Why Oncotarget Is the Journal of Choice for Medical Research Companies

IntraGen recently announced that it published the results of a clinical trial it has been doing on Oncotarget. The results of the study were published on 9th October 2017, and show that there is in fact a relationship between the effectiveness of anti-EFGR treatment and miR-31-3p expression in tumors. This is good news for cancer patients since miR-31-3p expression in tumors can be analyzed, and this can help in the diagnosis of some types of cancer. Professor John Bridgewater of University College London Cancer Institute was one of the authors of the publication, and he expressed his joy and pride in the progress that has been made in the field. Thanks to the evidence provided in the publication, cancer diagnosis can be made much easier and cheaper.

A different article published on Ocotarget revealed that there are some bacteria, known as Methylobacteria, in the breast tissue that might have an effect on the incidence of breast cancer. Women suffering from breast cancer were found to have lower levels of Methyolobacteria than women with healthy breast tissue. These findings might make it possible for women with breast cancer to be diagnosed earlier and therefore increase their chances of survival.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is an online medical journal that is open to anyone who is interested. The journal covers a wide range of topics; it started with just oncology but it now accepts papers on endocrinology, metabolism, pharmacology, cell biology and cardiology among other topics. Oncotarget publishes on its site once a week but it plans to increase the frequency to twice a week to ensure that people get important information about the various topics more quickly. The articles are peer-reviewed to ensure quality and accurate information is released to their readers. The publications can be downloaded and printed upon request.


Oncotarget has become an important resource for both students and professionals in various fields of medicine. This is because they have upheld high standards of quality ever since the journal was started in 2010. It is no wonder companies like IntraGen and other cancer research companies use it to share their findings on various things to do with diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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