Beneful Originals and Break and Bite Treat Commercials

What is more enjoyable to watch then dogs communicating with their owners and a audience? Perhaps adorable canine companions dressed up in ties or playing with babies. Beneful dog food and treat commercials feature just that; dogs at their best while giving their best opinions. Einstein decides to show up with his woner Becky for a Beneful commerical wearing a tie. This exhuberant little corgie absolutely loves the flavor of his beneful and has so much energy since eating it. He even tries to jump high enough to catch birds, he loves his beef flavored dog food. Another beneful commercial features a calm and loving lab that does simple tricks for beneful break & bite treats. He admits that simple tricks like pay and sit will get him one piece of the treat but he wants that whole break and bite bar he has to get cute with the baby.

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