Freedom Checks and How the Distributions Work

Money means freedom. Money can’t solve every problem in life, but financial matters won’t exactly be a source of significant stress. News about an exciting way to earn money can draw people’s attention. Freedom Checks positively do attract attention. The potential distribution of more than $34 billion of these checks to investors raises eyebrows. Reports of people finding six-figure Freedom Checks in their mailbox prove intriguing. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

What are these checks? How do they work? These checks refer to distribution payments from successful investors. The specific investment opportunity is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP).

An MLP refers to a unique business venture rooted in the oil and natural gas industry. An MLP shares similarities to an LLP, but the distinctions are significant. Master Limited Partnership seek investment funds through a publicly traded venture. Two “90% rules” exist with MLPs. First, the businesses must be 90% involved with domestic oil/natural gas enterprises. Second, 90% of all revenues generated by the MLP must be paid out to investors. Paying a massive 90% yields an equally substantial tax benefit to the company.


When an MLP issues a distribution to an investor, the investor receives his/her “Freedom Check.” Obviously, the MLP must generate revenues before issuing Freedom Checks. No one should assume Freedom Checks refer to a grant program or other type of government benefit. They come solely from the private sector. The government did play a significant role in the creation of the checks.

Years ago, Congress passed legislation establishing the rules and tax benefits associated with MLPs and Freedom Checks. Today, investors can take advantage of these opportunities if they prove to be a proper fit. Investments in natural resources may only appeal to a limited number of investors. That’s fine. No investment appeals to everyone. Those interested in potentially aggressive investment strategies may wish to learn more about MLPs and how they issue distributions. Visit the website to learn more.

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