Ara Chackerian Ventures into TSM Health Solutions

Studies reveal that suicide claims more than 100 lives. Unfortunately, people are still uncomfortable talking about this issue, yet the news of people who have committed suicide continues to be read on the obituaries. However, the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain a few days apart have shed more light on this issue, and people are finally opening up to speak about it. In fact, research reveals that close to 45,000 Americans commit suicide every year, yet people are still treating the issue as a secret. The issue of suicide has been surrounded by misunderstanding and fear, which leads to lack of action.


According to Patch, the worst bit about suicide is that the loved ones of the dead always feel guilty and ashamed because they feel that they could have done something different to prevent the death of their family member. Unfortunately, family and friends cannot know that something is wrong with you when you don’t talk about it. Also, the other reason why suicide cases are on the rise is that people don’t know how to react. Surprisingly, suicide also affects successful people. In fact, most suicidal people believe that nothing can be done to help them. However, the best way to end suicide cases is to open communication lines; hence, you should reach out to someone you think is struggling with depression.


Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco. He is well-known as a philanthropist and an established entrepreneur. Ara spent most of his career life in the healthcare sector bridging the gap between health care services and technology. He also has an interest in youth development and environmental cases. Ara Chackerian recently spoke in an interview about his recent ventures where he revealed that he wanted to venture into TSM Health Solutions together with his longtime business partner. As a result, Ara spent close to a decade working on network centers in northern California. You can check out their Vimeo account for more videos.


The vision of TSM Health Solutions is to design a care delivery model that enabled patients and physicians to attain their desired goals. The methodology should be geared towards putting the interest of the patient first regarding treatment and experience. The new venture was formed about two years ago, and they have managed to build seven new facilities that serve Sacramento and San Francisco.



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OSI Group Achieves Expansion From Simple Beginnings To Current State Of The Art Mega Distributor

In the beginning there was beef

From Humble beginnings, the founder of OSI Group, formerly doing business as Otto & Sons, started his butcher shop in 1909. Another new face came into the picture mid-century, someone with a small hamburger joint that he planned to franchise. The restaurant agreed to partner with Otto & Sons and receive their beef products exclusively from Otto. As the hamburger stand grew, the demand increased for the beef products from Otto & Sons. Together they made a fast food legend, known all over the world as McDonald’s Hamburgers.

Bigger, Better, Bolder

With the early rapid expansion of McDonald’s, the company needed to produce more and more beef patties. They accomplished this in the 70’s by dedicating a state of the art facility solely for the products that were served in McDonald’s restaurants. By this time, the company was transitioned into OSI Industries, and is now the Food Processing Giant OSI Group. The CEO has focused on expansion in the last few years. The demand for processed meat products on the global level has created an opportunity for OSI Group to expand into it’s current 65 facilities across international borders. The headquarters are located in Illinois, but there are processing plants in 17 countries. With expansion came further opportunities, including the implementation of additional foods, such as the Riverside, CA plant produces. This plant processes salsa, tofu, and bean products. Additionally OSI Group has vegetable and frozen retail products.

Leader In The Industry

Continued growth has been a true American Dream story. From a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky to one of the most prominent Food distributors in the world, the small family business became a leader in supplying major retailers with fresh processed foods. From poultry to fish, beef to bacon and everything in between the multi-billion dollar company has negotiated the acquisition of major food suppliers such as Tyson and Baho Foods. The expansion into Asia-Pacific regions, Australia, and South American countries in addition to many more, was a smart move for OSI, but two of the major contributors are Europe and China. The introduction into the WTO made China’s ability to implement a facility in their country possible. Now OSI Group has additionally opened a dedicated R&D facility in Shanghai. The extreme growth in the 70’s was a result of OSI’s commitment to innovation, and it seems that the same is true today. With the CEO Sheldon Lavin’s dedicated efforts in R&D, food safety, efficacy, and environmental impacts, the future of the company is definitely sound.

Paul Mampilly wins the Templeton Foundation Awards

Paul Mampilly is a holder of MBA from the University of Fordham. He is the author of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that is offering informative advice to potential investors on where they should be aiming at when looking for investment opportunities. Paul has also published other publications on the same topic of investment. There is True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. These publications are meant for people who want to make a difference in their lives by making money through positive financial decisions. The stock market is one of the best platforms through which one can make the necessary investment decisions. The stock market offers so many opportunities for multiplying money as opposed to other forms of investment. Paul advocates for investment in this market because he has been in the industry and has verified that indeed it is very profitable when approached in the right manner.

Paul Mampilly has accomplished so much in the past two decades that he has been in the Wall Street. He has worked for the major banks such as the ING, Bank of Scotland and others. With these banks, he managed to help them make million through investment. When he was tired of the large banking sector, he moved to the Wall Street. Here, he got an opportunity to manage billions as a hedge fund manager. Shortly after joining Wall Street. He made a great achievement by helping his first hedge fund known as Kinetic Asset management to make over $20 billion in return that year. The Barrons even featured the hedge fund for the great results which were recorded then.

Paul Mampilly worked in the Wall Street for a few more years. In 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation Award which was an investment contest. The best traders in Wall Street were put in one contest. The trader who would make the biggest return was to be awarded. Paul Mampilly emerged the winner after making $88 million from $50 million investment. He proved that he was the best in Wall Street.

With these accomplishments. Paul Mampilly recently decided to quit Wall Street and join the Main Street Americans who want information and assistance on how they can make the right investment.

Ryan Seacrest Is Not Just Another Name

Ryan Seacrest is a household name. Seacrest is possibly best known for hosting “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” an annual tradition for many. It may surprise you however, that until the past year he didn’t even live in New York, he resided in Los Angeles. Ryan Seacrest initially moved to host “Live” with Kelly Ripa. His new projects however have not stopped him from pursuing any of his others: from producing TV series like “American Idol” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” to running his own skin care and fashion line.

The 43-year-old, other than being a TV and radio show host, is constantly on the go and he shared his routine that helps him to achieve it all. Seacrest wakes up daily around 6:00am starting with a shower and shave. He dresses comfortable and casual most of the time in sweats, a T-shirt, and zip-up hoodie. An ordinary breakfast for Ryan Seacrest consists of matcha tea and coffee. Very avid about working out, Seacrest usually gets it done during the day whenever he can fit it into his schedule. Most recently he has been boxing and claims if anyone were to try and jump him he would be ready. Before heading to work Seacrest likes to catch up on all the overnight news and watch a bit of television. According to the Mens Journal, Ryan had a weight struggle, read more.

Earlier in Seacrest’s career, other than being busy with his charity, he claims he tried to answer every question as it was asked, and this led to his day feeling like a constant “fire fight.” Today he has learned to balance out what is asked of him, explaining it is okay to put things in queue. Seacrest, although very active with fans and social media has admitted to locking his phone in a safe when he is on a trip. He wants to live in the moment, and focus more on the people in the room than those on the phone. Seacrest has made a name for himself, making entertaining look easy. He claims it isn’t easy but as Dick Clark once told him, if you make people think it is then your doing it right.

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Neurocore, Brain Heroes

Neurocare is a charity organization based in the UK. The agency raises money to donate to Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital for the neurosurgery department. Since its establishment in the year 1997, the organization has raised more than one point three million used to cater for equipment for the specified department. They have funded the apparatus responsible for the treatment of brain tumors, cancer, and strokes. They also provide equipment for patients with neurological issues like; epilepsy, neuron disease and Parkinson’s disease to mention a few. Neurocore has since then explored a variety of programs all aimed at taking care of brain performance. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The core program at Neurocare is to leverage the natural ability of the brain to change and become strong. The approach to making this possible is through science. The latest is brain mapping and neuroimaging, these methods are used to engage the brain in order to take care of symptoms like anxiety, focus, depression, sleep, migraines, memory and many others. focusing on depression, there is a drug-free program specifically to fight the symptoms of depression. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocare Centers receive people who come with many kinds of depressions at different levels. Most of these symptoms are chronic and worst they are debilitating. These indicators are caused by traumatic events and they tend to worsen by the day if not taken care of. Depression has a catastrophic impact on the affected individual and can also affect the family. It is important to know and understand when this ailment creeps in, the symptoms of depression are;

  • Anxiety
  • Low self- esteem
  • Social isolation
  • Low motivation
  • Low energy levels
  • Lack of interest in all activities including those a person loves.

To take care of these symptoms, Neurocore has a workable program that has been proven to work. They start with a neuro assessment in order to understand how the patient’s brain works. With an advanced qEEG tech, the brains electrical activity is measured and evaluated to determine the cause of the signs of depression. After that, through the neurofeedback program, the client is guided to make the brain function better regardless of the stresses of the day.


Jim Toner’s Advice to Attain Financial Freedom

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial and real estate investment experience, Jim Toner has always been committed to becoming a more successful individual in his endeavors.

Toner believes that the right attitude is the best tool for all situations, believing that everything is all about perspective. Obstacle? Risk? Opportunity? Reward? Attitude is key in meeting and obtaining goals; and in real estate, there is always an opportunity.

According to Jim Toner‘s philosophy, it’s important to be surrounded with like minds and people who will ultimately aid one in meeting and obtaining goals. It’s also important to stay positive and Toner encourages everyone to read the stories of successful people to further drive and motivate one toward their goals.

Another piece of advice from Toner’s philosophy as per is that being healthy and in good condition physically. Good health leads to a better attitude, mind, body, and soul, making it easier to think and make better decisions. It’s critical to incorporate good habits with trying to achieve financial freedom, make every day count by consistently working toward your goals. Toner also feels that laughter is truly the best medicine, as it releases chemicals into the brain that aid in balancing the mind.

Jim Toner’s has further advice which would be regarded as pretty scary by the average American, but by working for another person, one can’t even work for themselves. Learning sales is another critical step to success. When one develops the skill to sell, people will like, respect, and buy from that individual with a purpose.

But all in all, what’s important to remember is that there is no secret or magic formula to success. Success is all about the individual and how they choose to make their life more successful. But as success comes, it’s key not to let go of one’s integrity and to always remain honest and humble.

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Freedom Checks and How the Distributions Work

Money means freedom. Money can’t solve every problem in life, but financial matters won’t exactly be a source of significant stress. News about an exciting way to earn money can draw people’s attention. Freedom Checks positively do attract attention. The potential distribution of more than $34 billion of these checks to investors raises eyebrows. Reports of people finding six-figure Freedom Checks in their mailbox prove intriguing. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

What are these checks? How do they work? These checks refer to distribution payments from successful investors. The specific investment opportunity is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP).

An MLP refers to a unique business venture rooted in the oil and natural gas industry. An MLP shares similarities to an LLP, but the distinctions are significant. Master Limited Partnership seek investment funds through a publicly traded venture. Two “90% rules” exist with MLPs. First, the businesses must be 90% involved with domestic oil/natural gas enterprises. Second, 90% of all revenues generated by the MLP must be paid out to investors. Paying a massive 90% yields an equally substantial tax benefit to the company.


When an MLP issues a distribution to an investor, the investor receives his/her “Freedom Check.” Obviously, the MLP must generate revenues before issuing Freedom Checks. No one should assume Freedom Checks refer to a grant program or other type of government benefit. They come solely from the private sector. The government did play a significant role in the creation of the checks.

Years ago, Congress passed legislation establishing the rules and tax benefits associated with MLPs and Freedom Checks. Today, investors can take advantage of these opportunities if they prove to be a proper fit. Investments in natural resources may only appeal to a limited number of investors. That’s fine. No investment appeals to everyone. Those interested in potentially aggressive investment strategies may wish to learn more about MLPs and how they issue distributions. Visit the website to learn more.

Eric Lefkofsky, and the Lefkofsky Family Foundation

The Chicago native and serial entrepreneur, Eric Leftkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus a health information technology and cancer research company. It was recently announced, the healthcare data-crunching firm has now attained “Unicorn” status now worth over $ 1 billion. The University of Michigan alum is also co-founder of Lightbank, which is venture capitalist firm geared towards investing in technology startups. Eric has is also co-founder of UpTake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorking.In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky along with his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF), not for profit organization.

The foundation seeks to improve the livelihood of individuals in underserved communities, by providing educational opportunities, and human rights. The Lefkofsky Foundation is responsible for High School Bound, which is a free resource available for families to assist in the selection of a high school with the Chicago Public Schools system. Lefkofsky Foundation has also implemented Success Bound, a resource the leverages the relationship established with the Chicago Public Schools, the Urban Education Institute, and The Academy for Urban School Leadership.

Success Bound harnesses the resources and tools of these organization in an effort to support students in the transition to high school and in life.LFF is also responsible for After School Matters, which is an organization that serves as a resource for Chicago Public School students, that provides various educational and enrichment opportunities to students.Susan Kramer, Eric Lefkofsky’s mother in law in 1973 founded the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). The ABTA is the only national non-profit organization that provides support and resources for brain tumor patients.

Sheldon Lavin is the Brain Behind OSI Group’s Global Expansion

Leaders understand what the mission of the company is. They also know why the firm has been formed. With that said a superior leader grasps the basics of the organization thereby providing the right direction to the employees and senior executives. For Sheldon Lavin, who serves as the CEO of one of the most trusted food providers in the world, OSI Group, being a leader boils down to working with like-minded individuals with the aim of generating viable policies and strategies to expand the operations of the company.

Who Are We, What do we Offer?

OSI Group is an international food provider that has thrived in the hands of Sheldon Lavin for decades. The company started out as Otto & Sons when he moved to the United States of America as an immigrant from Germany. In 1973, he called upon Sheldon Lavin to help find a financer for the firm. Mr. Lavin played a pivotal role in the financing project thereby earning a spot in the leadership of the organization. In 1975, the name of the company changed from Otto and Sons to OSI Group with Lavin taking over as the CEO. Over the years, he has been helpful in expanding the firm’s portfolio. The past centuries have seen OSI Group expand its portfolio into Brazil, Austria, Germany, and Taiwan among other states and more

Global Expansion

Around 2000, the company started major expansions in poultry operations. The acquisitions later broke into China, India, and Canada. Besides, there have also been several expansions in Spain Toledo where the firm bought a food processing and supplying plant. With the plant in place, the company has acquired additional client base.

 The Observation

For OSI Group to be this successful, it definitely relies on the leadership strategies instigated by Sheldon Lavin. Not only has he studied finance but also earned a professional qualification as a certified accountant. With his wealth of knowledge, he makes sure that the company is well positioned to leverage excellent services to clients. Other roles he has played include fostering the acquisition of Baho Foods, a company that supplies food to the Dutch.

Things You Need to Know about Heather Russell

Heather Russell has brought major changes in the field of banking, thanks to her impeccable skills that he has gained over the recent years. Russell is passionate about innovation and she has majorly focused her entrepreneurship career on artificial intelligence concept. Her contributions to the field are notable through the major successes that she has achieved. Russell started her career at a tender age of 24 and she has today built a vast number of firms to fuel developments in the field of business. She works closely with other entrepreneurs to acquire ideas as well as bring them to life.

In her crunchbase profile, she mentioned that she is an expert in the field of financial services and she was recently added to the team of TransUnion firm. Heather Russell will answer to the firm’s executives and she will mainly focus on mergers and corporations of the firm as well as the firm’s government relations, and consumer privacy relations. She has over the recent years displayed a vast understanding of the major basis for success in the field of banking and finance and this has seen her emerge as one of the most sought out entrepreneurs. According to, the executives of the TransUnion firm believe that Heather Russell has a great capability to bring changes in the firm, and they look forward to her bringing innovation and invention in their firm. Besides, they have also encouraged the firm’s team of employees to work closely with the financial guru so as to ensure that they all work towards accomplishing a common goal of the firm. Here’s an additional info about Russell.

The firm has also paid a close attention to their clients over the recent years and they believe that Heather Russell will of a major benefit to their firm due to the impeccable customer relations skills that she has exercised over the recent years. Besides, the firm’s executives also believe that Heather is a great addition to their team as she will profoundly contribute to the making of informed decisions by the terms leaders. View Russell’s work history here.

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