Malcolm CasSelle’s Journey through Tech and Journalism

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX, but before we talk about him and his company, we need to talk about skins.

Skins are cosmetic items in video games to decorate a playable character. In games such as CS:GO, H1Z1, and Dota 2, skins can go for hundreds, even thousands of dollars on third party retail websites. Originally, as part of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle paved the way for an industry, providing a safe, secure marketplace for video game players.

WAX intends to change the industry again. Already implemented in OPSkins, WAX comes with its own cryptocurrency called WAX tokens. As far as the WAX platform itself goes, users are treated with an overlay that works over top of the game they are playing. With WAX, a person doesn’t even have to close their game to conduct a digital trade.

WAX takes the initial idea behind bitcoin and streamlines its. Over at WAX, they have updated the security of blockchain to use less nodes, creating a less energy draining, more efficient system. With WAX tokens, users can be confident that their transactions will be handle with care.

Malcolm CasSelle hasn’t always been in the blockchain industry. Blockchain is still a relatively new concept, but Malcolm and other entrepreneurs are making great progress towards the wider use of blockchain. Prior to working in the crypto world, CasSelle worked at tronc, a publishing company that publishes over a dozen newspapers in the United States. He also lived in Hong Kong, working for a telco company and an investment firm.

During the dawn of the internet, CasSelle was there. He created NetNoir, one of the internet’s first websites to provide topics concerning Afrocentric culture. He was also briefly the CEO of Xfire, a video game platform that provided users with a way to chat, stream, and provide game play footage. At the time, prior to the invention of Steam’s client and Twitch, Xfire was an innovative brand.

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