Dictators Targeted By Thor Halvorssen

The name Thor Halvorssen is well known to people in many different countries who take even a fleeting interest in the human rights activism community; however, the name of Halvorssen is becoming better known among members of the public after the Venezuelan born activist made a number of appearances in print and on TV to publicize human rights problems in many areas of the world.

Halvorssen is often seen as taking a different road to his fellow activists, largely because of his commitment to developing his own Human Rights Foundation and the increasingly popular Oslo Freedom Forum.

The majority of human rights activists have little to no personal experience in the area they are working, but Thor Halvorssen has first hand experience of how the loss of human rights can affect an individual and those around them.

Born into a well known family with a political history in both Venezuela and Norway the University of Pennsylvania alum has seen both his parents robbed of their human rights as they fought what they saw as injustice from the socialist government of Venezuela.

The problems seen in his own family have pushed Thor Halvorssen to raise awareness of human rights issues in countries with socialist and left leaning governments, which he feels are generally ignored by his fellow activists.

Despite his opposition for the left leaning government of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a classical liberal who has reflected his own political beliefs in his ownership of a socialist newspaper in Norway; Thor Halvorssen also praised the popular uprising in Hungary of the 1950s in an award-winning documentary produced with a number of popular Hollywood celebrities.

Biz Journal, Thor Halvorssen believes he has much to offer the world in terms of his skills as a film producer and his love of the movies.

Halvorssen also looks to develop his love of human rights activism through the Moving Picture Institute, which he created to fund films of all kinds looking to push the message of human rights awareness for the public to enjoy.

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