The American Institute of Architects and Stunning Leadership

     The American Institute of Architects is a fine and illustrious United States professional organization. The Washington, D.C. group has been doing great work for architecture as a profession since the 1800s when it first was put together. The AIA is an efficient and smooth force for many reasons. Skilled staff leadership is just one of them. Robert A. Ivy, FAIA (Fellow of the American Institute of Architects) is its latest Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. Robert Ivy has unbridled enthusiasm for architecture. His vast group consists of more than 90,000 members. These individuals are a combination of design experts and licensed architects. The group is composed of more than 250 distinct chapters, too. These chapters all have their own identities and purposes. They’re all tied together by one specific aim, though. That is to take architecture to a brand new and more invigorating stage for all. The American Institute of Architects works to make the built environment better, more powerful and more effective in general. Ivy has been heading everything for the group since his selection in 2011.

Robert Ivy is always concentrating on fresh ways to do terrific things for the group and for the professional overall. He at the moment is trying to move group resources in order to get professional architects ready to conquer time-sensitive topics that are at the forefront in this day and age. A couple examples of these major topics are sustainability and climate change. Another one involves design work and how it influences the health and wellness of all members of the public.

Robert Ivy was already a dutiful presence in the architecture field before joining the leadership crew at the American Institute of Architects. He had a couple of admired positions with McGraw Hill-Construction. He was its Editorial Director and Vice President at the same time. He even worked for a respected publication that’s known as Architectural Record magazine. Ivy functioned as the publication’s assiduous Editor-in-Chief for some time. Architectural Record did notably well with Ivy’s editorial proficiency. The publication racked up various prestigious awards within the publishing field. The American Society of Magazine Editors gave the publication its “General Excellence” National Magazine Award. This award isn’t at all common in professional journals.

Alpha Rho Chi is an architecture fraternity that operates on a national basis. This group also took the time to give Robert Ivy credit. Alpha Rho Chi pointed Ivy out for his careful work in expressing design and its immense sway. Ivy is classified as being a Master Architect. He has that in common with some of the most famed architects of all time as well. These big names include I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe.

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