Talk Fusion’s Video Chatting Service Makes Waves as It Continues to Add Ease-Of-Use and Security Features

Talk Fusion is lead by Founder and CEO Bob Reina, it was founded in 2018 and is also known as Octa One Networks. This company is based in Brandon, Florida, housing its headquarters on 1319 Kingsway Road. It primarily offers video conferencing, broadcasting, and social networking solutions, functioning in the advertising and video chat industries. The company’s services is currently available in around 140 countries and released a video chat app in 2016. This video service can be used on any device to any device, with peer-to-peer video or audio calls and unlimited messages between Android, Apple, Windows, and other devices.



Talk Fusion’s video chatting app accompanies convenient new highlights and capacities for added accommodation and enables organizations to clutch a needed edge in an industry that grows more competitive by the day. It is accessible on both iTunes and Google Play. The app can only be ran on iOS 7 or newer and Android 4.43 or newer firmware on smart phones.



Video email is Fusion Talk’s biggest asset, and the application lets organizations effectively associate with potential clients and fellow coworkers. Anyone using the app can send video email messages specifically from their Apple, Android, and/or PC to your customers, making video campaigns that were previously tedious and boring a simple and fun task that anyone can do.



Talk Fusion isn’t just good for business work though, and CEO Bob Reina has also mentioned how Talk Fusion can also be used for calls to friends and family, making this more then just business software. Calls are simple and take place when a link is shared through text or email. Other impressive features of their software includes instant screen sharing, a secured file sharing service, the ability to add up to eight people to one chat, unique URLs to add flair to chat rooms, free voice calls, a synced message history across all devices and a feature to add passwords to lock chat rooms.



Overall, Fusion Talk’s software is a welcome competitor to Skype and other services that is easy to use and possibly more secure as other services have been prone to DDoS and doxxing attacks. Learn more:

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