Efficient Software for Quality Online Reputation Management

RWS (Retailer Web Services) has just revealed its plans to offer reputation management software called “WebFronts Review.” The online marketing company indicated this while at the MEGA Group USA Fall National Convention. This software was made solely for durable goods retailers that operate independently.
Jennie Gilbert works as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of RWS. She stated that reviews on the Internet are becoming more and more influential and relevant. She also stated that these reviews often impact shoppers’ choices in purchases. Gilbert believes that successful online reputation management can introduce significant growth chances for retailers. RWS created WebFronts Review to give retailers the opportunity to quickly and efficiently discover information that’s exchanged about them through the Internet. The company also created the program to help retailers who need to deal with problematic online reviews. Online Reputation Reviews can even assist businesses that would like to boost strong reviews from customers and clients. The goal of WebFront Reviews is to make it as easy as possible for businesses of all types to take control of their Internet reputations. Word spreads quickly on the Internet. Businesses that receive excessive numbers of poor reviews often suffer the consequences. If a bakery gets consistent reviews from people who believe that it sells croissants and rolls that are stale, that could impact its customer base in a significant way. Good reviews naturally have the opposite effect. Consistent and frequent glowing reviews from customers can have domino effects. If a small local bookstore receives nonstop praise from satisfied customers on the Internet, that could encourage people to follow suit. Businesses that want to thrive should always acknowledge and understand the immense power of the Internet.

WebFronts Review assesses popular review websites on a daily basis. Examples of these sites are Facebook, Yelp and Google. The program notifies retailers about the emergence of brand new online reviews through both text message and email. WebFronts Reviews also enables retailers to put strong reviews on display for others to see on Facebook.

RWS is a website design and eCommerce business that’s located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was established in 2006.


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