George Soros Has Become A Target For Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories

A recent article published in the Atlantic focused in on the Billionaire, George Soros, who has been the target of those who are looking to demonize his philanthropic efforts. Those not in the know might not be aware that Mr. George Soros has donated $18 billion of his own money to the Open Society Foundations philanthropy organization. Instead of focusing on how much he is helping people, detractors have chosen to steer everyone’s attention to a slew of conspiracy theories they have cooked up in order to downplay the difference Mr. Soros is making in the world. The interesting thing is that the conspiracies are not aimed at his political giving but rather his philanthropic endeavors.

The main factor driving these claims is a political climate of fear and blame that has been taking over the United States. The problem with a lot of this is the fact that authoritarian type leaders tend to play on the fears of people by using conspiracy theories and other forms of propaganda. Since George Soros is wealthy, he fits the narrative perfectly, and while the purpose of philanthropy is to help people, including the disadvantaged and unrepresented, his giving is being mischaracterized as something that has a darker, nefarious purpose behind it. This has also been the case in the past when other right-wing political movements sought to demonize philanthropy as being something that was purposely undermining the country.

George Soros’s wealth and philanthropy isn’t the only reason why he is being targeted by right-wing conspiracy theorists. The other reason, unfortunately, is his Jewish heritage, which he is very proud of. The truth is that antisemitism has always been coupled with the belief that Jews want to dominate the world, and that their giving is done for this reason alone. While his detractors don’t come right out and say it, they subtly allude to the fact that he is a foreigner and that his cosmopolitan nature is something to pay attention to.

George Soros started Open Society Foundations with the purpose of contributing to causes centering in on pro-democracy, basic human rights, and social justice, and the charitable organization is now operating in over 100 countries. The first cause the foundation focused on was to support black South Africans by offering them scholarships. That was just the beginning, because since then, Open Society Foundations has helped more causes and people that can be written about in one single article.

In an article published in 1997 in the Atlantic, George Soros wrote about the threat that capitalism can create in the world. He pointed to a book written by Karl Popper that is titled “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” where the author revealed that ideologies like Nazism and Communism claim to know the truth, and that their version of the truth is the only truth. In response to these kinds of dictatorships, Popper proposed the Open Society, where no one person or group has a monopoly on the truth. This is where George Soros got the idea for the name of his philanthropic foundation.

Nathaniel Ru Guides Sweetgreen to Fast Food Dominance

The fast-food industry has been put on notice, there is a new leader in town and they are fundamentally changing how things work. Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet are the three men behind the start-up, health-focused, fast food chain called Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen started out in Washington D.C. and quickly spread throughout the Northeastern portion of the United States, eventually racking up over 30 locations.

Now, Sweetgreen has their eyes on expanding and bringing their brand of healthy fast-food to the rest of the country. The reason for their success, outside of delivery delicious salads, has much to do with the culture that Nathaniel Ru has helped to cultivate behind the scenes.

Nathaniel Ru was just a fresh-faced college student when he met Neman and Jammet. The trio hooked up during an entrepreneurship class and quickly found the chemistry and concept that they needed in order to develop something special.

The three young men, all first-generation immigrants with family members in business, saw that Georgetown University had no healthy fast-food options. Ru and his team quickly planned to rectify that. By the time that Ru and his friends graduated they would be ready to begin the process to launch Sweetgreen.

A prime location on M Street allowed Sweetgreen to open its doors and a busy off-season, with students away from college, cemented the fact that they were there to say. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider and Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

Still, despite this much success, Ru knew that there was a lot of work to be done in order to keep growing Sweetgreen into the company that it could become. Ru wanted to develop something that would last far beyond merely serving a meal to a customer.

He wanted to create the Sweetgreen Experience and bring tangible change to the communities that they would service. In order to do this, Ru had to resist the urge to pull a complete corporate makeover. Instead, Ru allows work to be done at a store level. Ru says, “We wanted to decentralize our headcount.”

Ru’s success with Sweetgreen has landed him on lists like Forbes’ Under-30 for the food and wine industry and that isn’t an overstatement. Still, Ru knows he has work to do.

When pushed on going back in time to change his past Ru admits, “We’ve learned it’s important to build a team around you sooner than you feel comfortable doing so.”

It’s safe to say that Ru and his team learned their lesson and now Sweetgreen has a new headquarters opening up in Los Angeles for what should be a west coast expansion.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leading by Example in WebMD Joint Cancer Education Method

Cancer Treatment Centers of America put a lot of effort into their broad cancer education programs. This dedicated cancer research and top cancer care provider is involved in an exciting new joint educational venture with long respected WebMD. This site allows greater access to informed choices in the wide variety of cancer treatment programs. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always sought to lead by example. This exciting venture is making headlines in many cancer care networks across the United States. CTCA also provides valuable educational materials to those living in other countries across the seas.

This joint effort to advance educational information is setup to be accessed from workplaces, schools, public facilities and from home environments. Cancer patients are often flabbergasted by the sheer volume of highly technical information that they receive from their healthcare providers. Websites like this one at WebMD gets credible healthcare educational materials, resource information and treatment details to those patients desiring a way to decipher the complex medical language. They can now simply look up wanted information on their lab results, medication changes, new treatments, support directly related to cancer survival and more. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is investing a lot of funds and time into this goal of bringing better cancer care education in an environment where patients feel secure.

Those cancer patients with Internet access are overjoyed when they discover how easy and beneficial gaining information in this user-friendly manner is. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses many methods for spreading their finds on cancer care to communities that need more information. WebMD is a phenomenal wealth of interesting information that is relevant to patients, friends, professional healthcare employees and the ordinary individual just wanting to learn about cancer. CTCA is hoping to provide even more articles on cancer via WebMD.

Jason Hope A Philanthropist, Futurist, and a Successful Entrepreneur

One of the pioneering minds in the United States in the field of technology which over the years has made a name for himself as one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs is Jason Hope. He is not only a successful tech entrepreneur, but also a well-known philanthropist, tech commentator, author, and a futurist.

He has invested in many tech companies successfully, and not only made a profit out of it but helped those firms to become a success. Jason Hope is always on the lookout for likeminded people and entrepreneurs who have ideas for new ventures and creative product development.

The fortune he has made through his multiple business ventures has given him the liberty to be flexible and flamboyant with his investment choices. And, it is for this reason Jason Hope does not hesitate to invest in a new entrepreneurial venture when he feels there is a scope for growth in it.

Jason Hope ensures that he keeps a watch on what is going on in the world of technology. One of the things that he likes to keep a close watch on is technology, and the new technology that has caught his fancy and imagination is the Internet of Things technology. The Internet of Things technology has taken over the world of technology by storm, and there are many different applications of this technology.

Many different industries are looking for ways how the IoT technology can be helpful for them, and the transportation and aviation sector has already started using IoT technology to ease burden. Jason Hope feels that IoT technology has a great future and its popularity would continue to increase in the days to come.

Jason Hope has also written a book on the Internet of Things technology after studying the advent of this new technology and its applications. The name of the book is – Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era. The book that Jason Hope has written is primarily introducing the IoT technology to the uninitiated people and also creating a greater awareness of technology.

Jason Hope has studied MBA from WP Carey School of Business and has done his engineering at the Arizona State University. It makes him a qualified individual to comment on technology, mainly after he has achieved much success in the field of technology. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and along with being a tech entrepreneur is a well-known philanthropist too.

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Boraie Development Is Building The Future Of Atlantic City

The housing industry has made a miraculous comeback over the last ten years. Buyers and renters are being given more options in single family dwellings and apartments. In Atlantic City, New Jersey the options have expanded even greater. For the first time in twenty five years, a new apartment complex is being constructed. The two hundred fifty unit project is underway, and is located in the middle of New Connecticut, Pacific, New Jersey, and Atlantic avenues. The project is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2018. These apartments will serve some of the 50,00 people who are still working in the casinos and other areas of the resort city. The project is being developed by Boraie Development LLC.

According to Patch, Boraie Development has thirty years of experienced and qualified service in Middlesex county and surrounding areas of New Jersey. They have the highest volume of sales in the past twenty years, and they have an excellent and long standing relationship with Brokers. They have a reputation that is beyond reproach. The company offers continuing education to their staff in an effort to become the number one neighborhood Broker. They are specialists in residential and commercial structures. One of their current projects is the growth of the Atlantic City Resort area with the 250 unit apartment complex that is now in progress. For more details visit Crunchbase to see more.

Wasseen Boraie is the Vice President of the development company stated that the new complex will be a modern state of the art complex for tenants who know what they want. It will have conveniences like a pool, residents lounge, and a gym. This project is the start of the stabilization of Atlantic City. There are some non gambling industries coming into the city, like the Atlantic City Gateway project. This will hopefully be a determent for the slow down that occurred when casinos were built in neighboring states. The Boraie Development owned by Sam Boraie is there offering services in Corporate Relocation Specialists, National Referral System, Home Warranties, Residential Resale, and Town homes and Condos. The company is independently owned and operated. They are helping to build a new future for Atlantic City and their investors.

Sheldon Lavin Successes and His Journey into the World of Meat and Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Also, he serves as the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. The Rush University Medical Centre’s general trustee has in the past served as the director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

A privately owned company, OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The meat processor serves the retail and the food service industry in general. Sheldon’s journey in the meat and food industry can be traced 47 years back. At the time, he was offering financial consultation services to Otto & Sons Company (which later became OSI Group). Mr. Otto and his two sons had landed a contract to supply hamburgers to the McDonald’s Corporation but lacked enough funds to go through with it. The bank that Mr. Sheldon Lavin was working with, requested him to take up an ownership position at Otto & Son’s. In the beginning, he was against the idea but eventually accepted with the condition that he gets similar leverage as Otto and his sons.

By 1975, Sheldon Lavin had immersed himself into the operations of the company and even began looking for overseas opportunities. This was the beginning of OSI Group. It expanded its product offerings to North America, South Africa, Taiwan and Europe. During the 1980s, one of the partners sold out his shares giving Mr. Sheldon 50% controlling interest. After some time, the remaining partner retired leaving Sheldon Lavin as the sole owner of the firm.

Upon taking over the full control, he was thrilled at the thought of making the Group big. Over the years, he has not given up on this dream. Under his leadership, OSI Group grew from a small domestic food processing firm to a global multi-billion dollar meat and food processor. OSI Group enjoys a massive presence across the world. It has over 70 facilities in 16 countries including Australia, China, India, Philippines, and Japan.

The 81-year-old entrepreneur is still pursuing further growth and expansion of the Group, and his efforts have not gone unrecognized. In 2016, Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award. The award from the Vision World Academy, India honors visionaries in varying fields who have actualized their dreams through demonstrated persistence and perseverance. He has received many other awards from both business and non-profit activities. An active philanthropist, Sheldon has made financial donations to several charities including Inner City Foundation, Evans Scholarship Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, United Negro College Fund and the Jewish United Fund.

Rocketship Education and The Impact on Students

Rocketship Education is a community-based charter school concept that focuses on lower-income neighborhoods that are lacking in quality school environments. The concept also involves people in the community as well as parents so an entire neighborhood alliance is formed for the good of the students.

When parents really get involved the dynamic changes because they begin to understand the process and how difficult it can be to change the status quo. With the Rocketship approach, however, they see the potential, and that each child has a new opportunity to excel.

Instead of cramming students into a common classroom, or a series of classrooms where they literally hear “lectures” all day long, Rocketship Education uses a variety of different measures to help children find their own niches. The students rotate between different content blocks, learning labs, and enrichment exercises. Student outcomes are emphasized by hiring teachers who specialize in the areas that are needed such as humanities and achievement.

Students catch on to these precepts quickly, because there is nothing more natural than learning when it becomes fun. There is an emphasis on technological learning as students are already conditioned to it from their use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. These devices help in the areas of math, science, and language arts – areas where repetition and practice really paid off.

Students and parents are able to craft individual growth plans where the teachers are there to help. Individual tutoring sessions enhance areas where students have issues, and the individual attention helps them to move forward.

At Rocketship Education the whole child is educated because the core values of empathy, persistence, respect, and responsibility are emphasized. In partnership with parents enrichment courses are offered such as art, music, gardening, nutrition, and dance.

The concept of Rocketship Education is to not only enhance the quality of the educational process, but to show that the entire community is enhanced. The involvement of student, parents, and teachers involves everyone in the community and the overall outcome is vastly superior. That is why Rocketship students graduate on the average a full year ahead of comparative public school students.

Neurocore; Your Mental Wellness Health Center

The brain is the controlling organ in our bodies. Therefore, it is the central command center of our bodies. Some conditions such as stress, concentration span, depression, migraines and even autism could be managed or healed directly through working on the brain. The brain emits brainwave frequencies that are detectable with specialized equipment and through a proper diagnosis can decode what is going on in our minds. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore is a health and fitness company that offers solutions to several problems relating the heart and brain. It has centers spread across the region providing both diagnosis, testing, and treatment of various conditions that affect the mind and the vascular organ. It was started in 2004 and currently has about 51-200 employees working.

When we are going through different situations or times, certain parts of our brains are usually working more compared to the rest. Some cases require the use of certain small parts while some need almost all the mind to be active. It works by use of interconnected neurons that fire on specific frequencies that are observable.

These tests have become one way of medical diagnosis that is used to test for conditions if as a patient you were not feeling well. Through thorough assessment of the scan images produced by the brain during individual tests, the doctor can be able to diagnose you and recommend treatment. Through the use of the qEEG technology, the professionals can also be able to monitor your heart rate. Follow Neurocore on

These services include treatment and management of the said conditions. They do so through drugs and therapy. Therapy comprises training of your mind while under observation I the machines. This help pinpoints the issue and also get to see the progress after time. Conditions such as concentration, depression, and stress are manageable with proper brain training by trained practitioners. The treatment offered is quite useful as it happens in real time and there are proof and evidence of change.


Can I Achieve Conversion Rate Optimization On My Own?

Conversion rate optimization isn’t just fundamental optimization where all of your online consumers have access to your brand and sales funnel. When professionals track the rate of your conversions, the process occurring is analytical and provides the advanced information an online business needs to run effective marketing campaigns with.

There’s is no such thing as a successful online business structure that doesn’t achieve an impressive rate for its conversion objectives. The basic equation for conversions takes into account a stated population and objectives that a business seeks to accomplish.

These objectives could be to get consumers to follow a link, make a purchase or engage in some online, social activity. Remember that conversions work with a stated population. The actual rate is the difference between the number of people reached and the number of those people who take the actions a business intended for them.

Who Does The Work Of Conversion Rate Optimization?

You might need optimization to get better access to a consumer base. Other organizations will seek conversion rate optimization in order to improve a process that they’re already successful with. None of these advanced steps in running an online business are possible without professional help.

Online marketing agencies are the new face of digital marketing as a result.

The emerged economy, which we find online, is the result of a growth process that’s occurred over the years and since the mid ‘80s. Trying to enter the marketing industry online and without considering the competition isn’t wise.

The development of technology and its integration in multiple people’s lives has put industry skills in conversion on a very high platform. Professionals and agencies are therefore the modern gatekeepers to conversion rate optimization, and these are the entities you can count on to optimize a business correctly.

How Does A.I. Technology Help My Online Business?

Automation is the term we use for computer technology that takes the marketing steps we once had to ourselves. The idea behind A.I. technology is called scalability. Businesses, whether online or off, benefit when they can specialize in the work they do.

The more these businesses specialize, the easier their work is and the more of it they get done. Computers can now take your place in much of the online marketing process that a business accessible through the Web needs to accomplish. Adding this A.I. technology is about giving you more freedom while you accomplish a great deal at the same time.