Ara Chackerian Ventures into TSM Health Solutions

Studies reveal that suicide claims more than 100 lives. Unfortunately, people are still uncomfortable talking about this issue, yet the news of people who have committed suicide continues to be read on the obituaries. However, the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain a few days apart have shed more light on this issue, and people are finally opening up to speak about it. In fact, research reveals that close to 45,000 Americans commit suicide every year, yet people are still treating the issue as a secret. The issue of suicide has been surrounded by misunderstanding and fear, which leads to lack of action.


According to Patch, the worst bit about suicide is that the loved ones of the dead always feel guilty and ashamed because they feel that they could have done something different to prevent the death of their family member. Unfortunately, family and friends cannot know that something is wrong with you when you don’t talk about it. Also, the other reason why suicide cases are on the rise is that people don’t know how to react. Surprisingly, suicide also affects successful people. In fact, most suicidal people believe that nothing can be done to help them. However, the best way to end suicide cases is to open communication lines; hence, you should reach out to someone you think is struggling with depression.


Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco. He is well-known as a philanthropist and an established entrepreneur. Ara spent most of his career life in the healthcare sector bridging the gap between health care services and technology. He also has an interest in youth development and environmental cases. Ara Chackerian recently spoke in an interview about his recent ventures where he revealed that he wanted to venture into TSM Health Solutions together with his longtime business partner. As a result, Ara spent close to a decade working on network centers in northern California. You can check out their Vimeo account for more videos.


The vision of TSM Health Solutions is to design a care delivery model that enabled patients and physicians to attain their desired goals. The methodology should be geared towards putting the interest of the patient first regarding treatment and experience. The new venture was formed about two years ago, and they have managed to build seven new facilities that serve Sacramento and San Francisco.



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