Why is My Hair Dry?

The number one women’s hair issue is dryness. But don’t worry; it is a problem that can be treated. With continuous and regular care, your hair will be back in its glorious form – soft, shiny and smooth.

Here are the reasons why your hair is dry:

Effects of Environment
Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun dehydrates the hair. Swimming and repeated use of products with alcohol will also cause the hair to get dry. The wind can also be blamed for stripping the natural oil from the hair.

Use of Harsh Shampoo
Shampoo is made differently. Using just any shampoo to clean your hair may damage your hair follicles and leave behind other chemicals that are not good for your scalp.

Frequent Heat Styling
Using the blow dryer or the flat iron strips the hair of its oil. Using it frequently will cause the loss of natural oil, which will result in dry hair.

Recurrent smoothing treatments
Smoothing treatments are really effective, in that they really increase the protein content of the hair to make it lusciously soft and smooth. But if they are done too frequently, they will cause a buildup of protein, which will make the hair brittle and delicate.

Brushing Wet Hair
Hair is more delicate when wet. Brushing wet hair will cause breakage not only at the ends, but also in the whole strand.

Hormone changes
Hormone changes in women are caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause and others, which result in the dryness and brittleness of the hair.

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