A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair in his experience believes that every individual requires a paradigm that will help them to reach to their desired financial goals. As a financial investor with more than 25 years of experience, Richard Flair has developed a three-phase strategy that enables him to realize the financial goals of his clients. Rather than formulating retirement plans for his clients, Richard also expresses economic policies that will make retirement more convenient. Richard states that the three pillars have enabled him to realize success throughout the years he has practiced financial advisory services.

First Pillar

The fundamental pillar is both crucial to Richard Blair and his clients. Here, Richard Blair designs a layout that leads to the client’s financial roadmap. The roadmap is determined by examining the client’s goals, risk tolerance, strength, and the opportunity for growth. The first stage provides Richard Blair with an ideal opportunity to build a strong and an honest relationship with his clients. Moreover, he can understand the concerns and goals of a client.

Second Pillar

Once the roadmap has been laid out, the second stage is used to designate and establish a long-term investment for a client’s goals. In this instance, Richard Blair manages clients’ liquid assets and can relocate them in a challenging financial market. He maximizes their productivity and minimizes risks involved during the difficult times.

Third Pillar

This is the final stage after the client’s roadmap has been formulated and the necessary investment strategies have been put in place. The fundamental aim of this stage is for implementing and monitoring. Richard Blair has the tools required to track the client’s financial performance with regards to the set-out goals and expectations.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Blair is a financial investment advisor and the sole founder of Wealth Solutions Inc. This is a multi-million-dollar company which offers financial advisory solutions to business owners and families. Richard Blair decided to establish the firm since he had a passion for helping individuals to realize their financial goals. Thus, upon completing his studies, he created the firm in 1994.


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