Sujit Choudhry: One of the Best Minds in Comparative Law

Comparative law is the branch of law that involves studying the differences between the several types of law. Some different legal systems exist in the world including common law, Jewish law, Hindu law, and Chinese law. Comparative law is concerned with comparing them and analyzing the good and the bad from each.

Sujit Choudhry is an accomplished scholar in the field of comparative law. He has a Master’s degree from Harvard University. Sujit is an alumnus of the University of Toronto. Sujit started his career at the Supreme Court of Canada working as a law clerk for the Chief Justice. Sujit joined the University of Toronto as an assistant professor of law after completing his Master’s degree. Sujit became an associate professor at the University with tenure after a couple of years. He later joined NYU as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law before joining the University of California, Berkeley.

Sujit served as the Dean of Berkeley Law School for two years until 2016. His aim was to ensure that the school upheld a number of policies including access, innovation, service, and globalization. He launched some campaigns including an opportunity scholarship for first-generation students to help them get access to education, the Access for All fundraising campaign to support students in need, and introduced novel recruitment methods that increased the percentage of minorities in a class by more than 50%. The IP Lab, Environmental law clinic, and the startup law department leveraged partnerships with Silicon Valley to establish a symbiotic relationship that would help both parties. He also helped to foster public interest fellowships at the University to help graduates from the school get jobs in public service and interest.

Choundhry founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions in 2012. He works as the founding director of the organization which brings together experts from around the world to collaborate on projects and come up with policies on how constitutions can be reformed and made better. It allows people from various organizations such as universities, non-governmental organizations, and thinks tanks to work together.

Choundhry is one of the leaders of a couple of global projects that focus on researching on certain issues involving countries. This issue involves security oversight and reform and dealing with territorial cleavages in constitutional transitions. He is a mediator for the United Nations. Sujit has worked for the World Bank and UNDP in the past.

Your Online Reputation Can Affect Your Employment Status

In a recent online article that I just read on, the author stresses the importance of maintaining a good online reputation when you are looking for a job in today’s world.

It is stated in this article that the entire job-hunting process has changed ever since the world became largely digital. Gone are the days when all you needed to get a new job was a good resume and a positive attitude. Whether you worked with job recruiters, or found opportunities on your own, your written resume was usually the major determining factor in your job search results.

A strong point being made in this article is that personal branding is no longer optional. Job-seekers are urged to stop making excuses for not engaging in personal branding. By defining yourself positively online, and letting potential employers know what makes you different from the competition, you can increase your chances of finding employment.

Another point being made in this article is that job recruiters and potential employers now routinely look up job seekers’ names in search engines. Many of these employers and recruiters are particularly interested in job seekers who have active and compelling online presences.

One way to increase and improve your online presence is to write and publish as much content as possible. You can even utilize search engine optimization in your own writing to steer potential employers to your pages, through the use of relevant keywords and phrases.

It is recommended in the article that you help to protect your online reputation by regularly running a Google search for your name. If any inaccuracies appear, hopefully, you will see them and be able to get them removed. It is also recommended for name searches to sometimes be done from a computer other than the one you use most often. because the search engines often personalize results based upon your search history.


I Started Working For Handy After They Cleaned My Home

I’m a housewife and proud of it, but I’ve recently taken up another job with the Handy company. It’s almost unbelievable that I work for such a great company, but it all started when someone from the Handy company came to clean my home. The kids were at school, my husband was at work, and I wanted to take the day off. I decided that I was going to set up an appointment for a Handy cleaner to come out to my home the next day, and they did all the work for me, so I was able to relax. I loved how professional the worker was while cleaning, so I chose to sign up for Handy.

I had no idea that someone like me could possibly work for Handy, but the honest truth is, I have experience in cleaning, and my experience isn’t limited to cleaning my home. I used to work for a cleaning company many years ago and was very good at it, but after starting my family, I decided to stay at home. I let know about my background in cleaning, and I had more than enough time to do the job, so they must have liked that about me.

I signed up for the job online and was eventually called in for an interview. I met with my interviewer, and they loved everything that they saw, and they weren’t bothered by the fact that I hadn’t worked in five years, especially since I was a housewife. I couldn’t believe it when I got the job, but I made sure to do everything that I was supposed to do. I’m able to dedicate 20 hours a week to the job, which brings in a lot of extra money into my home.

Even though I only work up to 20 hours, I’ve brought in anywhere from $500-$1000 a week, depending on when I work and the tips I get. I’m always on time to any appointment I go to, and I love that Handy insures me, which means that my customer is protected if I ever have any type of mishap in their home. I bring my own cleaning materials, and I always get customers who compliment me and ask me to come back again. I never knew that working for a cleaning company could be so much fun and so financially rewarding, thanks Handy. Visit to learn more.


Fashion Embraces Technology

All business holders or entrepreneurs desire to create an astonishing environment for customers, these can be achieved through searching for a network location, knowing your boundaries and good communication with the customer.

Chris Burch is a well-established financier and entrepreneur. He has contributed to the growth of more than 50 companies, in uniting and knowing customers’ actions with global understanding therefore creating a long record of linking modernization to impact.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is located in New York City.The company asset belief is Burch’s business ethics and idea for creativity, innovation, provision and measure leading to quality products and long-term influence on customers’ lives.In the year 2012 he became a billionaire with Forbes magazine’s shortlisting him in its yearly, The World’s Billionaires, therefore estimating his majority net worth. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC.


Throughout, fashion and technology have been modifying. However they both remain constant by developing together. Fashions improve by using technology protection such as Firefighters may have full protection in their group through wearing Frontline Gloves that are made by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, it enables them to identify precious information through hand gestures in preparing them to recognize if they can stay or leave a house. For example in saying that everything is fine.

SegraSegra reused inner tube of bicycles to make t-shirts and jackets and Emma Whiteside made a big gown with reused radiator copper therefore, its exciting designers are reusing materials to produce wonderful fashion. Through the production of energy, Fashion and technology are also applied when running or walking one can be able to charge a mobile phone. Technology may require help to achieve fame from fashion, technology future is important and keen to the future of fashion. Technology and fashion are superb in working together by making each other great.

Shared Office Spaces in New York And How They Change The Focus


One of the most important aspects of workplace success is that of focus. People have to be able to focus on the type of work they are doing in order to actually succeed at what they want. One interesting thing is that it is very easy to lose focus on even the desired activities. There are a lot of factors that play into how well a person could focus on his task. Among the factors that could play in the focus of an individual is the environment. Some environments can make it hard for the person to focus on the task at hand.


Fortunately, there is a type of environment that makes it easier for people to focus on the work that they are doing. This is called the shared office space. For one thing, shared office spaces are filled with people that are focused on their task. They are goal oriented. Therefore, a lot of people are going to be laser focused on their goals. This often inspires other people to focus on what they are doing. For one thing, the energy of the environment inspires productivity. As a matter of fact, the shared office space in New York is where people will be more likely to accomplish something than anywhere else.


When people are looking for NYC coworking spaces, such as Workville, they will find that they have the will to work. There are also a lot of tools and different skill sets available that will help people find the type of help they need in order to give their company the boost that it need so that they can see the results of their labor. Also, with the right type of focus, people will be able to go well beyond their goals. This is one of the reasons that people are willing to visit a coworking space.  Find Workville on Facebook here.

NYC Properties Help Young Business People


The plan for people is to be sure that they can get something that was actually made for a young business person like them. They come to city looking for something that will feel young and modern like them, but they only way to get that is to make sure that they work with TOWN Residential. The person that is walked all over the city by someone at TOWN Residential will learn pretty fast that there are a lot of locations they can go with. The locations they find will be all over the city, and they will represent a lot of NYC apartments for rent.


Most rental spaces in NYC are very nice because they have all been updated around the city. The people at TOWN Residential know how to make this work because they know the prices and how the properties are moving. They are very familiar with the way that the city is pricing things, and they keep offering these things to the clients as they come in. That means that someone can come in and ask for someone to show them something they know they want. They have to be sure that they can get the the right price, but they also have to know that they can be close to the things they want.

The plan for every new resident is to see all the places that have potential. The potential that people see in the city mostly has to do with the price that they get, but they also expect things to look modern. They did not move to the city to see something that looks a thousands years old. They want everything to look like it was appointed yesterday, and there are many people who will get a good price and better service because of the way TOWN Residential works.

Securus Technologies Seeks Out and Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is proud to announce their reception of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which is recognized nationally for working with trustworthy and respectable businesses. In addition to their accreditation, Securus Technologies also received the highest rating from the BBB, an outstanding A+. In a PR Newswire article, Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos said that Securus Technologies had been working with the BBB for a while to ensure the reception of their highest rating as well as their accreditation. In fact, Securus Technologies brought it upon themselves to undergo the necessary changes and improvements to be able to receive the A+ rating and BBB accreditation. The whole process was voluntary and required that Securus meet a list of certain criteria.


The required standards set forth by the BBB all revolve around honesty, transparency, integrity and an overall just conducting of business affairs. More specifically, Securus had to be able to establish a track record of honesty both in operations and in advertising. Additionally, they were required to reveal several aspects of their business such as procedures, guarantees, and ownership in order to maintain transparency. Securus was also required by the BBB to make extra efforts to accommodate their customers by ensuring all data that they collected was protected and also by maintaining adequate response times.


One of the major changes that Securus underwent during this process was the implementation of a customer service call center. With 220 seats operating in this call center, Securus is now better able to accommodate the 25 million family members and friends that they serve. Trained with the esteemed BBB standards in mind, Securus customer service agents are now better equipped to handle the average of 2.5 million monthly calls they receive. The customer satisfaction rating for this call center is an impressive 4.3 out of 5. Chief Executive Officer of the company shared with PR Newswire that he is happy that Securus Technologies was able to solidify and prove their honest business practices by working with the BBB and receiving their due accreditation.



Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Since he was in college, Raj Fernando has been working in the business industry. He worked with the Market Exchange when he was in college and he used that experience to be able to start his own businesses and to be successful at them. The experience that he has in business has led to him being one of the best businessmen in Chicago.

Fernando has had several trading companies that he started. He worked with several people to get his first trading company opened and sold it for a great profit after he had brought it to the point that he wanted it at. He then opened another business and, again, sold it. This is the way that he makes the majority of his money. He creates startups, allows them to get very successful and then sells them for a higher profit so that he can make money off of them.

Not only is Raj Fernando an excellent business person, he is also a philanthropist. He is on the board and works with several charities in the Chicago area. He is able to help people out with the money that he has made in his business career. He also helps animals out by being a major part of an animal shelter in Chicago. This allows him the chance to make a difference despite the success that he has had in his career and despite being able to do many different things with the money that he has made.

There are many ways that Raj Fernando plans to improve his career. While he has been very successful, he is still young. The success that Raj Fernando is planning on is much bigger than anything that he has ever done before. He wants to make sure that he is able to make a lot of money, make a big difference for other people and leave a legacy as a direct result of the success that he has seen. He wants to make the world a better place and leave it in a different condition than what it once was when he first began his career.

For more information please visit

Dictators Targeted By Thor Halvorssen

The name Thor Halvorssen is well known to people in many different countries who take even a fleeting interest in the human rights activism community; however, the name of Halvorssen is becoming better known among members of the public after the Venezuelan born activist made a number of appearances in print and on TV to publicize human rights problems in many areas of the world.

Halvorssen is often seen as taking a different road to his fellow activists, largely because of his commitment to developing his own Human Rights Foundation and the increasingly popular Oslo Freedom Forum.

The majority of human rights activists have little to no personal experience in the area they are working, but Thor Halvorssen has first hand experience of how the loss of human rights can affect an individual and those around them.

Born into a well known family with a political history in both Venezuela and Norway the University of Pennsylvania alum has seen both his parents robbed of their human rights as they fought what they saw as injustice from the socialist government of Venezuela.

The problems seen in his own family have pushed Thor Halvorssen to raise awareness of human rights issues in countries with socialist and left leaning governments, which he feels are generally ignored by his fellow activists.

Despite his opposition for the left leaning government of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a classical liberal who has reflected his own political beliefs in his ownership of a socialist newspaper in Norway; Thor Halvorssen also praised the popular uprising in Hungary of the 1950s in an award-winning documentary produced with a number of popular Hollywood celebrities.

Biz Journal, Thor Halvorssen believes he has much to offer the world in terms of his skills as a film producer and his love of the movies.

Halvorssen also looks to develop his love of human rights activism through the Moving Picture Institute, which he created to fund films of all kinds looking to push the message of human rights awareness for the public to enjoy.

White Shark shows that AdWord Campaigns Are Essential For Business Growth

From 2010, White Shark Media Company has been ranked by the Inc. Magazine as amongst the fastest growing company in United States. This is because of the quality online marketing services provided by the firm to small and medium business enterprises.

Due to their quality of services, the company was honored to be among Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners. The partners are selected from service providers who exhibit noticeable results while providing Adword campaign services.

For years, White Shark Media has worked with numerous companies. In return, the companies have marked a growth in market share that has translated into rising sales. Some of the companies they have served include cleaning services, real estate agents, and medical services providers. Major businesses that have contracted with white sharks include, iMarine Inc., and Platinum Pro Painters based in Canada. From their clients’ growth, White Shark Media has been able to display the importance of a prudent Adwords campaign for a business.

White Shark Media’s accomplishments are due to a visionary leadership of its top executives who are Gary Garth, its Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Lock, its chief marketing officer, and Tony Soares, the firm’s Director of SEO and web.


The primary services provided by White Shark Media review include;

  1. Pay-Per-Click Management

Clients will get a free Ad Words evaluation. Besides, the experts will help the company to design a website at a lower price. Other pay-per-click management services that White Shark media provides include Display AdWords management, Bing ads management, and ECommerceAdWords management.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

White shark media experts will evaluate their clients’ SEO ranking factors and design a better SEO management plan to increase web traffic.

  1. Web Development

White Shark Media professional help clients build a conversion optimized the website with the clients’ logo and regular security and privacy checks.

The majority of White Shark Media employees have a strong career background of more than four years in online marketing. Due to their expertise in creating reliable marketing strategies, they have attracted clients from Business enterprises, nonprofit organizations, startups, and government agencies.

White Shark Media Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has other regional offices in Central America and Denmark.