According To Ara Chackerian, Forestry Is Our Greatest Resource

Ara Chackerian continues to tell anyone who will listen that forestry is our greatest resource when it comes to the preservation of our planet and wilderness management. There is no question that Ara Chackerian is very passionate about this subject, simply because of the fact that forestry actually plays an immense role in our societal fabric. Simply think of all of the recreation that occurs within our planet’s woodlands! There are opportunities for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, or camping; inspirational activities such as the potential for creating art; or even athletic activities such as hiking. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian that some of the most precious areas we have on this planet are our wilderness areas. He is proud to recognize a dedicated team of forestry professionals that continue to assist public and private entities in wilderness areas. He knows that careful curation of the forest, wildlife, and other areas are pivotal for us. He also knows that the generations to follow us will be very thankful because of our stewardship, and the woodlands will be a benefit not just to our planet but to everyone that lives on our planet.


For Ara Chackerian, there are several important tools for an appropriate forestry plan. First of all, Ara Chackerian knows that creating an appropriate ecosystem for all living things is an extremely important endeavor for a reforestation plan. One example of this would be the kirtland warbler. This animal thrives on a steady supply of young jack pine. This is why the individuals that work in the forest have made a concerted effort to supply this resource so that this animal can exist and thrive.  Check out their website



Officials also realize that simply cutting down the forest willy-nilly will not do. That is why each and every time they cut down a tree they have a plan to replace it. They realize that by doing this they’re not only saving our planet for future generations, but they are also improving our local economies, such as in Michigan, which will gain $21 million dollars this year simply because of the timber increase.




There is no question that Ara Chackerian is proud to be leading these conservation efforts, and he most certainly does not lose any sleep at night regarding the good work that he does.



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