Malini Saba’s Investments And Generosity

If we went to a new country with nothing more than $200, most of us would struggle to find some footing. It would be difficult to adjust to a whole new culture, along with the fact we would need to make some money. This was the position that Malini Saba was in when she moved from Australia at the age of nineteen to the United States. Malini Saba came to America with her former husband who had just started attending Standford. This allowed her the opportunity to go to classes at Standford, which is where she learned the backbone of the knowledge she uses today. While at Standford, she started to attend classes that were about finance and investments. With this knowledge, she started to hunt down parties where investment bankers would be and picked their brains on what they thought about her investment plans. By doing this she was able to gain enough information to be able to make some great investments in the telecommunications, commodities, and real estate markets. With her enjoyment in the investment sector of life, she continued to place further investments to make the wealth that she enjoys today. This talent has also allowed her to start her own investment company called Saban as well. The company’s success under her control as Chairman has made it possible for it to attain successful asset investments worldwide. The diversified investments include technology companies in the United States, oil and gas properties in China, and real estate ventures in Australia and India.


Her investment talents have made her one of the top investors in the world, but all this wealth and success has also made her a very successful philanthropist. Malini Saba feels it is important to help those that are in need and has proved this value through her philanthropic works. For example, in 2001 she started her own non-profit called Stree: Global Investments in Women. The non-profit’s goal is to help low-income women get on their feet and find their place in society so they can be strong and independent. Along with this successful organization, she has also donated $1 million to kickstart a Heart Research Center for South Asian people in El Camino Hospital, which will be the first of its kind. She even pledged $10 million to help the tsunami victims in India and Siri, demonstrating her great generosity for those in need.


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