Southridge Capital Manager Stephen Hicks Reflects On Their Spectacular Acquisitions Of The Past And On Their Future

As the manager of Southridge Capital, there is not much that normally phases Stephen Hicks. With his level of experience, he has seen it all and done it all in the capital markets. However, there is no question that even he was excited about the recent developments regarding his company.

Besides the organic growth of the company, Stephen Hicks is literally ecstatic about the victorious acquisitions they continue to have. According to Newswire, one of the very first of these Southridge Capital acquisitions was the Double Alpha Group, which is a well-known quantitative hedge fund based in upstate New York. Although they purchased this hedge in 2006, Hicks was primarily excited about this acquisition because it gave his capital firm the opportunity to offer even more products to their existing and expanding investor base. Of course, the trick for Stephen Hicks and Southridge would be to find as many anomalies as possible to exploit to help their investors create as much new wealth as possible. Moreover, there are a few other factors that Double Alpha apart from other quantitative hedge funds:

  1. Experience.

The managers at Double Alpha had the experience to help investors receive the most bang for their buck, simply because of the fact that this hedge fund has been in existence since 1994 and they have had the same portfolio manager since 1997. Considering that hedge funds come and go all of the time, this is an eternity for the average life span of most of them.

  1. They were able to accommodate more risk tolerances.

Because of this early acquisition of Double Alpha, Hicks and his hedge fund were able to offer packages for individuals who were accustomed to a variety of different risks. He was able to diversify the portfolio for those who wanted medium risk and also include those who didn’t mind higher risks.

Why does this matter?

Of course, the dominant question many might have is, “Why does this matter? Why does something that happened over ten years ago make any different as to whether this is a good hedge fund or not?” The answer is simple: the difference between a stellar hedge fund and a poor or average one is that they are always improving. Even though this occurred ten years ago, it still shows the significance of this hedge fund and just how superior it truly is. For more details visit LinkedIn.

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