Magnises: The Private Membership Club That Has Changed How VIPs Are Defined

These days there is no shortage of VIP cards, membership perks and exclusive deals. However, most of us never care to enjoy a majority of these benefits because they do not offer a value that we have always cared for. For instance, an exclusive discount at a hotel is mostly a marketing gimmick on because most hotels provide the best rate guarantee on their own website. Similarly, a shopping discount using a VIP card is not a true discounted price because it is based on the actual retail value. Those who are avid shoppers understand that a 50 percent discount at most stores is similar to a typical price found at Amazon for the same item. However, McFarland, a young entrepreneur has changed the dynamics of VIP cards by providing members a true value for their money. In fact, many experiences offered by the Magnises card cannot be bought with the money.

What is Magnises?

Magnises, is a private club, which offers unique benefits and VIP access to its members using the black-colored Magnises card. The card targets the young elite between 20 years and 35 years, who want to enjoy something out of the ordinary. Therefore, the black card provides these Millennials, or anyone who desires, exclusive discounts and insider access to places and events. Benefits include VIP membership in such varied categories as culture, nightclubs, travel, sports, entertainment, business, shopping and networking.

Member Benefits

Unlike other VIP memberships, Magnises is unique because each member can select a specific category or multiple categories. In addition, the price of the membership is a steal. For instance, if business professionals use a co-working space on a regular basis, they can get the Magnises membership for only $99 a month to access a working space in co-working facilities like Alley, where the same space rents out for nearly $500 a month. Similarly, those who love traveling, they can activate a Hotel Pass to stay at one of the many destinations of Dream Hotels for only $79 a night, which is significantly less than the average rates at these hotels, which starts from $250. Likewise, only $65 a month for a Club Pass on crunchbase provides exclusive access to one of the most exclusive nightclubs in American cities where a single entry ticket is several hundreds dollars.

For those who think that they can afford the cost without getting the Magnises black card, they need to think again because the card provides experiences that can’t be bought with the money. For example, if you love entertainment, the company frequently posts offers to sold-out seats at popular sports events and concerts. For others, numerous upgrades ensure that they can get the best seats in the stadium. Likewise, Magnises offers regular opportunities for its members to meet celebrities. In fact, members also get first entry or behind-the-scene access to premium places.

Overall, the Magnises is truly a world-class membership club that differs from the traditional run-of-the-mill, so-called, VIP memberships. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, go get the Magnises card.

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