Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Since he was in college, Raj Fernando has been working in the business industry. He worked with the Market Exchange when he was in college and he used that experience to be able to start his own businesses and to be successful at them. The experience that he has in business has led to him being one of the best businessmen in Chicago.

Fernando has had several trading companies that he started. He worked with several people to get his first trading company opened and sold it for a great profit after he had brought it to the point that he wanted it at. He then opened another business and, again, sold it. This is the way that he makes the majority of his money. He creates startups, allows them to get very successful and then sells them for a higher profit so that he can make money off of them.

Not only is Raj Fernando an excellent business person, he is also a philanthropist. He is on the board and works with several charities in the Chicago area. He is able to help people out with the money that he has made in his business career. He also helps animals out by being a major part of an animal shelter in Chicago. This allows him the chance to make a difference despite the success that he has had in his career and despite being able to do many different things with the money that he has made.

There are many ways that Raj Fernando plans to improve his career. While he has been very successful, he is still young. The success that Raj Fernando is planning on is much bigger than anything that he has ever done before. He wants to make sure that he is able to make a lot of money, make a big difference for other people and leave a legacy as a direct result of the success that he has seen. He wants to make the world a better place and leave it in a different condition than what it once was when he first began his career.

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