Andrew Rocklage: The Rising Entrepreneur

No one has certainly ever accused Andrew Rocklage of being one dimensional. The young entrepreneurial business man has had a short career thus far, but it is already marked with success and a vast array of interests. Now based out of Florida with his successful indoor trampoline park business, his story starts much earlier as a kid in Boston.

Growing up in the Boston area gave Andrew Rocklage the unique experience of being able to learn the area incredibly well. He was also able to make connections to businessmen and entrepreneurs throughout Boston, giving him something to aspire to. Growing up in this area, Andrew Rocklage was also exposed to some of the best schools in the upper east coast. Upon graduating from high school, he attended one of these schools.

In 2005 Andrew Rocklage began attending the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. Here is where you can already begin to see his varying interests as he graduated cum laude with a Bachelors’ of Science in sport management and a minor in economics. His education didn’t stop there, however.

The next year he was back in school at Suffolk University Law School where he spent three years working towards his juris doctor. During this time, he was also involved with the Transnational Law Review as well as being a part of Phi Delta Phi. He filled his limited free time with opportunities to stretch his legal muscles as a law clerk from 2012-2013.

Upon graduation from Suffolk University Law School, Andrew Rocklage became a legal consultant for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals where he also began gaining interest in the technological sector. He served in this position for six months before being promoted to their corporate counsel.

He held this position for over a year before deciding to test the waters of entrepreneurship. Andrew was fascinated by the new booming business that is indoor trampoline parks, and he took the plunge and invested in his own franchise of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This opportunity took him to Daytona Beach in Florida.

The success of this venture at such a young age speaks to Andrew’s talent and keen ability to select and hire the best. He is continuously receiving compliments on the great staff employed at his franchise location.

Though this is the current success, Andrew Rocklage is still open to further business ventures and traveling. It is easy to believe with what he has accomplished thus far in his short career that sky truly is the limit for this young businessman. With such varied interests and an extensive work background, there is nothing he won’t be able to achieve.

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